Friday 20 February 2015

ISIS is a SIS.. No really, that's what their website says!!!

Well well well.... Look who's changed their name!!

Let us review recent history.....

On January 11th of this lovely new year, I published the article "Who is Isis, and Why do they have offices in Washington DC".... and in that article I showed not only the links to the website of the Mercenary company called "ISIS" in Washington DC, I also posted screen shots of their site:

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Who is ISIS, and Why do they have offices in Washington DC?

Perhaps this will shine a little light about ISIS.  Perhaps this will spotlight what we've always known?

Coincidence?   Yea..... I think NOT.

  So there I was this evening, perusing through the latest news updates for this weekend's Transpicuous News report, and my husband Nick says to me:  "HEY!  Remember that story you did about ISIS in Washington?  Well look at their site now!!"

New Screen shots of the website..... I've circled and highlighted a few changes they've made... you know, just tiny changes, like.... Changing their Name,  Changing their acronym......  Same ol' site though- look, third screen shot- they are still using the same web address that is under the name ISIS!!!

Awwwwwwww..... Did all of us going public with this information ruin your Secret?   Now all I have to do is to connect the dots between the letters ISIS to SIS to CIA.....

..... Hey guys, you know, considering how much money you yahoos make, don'tcha think you should maybe get a professional to tell you how to hide an old site and forward all traffic to a new domain ... you know, one that isn't still called ISIS?  For a gang called "Special Intelligence Services", I'm wondering what category your "Intelligence" falls into?  I know where you can get a good deal on short buses.

....... Just sayin'.

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