Tuesday 4 June 2013


 D is off-line at the moment (NOT in Ethiopia, LOL) and has asked me to post this article as it is time-sensitive and can't wait for her to be back online.

By Nicole Matthews

With Holly Tucker

Last week, we witnessed the I UV Exchange in action when a call went out to help our brother, Bob.  The crew in Morocco have been doing amazing healing work and wanted to bring Bob to Morocco to share in that healing energy work.  Within minutes of Vera bringing that situation to the attention of our larger family, many people quickly responded.  Then Helen made a BEautiful contribution that cinched the deal.  Bob is now in Morocco and already benefitting from the healing energies.  The crew are documenting this and videos will soon be posted for us all to share in this experience!  Bob has put much of his energy (value) into the system with all of his DOing.  Others who benefitted from Bob's DOing and recognized his value then exchanged value with him in a helpful and tangible way.  This was a BEautiful and touching exchange of value that brought tears of joy to many of us, myself included!

I UV Exchange In Action!

Another situation has been brought to our attention that I believe you all would be delighted to help with.  Our sister, BZ, has a situation that is urgent and serious.  BZ, as many of you know, has been very dedicated to her work for the One People since January, from administering the RTS facebook page to her many hours as webmaster on the OPPT-in website and now the I-UV website.  BZ has been incredibly organized and done an amazing job!  BZ has never hesitated to devote the 60+ hours a week necessary to build and maintain the Web Portal.  Indeed, she knows that this is what she came here to do. All of her life experiences have brought her to this service work where she is able to use her web develop and design skills to create a respected and trusted source; a voice and knowledge portal for others as they expand their eternal essence embodiments.

BZ is in need of an exchange of value, in keeping with the new paradigm that we are creating at this very time, for her many, many hours of dedication she has given and continues to give.  BZ, we love you, sister!

Accommodations Required in the Seattle area; Edmonds, Washington

BZ needs to move by June 15 (she may be able to extend that for another week).  She needs money for food, internet access and her cell phone. She also needs money for cab or bus fare (to obtain groceries) as walking and riding a bicycle is difficult.  This is because BZ is also recovering from a serious injury.  Her leg was fractured in five places.  She has been unable to find a full time paying job in addition to her full time volunteer job because of the economy and recovering from her shattered leg.  Unfortunately, due to these circumstances, BZ may not be able to continue her site work (or any other work) without some financial assistance.  Most urgently, we need to find new accommodations preferably in the Edmonds, Washington (near Seattle, Pacific Northwest) area for BZ, her kitty Rose and her computers.  As AK stated, "If we do not do this ASAP, we are in danger of losing one of the most effective people in this effective worldwide movement, as well as our coordinating website."  As an extremely valuable asset to our team, we need to support her work until we all have access to our value in a tangible way.

A paypal donation button has been added to for those who recognize the value that BZ has given to us all and wish to support her continuing work for us all.

Do you know anyone in the Seattle/Edmonds, Washington area?  Can you please ask them to inquire around to find a temporary residence for BZ?  Perhaps a room to rent?  One of us knows someone with a solution!  Also, it would be wonderful if some local folks could help BZ with moving!

BZ, we love and respect you.  We know it's hard to accept help.  It's ironic, though, that as our 'family' works so hard to create the new paradigm where WE are the value, we have been given another BEautiful opportunity to be involved with and witness a wonderful exchange of value!  BZ  came here to do this work, we all know this. BZ, you are an integral spoke in the Cosmic Wheel, please allow yourself to be loved and supported for the beautiful BEing that you are.


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