Thursday 26 February 2015

1000+ Underground Documentaries

Ever had one of those evenings when you're looking for something to watch, and can't stand the idea of bruising your brain with Hollywood propaganda? 

I just discovered this site and it's a "must bookmark" for future evenings (or days) when I'm looking to expand my mind, instead of rotting it.

This website has pulled together an impressive amount of "Underground Documentaries" - over 1000 documentaries on just about every subject imaginable to those who are interested in looking under the veils of lies and deception that is propagated by the Governments(Corporations) and Main Stream Media.   Here is "Underground Documentaries" side bar listing of categories:

Now.... of course not all of these reflect the truth of the reality that we have been living through, nor do they encompass all the information that is available- hell, some of these movies are even disinformation themselves.... BUT in the vein of "Movies" that may open the door to information and the back stories of how we got here, this is a pretty great resource to start with.



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