Friday 20 February 2015

Denmarks False Flag Hero: Public Relations 101

Denmark’s False Flag Hero: Filmmaker Finn Nørgaard

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It’s funny how after every lone-wolf attack we find out the people involved are in government, media, PR, TV, or film — all jobs which require acting and fiction.
In France we had Said and Cherif Kouachi reportedly shoot up the Charlie Hebdo offices, only to find out after some research that Said was recruited into his network by Anwar al Awlaki, a known FBI asset, his government connection, and his brother Cherif starred in a series about domestic terrorism for French television a few years back, his connection to corporate media. We also found out Amedy Coulibaly, the reported shooter at the Kosher deli in France spent a whole day in the presidential palace with President Sarkozy back in 2009. Yet another government connection.
Then we have witnesses, who also seem to have the same types of connections. Blair Stokes, for example, the main interviewed and quoted witness to the recent FSU lone gunman “shooting” turned out to work for a radio station and a public relations firm dedicated to “changing public behavior.”
Another person is Simon Astaire from the Elliot Rodger “massacre” in Santa Barbara last year — one of the clearest hoaxes in recent history. He was interviewed by mainstream news as a close friend of Elliot’s family and made comments on their behalf. It also turned out that Astaire is the biggest public relations agent in the world, representing not only the biggest brand names in fashion — all brand names mentioned in Elliot’s videos, pictures, and manifesto — but also European royalty.
What about Peter Rodger, Elliot’s father? He’s a famous filmmaker that worked on The Hunger Games, making a short within the film which he simply titles “Propaganda Film” on his website. This is a man quoted right before the proven hoax that happened in Santa Barbara happened to say, “I studied propaganda masters of times past and imagined what a propaganda film would look like,” in preparation for his work.
It’s been solidly proven that almost every parent and witness to the Sandy Hook shooting have huge resumes involving film and theatre.
And then there’s Jeannette Bougrab. She was splashed all over screen and print giving her insight on the Charlie Hebdo “shootings,” claiming to be cartoonist Charb’s — the main target’s — long term girlfriend — though she changed the length of their relationship between one and three years, depending on how she felt that day, I guess. What did we soon learn about her? She’s an author, politician, and small time television host.
The list goes on, and on, and on. Somehow the people involved in these events — partakers and witnesses — are never regular people like you and me, they’re always people who strive for and work in careers that entail creating believable fiction for public consumption. Quite a coincidence, huh? These facts, however, are never reported with respect to the stories about the “attacks.” They’re hidden instead.
This most recently reported lone-wolf shooting in Denmark is no different. As a few days have rolled by, the actors, directors, and politically driven key-characters have started coming out of the rotten woodwork.
Take Inna Shevchenko. She’s apparently the woman speaking on the blatantly doctored audio tape of the free speech rally attack when the bullets start to fly — though not one of the 150 people in attendance made a noise as bullets flew through the windows. Imagine that. I’d be screaming my head off for people to “get down,” but I guess we’re supposed to believe no one had the urge to utter a single word. But I digress.
Our main witness, Inna, is a well known feminist from the group FEMEN, which has been featured on several news broadcasts and media websites. In fact, she has said her own father “learns more about [her] from the news than from [herself].” She’s also a journalism-major university graduate who worked in Ukraine for Kiev’s mayor in the press bureau for many years. According to an interview she did in The Atlantic, in 2004 she fell in love with the thought of being a political talk show host and has pursued her dream of being a television personality ever since. As a side note, she’s also been photographed protesting topless all over the place. Great rack. Not too big, not too small. A couple handfuls. Just right. Anyways, what was I saying?
The connections don’t end there. Today a story was released in Denmark’s main news source, Nyhederne TV2, which fits the pattern of these events like a worn-in glove.
The story is about Finn Nørgaard. Just like Kevin Vickers in Ottawa, the nearly 60-year-old man who did a spin dive to his back and shot the lone-wolf in Parliament mid-air, or Lassana Bathily, the man who hid people downstairs of the Kosher deli in Paris, or Tori Johnson, the gay cafe manager who reportedly wrestled the gunman inside of the Sydney hostage situation giving hostages time to run and save themselves before being shot dead, Copenhagen’s hero is Finn.
According to the Danish news source, a witness named Clayton Coleman — who “thought they had a show running” — was across the street from the shooter when he saw Finn Nørgaard come around the corner from behind the cafe the peace rally was being held in. Finn then reportedly rushed towards and grabbed the shooter from behind, trying to wrestle the gun out of his hands. Unfortunately for him the gunman got him off, turned around, and shot him in the shoulder. This shot to the shoulder apparently killed him.
“Finn Nørgaard was according to Clayton Coleman hit by a single shot to the shoulder. He departed subsequent death, while witnesses – including Clayton Coleman – tried to save him.” —Nyhederne TV2.
There are a few questionable attributes to this story. The first thing to raise questions is this quote from Coleman:
“Finn was not a particularly big man. It was hard for him. The kid (the alleged offender, Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein) was 22 years and [a] kick boxer, and he was very difficult to stop.”
The objective reader must right away ask him or herself: How does a man who just so happened to be standing across the road when this event took place know that the stranger shooting a high powered M95 rifle was 22-years-old and a kickboxer? The only logical answer is, unless he knew who was under the mask, he wouldn’t know either of these things.
But that’s not even the kicker. When we research the reported hero, Finn Nørgaard, we find out he’s an acclaimed Danish filmmaker famous for many movies, co-owning a film company called Filmselskabet, and a former 12-year long employee of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. Who would’ve thought, right?
Was anybody really shot? We can’t say one way or the other, but the more layers you peel back on this Copenhagen onion, the more the odour stings your eyes. 

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