Thursday 4 July 2013

The Pendulum in Full Swing

The emotional roller coaster is a wild ride at the best of times, but right now it feels like the biggest, baddest roller coaster ever invented.  I really loved Lucas' article below, as it rings true on so many levels.  While I don't agree with the whole "3D" "5D" "7D" "3012 D" ideology, nor the idea of trying to "attain" a higher level of "D'ness" (teehee.... sorry!) - I'm quite happy being Eternal Essence right here in this 3D space (this is where all the fun is, afterall) (I like being a creator BEing!)-  the emotional reconciliation is very clearly going on.

Something to think about- something that Lucas brushes against briefly here:
"If others mirror those swings to you it can also be you are part of their story to resolve it or you have similar polarity pieces of you  to face and unite."

As we moved through this emotional reconciliation we are going to find more and more people holding up mirrors for us to see ourselves in.  These mirrors are an active springboard to seeing ourselves clearly.  Is someone pissing you off with their actions? words? attitude? ..... Look deeper and ask your self why. Is it because, on some level, you see that particular attribute in yourself? Is it something that you feel inside yet have not yet identified or admitted to?  Look into the mirrors around you- and trust me, they are everywhere right now!

As emotions reconcile, so to does our past.  Fleeting thoughts of conversations from years ago. Remembering something to did or said to someone else and had forgotten about till this moment when it suddenly appears in your minds eye.  WHY?  Why do your suddenly remember THIS moment from years and years ago, now?  Look at it.  Play the scene over and over again and what does it say to you? Once you "get it", then let it go..... it's reconciled.

I have said it over and over this past few months:  Be aware of ALL the messages coming your way.  Listen to the song playing in the background during that moment of questioning your past.  What did that book say?  Remember that scene in that movie you watched last night that jumped out at you? What was that story that your neighbor mentioned to you yesterday when you met in the grocery store? ....

...There is no such thing as coincidence in this moment of NOW.  Look at EVERYTHING.  Listen to EVERYONE.... pay attention to the messages that are being sent to you. 

Ask "What do I know?" and then listen to the answer.

"Soul" groups (eternal essence) are coming together right now, so pay attention to the people who are walking into, or even back into, your life.

The party is seriously getting into full swing now, and it's gonna be so much FUN!!!!!!!

Lucas – The Pendulum in Full Swing – Polarities Pulling Strings – Groups And Creative Juices Of All Kinds – And Becoming Ready – 3 July 2013

pendulumThe pendulum is in full swing as long as the energy is in motion in between polarities that are not resolved yet in neutrality and balance.  A lot of people experience people in mood swings, having outbursts, having negative perceptions without cause. It is about facing the polarities to see them for the missing pieces you need to acknowledge and give them back their place with your other uniting parts of you. Let go of all attachments or bindings that still are  attached to that polarity energy if you’re integrating it. This is the process you now feel as being bouncing those things back and forth till resolved in neutrality by you.
If others mirror those swings to you it can also be you are part of their story to resolve it or you have similar polarity pieces of you  to face and unite.  See it as pieces from you not necessary being from a now moment but also from past or future lives or from others realms and dimensions you have been living in. All those fractal based parts need to come together to make you whole again.  It is like a crystal vase that shattered on the ground and all pieces big and small can be glued back  again into place but being in all sorts of timelines, dimensions and you’s all over.  Most of us are in transition to higher vibrational frequencies and for some that menas they are in a volatile state of consciousness. So be aware not to go into argument or battle . The energies can be to extreme in the swings of the pendulum now and those energies might have consequences you can not handle to well.
There is nothing wrong nor is there anything ever been wrong as all is just right as it is always.  For some still in certain perceptions it is difficult to see, better said feel, that way in facing things without emotional attachments and fear, or without having ties or bindings with things from past or future that are not You in the now. It is about not being pulled into extremes but bring all to the center. The center of neutrality, balance, harmony, BEing and unity.  It is about being fully in your vibrational frequency energy essence.
On the other side there is also lots of uniting in groups of like-minded, soul groups or creative manifesting and experience groups. The groups you will be drawn towards or even leave as they do not resonate with you anymore is just a part in the process. There is also no label to put on that.  Also in your personal relationships: family, friends, work, business, etc, you will find things to be ending, renewing or changing.  Take the processes without fear nor hold onto the old. What needs to change will change or you will be vibrational out of balance again if things are not being resolved into harmony.
The new groups and relationships will bring you also a greater resonance field that make creative juices of all kinds flow. Whatever it is you wanted or wanna do or comes synchronisticly or via singularity on your path, embrace it and let it flow. We are coming together to also make new concepts of realities to be.  Let me say a word about dimensionality :  3d , 4d , 5d or more. You might simplified see it as just vibrational frequencies that hold a certain concept together and tha is  perceived in a certain way or level.  But all is just part of the one in whatever concept, reality, dimension, or manifestation things are or not. Source is all and is one.  Source is in us present as we are one with source.  All is connected. All is just a vibrational  energy experience and this in all sorts of forms, concepts and manifestations seen or unseen.  The never-ending building blocks of energy and creation make things are in a continuous exploration of what is next and possible to experience, even on a parallel or multidimensional level or in a way in or outside concepts we know in our current reality, like time. The One is our collective togetherness and experience of all that is and isn’t perceived in past, present and future now merged into now. The explanation is probably just a fraction/fractal of what it  is in reality.
All will not go as you think it will, nor will it be easy also as we will in our processes walk sometimes out of natural flow that was intended. We have made in our waking up and transformation process  gigantic leaps through timeslines and portals. We did change there fore everytime our possible end result outcome. The state of flux we are in now is just the prelude of what will become soon  our new playing field.
See  whatever we do, or others do see there is no need for judgement in that. It is just like growing up and making your own faults to learn from that. You always have a better or next best choice or feeling to go with.  See that all is just one and also ever was. Some things still are in perceiving separation mode which is not the reality in the higher vibrational energy perception of things.
Just see we are in a wonderful journey nearing its culmination  of change for earth and us all, and the universe.  We soon are becoming like those that came into unchartered territories. W are going to explore totally new ways and structures and concepts that fit in the new higher vibrational frequencies. We are now becoming ready to jump into the new. Things now unfolding are the signs of change for some perceived as chaos and for those who see felt as a new reality forming.
Love and Light,

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