Saturday 14 February 2015

7.2 Earthquake on Russia Ukraine Border..... opps, it's gone

I haven't had the time to keep up with all of the earth quakes and solar events, but this one seriously jumped out at me.   Take NOTE.


Published on Feb 13, 2015

In a wild twist of events, here in the twilight zone of bizzaro world, the USGS has come out and acknowledged the Ukraine 6.8 Magnitude earthquake which showed on the feeds -- but then says it was an "error".

I've got the full post here, with the data, screenshots and links:

The earthquake in the Mid-Atlantic was upgraded by the USGS to a 7.2 magnitude event


6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes Taiwan in the exact area warned on February 5 2015 (1 week warning issue):

Taiwan earthquake occurred EXACTLY in the area warned 7 days ago. Earthquake forecast hit directly.

The warning issued is at about 6min 30sec into my video from February 5-6 2015.. the area between Philippines and East China being named.

Now the area between Philippines and East China (Taiwan) receives the 6.2M movement expected within 1 week.

Comment on Dutchsinse's Youtube:


I live in Ukraine guys, i feel earthquake and it shook mi house, pictures and all kinds of glass fell down and broke, don't listen to their lies they are trying to cover up!!!!!

(Sorry for bad English)

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