Friday 27 February 2015

Chemtrailed "Dog Fight" over coast of Morocco Feb 25, 2015

Wednesday February 25, 2015 started, what was to be a very "interesting day", off with an aerial circus.  

We are on the northern coast of Morocco, facing the Med and just across from Spain.  At 8:30am (GMT) the horizon as far as the eye could see was a beautiful clear blue.  Then it started....

Directly in front of our house, what looked at first to be a very drunken pilot  trying his hand at sky writing, turned into what can only be described as an aerial "Dog Fight" involving two jets..... 

Within minutes of the aerial drunken acrobatics beginning, we watched as Chemplane and Chemplane streaked across the sky, laying down line after line of chemtrails.  I fully believe that they were meant to hide what was going on by obscuring the sky with a milky veil.

Unfortunately I had serious issues with my video camera as the sun was making it almost impossible to see through the view screen- so I apologize for the wobbliness and lack of focus in places.  Luckily our friend Jorge, who is a photographer, managed to grab some amazing shots of the twisting and spiraling chemtrails as the jets - two of them- roared back and forth.....

.... they were obviously chasing something..... what ever it was, we couldn't see it though.

Things that make you go "Hmmmmmmm".

Over all, the sky show lasted well over 35 minutes, and the skys by the end of it were completely murky and fogged by the endless chemtrails that were blasted out right over top  of us..... and no where else in the vicinity.

I go into further detail during TN last night:

Transpicuous News Feb 26, 2015: Smokey Subways and Chemtraily Skys

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