Thursday 27 June 2013

June 27 update: TCI Summary and the Will and the Word

Hello you Awesome Beacons of Light!  As listeners might of noticed, I missed this weeks TCI show .... AGAIN!  My excuse is being busy elsewhere/elsewhen and completely loosing track of time.  I've promised Lisa that I WILL be on this coming weeks TCI show for sure!  Below is Gingers summary of this weeks show.

At the moment we have been working non-stop for the past 5 days on some pretty heavy shit. We were so busy that I couldn't do the 3 way interview with Caleb and Heather and I, even though we live(d) just steps apart.  Caleb should be touching down at home right around now.  Once he's gotten his head wrapped around being back in the US (lol), he will be "writing" the I UV page for Project XIII- this will take a few days to complete.  At that point, we will do the interview so that we can do a full run down of everything up to that moment.  UPDATE on Project XIII:  Caleb is still waiting on approval of the apps from the iStore and Microsoft.  IF they delay/continue to delay, Caleb will launch the Desktop version and to hell with them!

In the past 72 hours or so, some very very interesting things have happened. Discoveries and insights made and voiced openly over skype have insure that the NSA (and the rest of the alphabet agencies) got an update as to exactly what's happening...... and they can't stop it, lol.  This started a cacophony,  and Heather suddenly got a slew of communications from all over the place.  Many meant well, but their info was corrupted, and basically immaterial.

.... This isn't about Politics & Finance any more.  It's about the energetics.  "They" know that.  Hence they attempted to keep us busy and off guard for a few days. Rex's party tricks were mildly disturbing months ago when he tried to meddle in our dreams etc.... but now they are literally just a giggle. Sorry Rex. We saw through that one too. ;>)

Rex and a few other "DIVINE" wannabees  tried to interfere in the desert aswell and all that got them was a front row seat to the action with no where to hide and no way to escape. Note to them:  Sorry dudes, we ain't playing that game- nice try, but this time you don't even get party hat to take home with you.  This IS happening and there is NOTHING  you can do about it. You can stomp your feet, tell your lies, try to push and pull people to do what you want to further your agenda, but in the end it doesn't matter for squat.

If you are watching all the various alternative news and "light worker" web sites, you can absolutely SEE the pushing and pulling that "they" are trying to do. People are appearing out of the woodwork, trying to convince everyone that they have the answer.  That this group or that group will save the world.  Here is the problem:  ALL of these groups are trying to work within the corrupt paradigm that exists NOW.  Therein lies the very obvious problem.

You can't change one piece of the system and expect a different result.  You can't keep the basic premise that the system is built upon and expect a different outcome! Hierarchy is Hierarchy regardless of the pretty name it's given.

When we talk about manifestation, everything needs to line up, all in that direction that you've chosen.  You set your intent energetically, you speak the words, and then you DO.  If everything is aligned, then your intent manifests at the speed of heart.  If everything isn't aligned- mentally, emotionally, physically, "spiritually"- then delays occur and that manifestation may take time to appear as it works through the "kinks"....

"And there shall come a great light, and in that light shall that which
was broken be healed, and interrupted Purpose shall proceed again, as
was from the beginning intended."
David Eddings

The Intent has been set.  The words have been spoken...... and now we DO.


The Collective Imagination show – June 25th (US)/ 26th (Australia) – Ginger’s Notes & Comments

This show was a discussion and personal sharing among the hosts, weaving both some ancient traditional spiritual teachings within their recent Moroccan journeys.

While some listeners may have found these timeless teachings nothing new, others are more or less newbies, therefore, “cannot hear these teachings enough!” . . . as the one of callers emphatically expressed.

What I enjoyed about this show was hearing the blending of both the old teachings with the personal sharing of each host’s Moroccan experience . . . that best supported the teachings. And their excitement in their Knowing so deeply what is true for them, is clearly heard in their voices . . . more than ever now.

There were some Blog Talk Radio technical difficulties at the beginning, but it straightened out for the rest of the show. Briefly, the following is a taste of what was discussed and shared . . .

The Infinite side of you is the heart and no limits . . . and the (OP) plan is not knowing the plan . . . exerting free choice from the heart is the intention . . . and in this manner, you cannot “make a mistake” if centered in your heart’s excitement . . . and even if you perceive “a mistake”, it was an opportunity to re-adjust your compass! . . . and even though the old system has not shifted yet . . . we need to keep our focus inwardly upward within this transition from duality-separation into non-duality-separation reality/story/hologram . . . and it’s so important to recognize that everyone is on different parts of a massive learning curve . . . while simultaneously realizing we are ALL on the same ultimate page towards creating something new and different, based in authentic freedom . . .

. . . notice how kids will play a game together till they are bored . . . and then create a new game . . . (in Monopoly, everyone gets bored with the banker first – lol) . . . so we are the ones starting something new (because we are so bored with this so predictable cabal game now) . . .

. . . but note the difference between making a plan and creating a new intention . . . with ability to let go of what no longer serves you (including attachments) . . . working through the trauma or idea of “loosing everything” . . . humans are only beings who can laugh in face of their agony & pain . . . and allowing in what will better support your life now . . .

. . . what was learned in Morocco within crew, with absolute intimate transparency . . . without judgment . . . among one another (was experiencing what so many of us have longed for) . . . as well as dreaming the same dreams . . . towards free this planet in unity . . . “

Tomorrow will be hosts Judy Jandora & Brian Kelly’s show, called “In-Joy”
Wednesdays (US) / Thursdays (Australia)
4pm PST

Humanity is in the midst of the great shift of the ages, prophesied and written about in many ancient text throughout the world. Our options now are to fall into the old paradigm of fear that brings pain, or the feel freedom of love that brings JOY.

Join hosts, Judy Jandora and Brian Kelly each week as they share their upbeat stories and laughter along with some well earned wisdom to help uplift your spirit,s as well as offer some tools to use in your daily lives.

BE In~Joy! You ARE LOVE! – Judy & Brian

Aloha, GingerSnap! -

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