Monday 15 July 2013

Discussing "New" technologies- New Group

The one thing that I have learned over the past 15 years or so is that when people come together to work on something they are really passionate about, amazing things will happen.

My husband Nick is passionate about building and about energy.  He has been reading and researching energy and new technologies for years.  Drawing up blueprints, scribbling designs, making notes..... everywhere.  The time has come to bring people like Nick together with others out there that are driven to make a change in the world through the brilliance of their brains and the focus of their energy and power of their hearts.

For this moment of now, I've created a new Skype room that Nick will run that will be all about discussing and planning and exchanging ideas in the areas of "New" technologies.  Are you interested in "green" or "Free" energy?  How about eco farming?  Flying cars? Desalination? Waste management? Cleaning the water/air/earth? Are you interested in Magnetics?  Are you interested in frequencies? Are you interested in researching ancient artifacts?

Here's the thing:  Nick knows some things.  I know some things. You know some things.  That guy over there knows some things, and that chick over here knows some things.  They are all different things, and yet if you put them together, they might just make a whole new thing.... or a whole lot of new things.  That's the way a community works- each person brings a piece of their expertise and knowledge to the table and when all the pieces are combined you discover that Joe's experience in auto mechanics combined with Mary's experience in hydroponics, and Bill's experience in magnetics, and Ann's experience in solar energy, and David's experience in power converters.... creates a whole new field of experience that meshes into a new understanding of the issue at hand and that gives way to the creation of something incredible and ground breakingly awesome.

Are you interested?
Then let's gather our knowledge and skills and talk and plan and discuss and work together to be the changes we want to see in the world.

If you want to be part of this community, then let me know on skype and I'll add you to the room, or add Nick as a contact on skype and he'll introduce you to the community.

nickmckenny358 (please add a note about the community so that he knows to add you to the room!)

Homework assignment for this moment- or to use a Heatherism: Do you wanna have some fun?

.... the coso artifact.  V E R Y  interesting......  what do you think?

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