Friday 13 February 2015

Putin checkmates Obama as Russia overcomes U.S. “diplomacy”

Remember, it's all about the agendas.  IS Putin the savior so many claim him to be?  No.  His agenda is equally hidden and shrouded in secrecy, just as those of all the other "super powers".  But.....

... in this game of US vs THEM, Putin has very obviously won the match.  The US bully boy tactics are failing most grandly right now, and all the while, Putin has been sweeping up all of the players that are tired of getting beaten by the bully boy who lies, cheats and steals.  The US is just figuring out that they are seriously shit out of luck. Obama and his mafia are about to find themselves blustering about being the biggest top dog...... meanwhile Russia has started a brand new game with all the former players, and none of them really gives a fuck about the US anymore.


Putin checkmates Obama as Russia overcomes U.S. “diplomacy” 

The Russian President has shown more restrain and common sense than all Washington politicians combined (Image credit:

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