Sunday 1 February 2015

New British army elite unit to use social media and psychological warfare

Just a few days after the Ukrainian government announces that they are creating a "Truth Telling" Crusade, through their Information Policy minister, Britain has announced the same thing, but on a MUCH grander scale. 

Yesterday, the United Kingdom government announced:
The British military is to form a new specialist force in “non-lethal” forms of psychological warfare using social media such as Twitter and Facebook to tackle the “asymmetric battlefields” of the 21st century.

I found the use of the word "asymmetric battlefields" a very interesting term.  What exactly does "asymetric" mean....


 (ā′sĭ-mĕt′rĭk) also a·sym·met·ri·cal (-rĭ-kəl)adj.
a. Having no balance or symmetry: an asymmetric design.
b. Uneven in distribution.
a. Existing or occurring between two incommensurate entities, especially to the detriment of one.
b. Characterized by an imbalance in power between two opponents in an armed conflict, especially one in which a weaker force uses unconventional means, such as guerilla or terrorist tactics: asymmetric warfare.

Well..... isn't THAT interesting? I find it very interesting that they are basically stating that THEY are the weaker force, hence their use of "unconventional means" such as psychological warfare to upset the balance of truth that is pumping out through the internet in response to the lies of the main stream media.

This is a MASSIVE piece of transparency.  While this news that they are employing people to deliberately "influence" social media and public opinion though manipulation on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.. is not new to most of us in the alternative media world- hell, this has been going on for years- the very fact that the UK government is announcing this to the world and calling it "psychological warfare" is a vitally important piece of information to get out to the public.

...They've tried to take over the internet and to restrict access to, and to censor internet content though legal and governmental bullyboy tactics to no avail.... so now they are telling the world that they will step up their shill game and try to influence the public through mind games and deliberate psychological warfare tactics.

Government agencies, especially American, Canadian and British western "intelligence" agencies, have been using this template to stamp out, ridicule, and negate any forms of truth or information that is put out on the internet that they do not want to public to believe.   I republished an article in January 2013 called "If the Shill fits..." that outlines the story of a paid "shill" who goes public with how he was recruited to troll the internet to take down and ridicule information on several subjects that his "employer" didn't like.

Yes, this form of "psychological warfare" has been going on almost since the inception of the internet, But it is time for the people who've been battling against these shills and trolls to make sure that they are exposed for the agenda's they serve.... and this article is a doorway to expose them to the world.

The articles below state that the "inspiration" for the formation of this new "(dis)information army" comes from the Chindits, a special force used in the Burma war.... of course I find it very interesting that when you look up Chindits, you find this comment:

"A continuing controversy over the force has centred on its extremely high casualty rate and the debatable military value of its achievements."

"Debatable military value", eh?  It would seem that they may have created a self fulfilling prophecy, eh?

....  and isn't it funny though how the US government and western media get all pissy when China and Iran does this type of thing? ..... yet it's their working MO as well. lol.  And now we have proof.

By the way, here is operations manual of Training New Generation of Online Covert-Operations


Online army: Ukraine seeks to recruit bloggers for ‘truth-telling’ crusade

Kiev authorities plan to create a coordination center for Ukrainian bloggers to present a united front in social media, said Information Policy Minister, Yury Stets, adding that popular bloggers will become Ukraine’s “truth-telling” online army.

New British army elite unit to hone social media and psychological warfare

Published time: January 31, 2015 16:47
Reuters/Omar Sobhani
Reuters/Omar Sobhani
The British military is to form a new specialist force in “non-lethal” forms of psychological warfare using social media such as Twitter and Facebook to tackle the “asymmetric battlefields” of the 21st century.
The brigade will number 2,000 and will be made up of regular troops from all three services, as well as reservists and civilians, British media report.
It will attempt to draw the best talent from the regulars and reserves and will also allow civilians with specialist skills to operate alongside their military counterparts.
Senior officers have said that the army has to adapt to the changing nature of warfare, as conflicts from Iraq to Ukraine have demonstrated, and that the information war is as important as tanks and artillery.
READ MORE: Military must ‘sweat buildings & land’ in asset sell-off – UK defense secretary
As well as be able to shape “behavior through the use of dynamic narratives” the brigade will also specialize in reconstruction and development and humanitarian assistance in the battle to win hearts and minds.
“The brigade has been formed to respond to the ever changing character of modern conflict and to be able to compete with agile and complex adversaries,” said the Ministry of Defense (MoD).
The force will be formally unveiled in April and will be based at Hermitage near Newbury in Berkshire.
It will have the same number, 77, as the legendary Chindits, the commandos who became famous for their missions behind enemy lines in Burma during the Second World War.
The 77th brigade of the Indian army, or the Chindits, was set up 1942 from British, Indian and Burmese troops to take the fight to the seemingly invincible Japanese in the darkest days of the war. They took their name from the mythical Burmese half-lion, half eagle beast that guarded Buddhist temples.
The Chindits used unconventional warfare and long range penetration units to sabotage Japanese supply and communication lines.
By taking their lead from the Chindits, the new Brigade 77 will aim to be a "smart" brigade.
[The Chindits] “fought in such difficult conditions adopting a new type of psychological warfare, using a mixture of original creative thinkers who integrated with local indigenous forces to multiply effects, the exact requirement of the modern age,” said the MoD.
The Israel Defense Force has pioneered the use of social media. In last year’s Operation Cast Lead in Gaza the IDF was active on 30 platforms including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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