Tuesday 10 February 2015

Accessing your Value: Pipe dream? .... maybe not!!

If you tuned into the One People Round Table Discussion  with Kiri Campbell from New Zealand last night on CCN then you know the news already.  If you didn't.... well we had a pretty interesting 2 and a half hour conversation that has generated a HUGE amount of excitement, a new CCN show, and more LIVE stream updates, including the next one from Kiri that has just been put together a few minutes ago- to go LIVE at 11pm GMT tonight- in about 15 minutes!

You may remember the discussions Lisa, Brian and I had with Kiri back in 2013, when she went into the banks to access her value, and was arrested.  Well Kiri is BACK and on fire.  You can listen to the Round Table Discussion from last night in the video below to catch up with the latest news, listen to Kiri tell about her adventures of the past 18 months, and all about the Credit Exchange that Kiri has set up in New Zealand.   This is something that I will be watching very closely, and I will be digging in deep, to really figure out where this can and will go.

Can this new Credit EXChange be a bridge?  Can it work and spread globally?  That remains to be seen.....  But as I said, I will be watching with intense interest.

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