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TOP Radio show June 18 Summary and Transcript

TOP radio show June 18 summary and transcript

The One People (TOP) show
Monday, June 17, 2013 (USA)
Tuesday, June 18, 2013 (AEST)

Ginger’s summary:

Will begin with how Lisa ended this show with her stating . . . “we are on the threshold of explosive creating” . . . because for me, it not only best sums up the show, but what I and many of us are feeling and knowing . . . during these end of days battle for human consciousness.

This was a very important show because, in general it began to address how both Project XIII and the I-UV ixchange will be a bridge in a practical way, as well as Heather at beginning of show, outlining it in both a practical, and embodiments value . . .

. . . “we have our value, but just do not know how to access it yet . . . every embodiment now is a bank . . . so can now transparently exchange with other embodiments “banks” . . . and is just one tool . . . any former systems that de-bunks this, needs to rebut it . . . (please see full transcript further on)

Heather, Caleb and team need to adjust apps In next few days . . . and it will be in each our own hands . . . with July 1st apple app available . . . and goes onto share lots more . . . with some excellent questions from Mark.

At this point, no other notes were taken, because of the significance of hearing things directly from Heather, one needs to hear for themselves . . . as well as hearing how everyone on this OP bridge team are together working things out . . . towards how each of us will be being the extension of this bridge crew, with many quantum leap tools.

This show helped me understand lots more . . . and also lost me around things like say . . . going into my bank to negotiate new terms and conditions as a creditor. But I also understand that these kind of topics are still being hammered out by Heather, Caleb and bridge crew . . . as in listening to this show . . . you are hearing how they are proceeding with the weavings of it all.

The full transcript of this show is now available below:

Can’t wait to “aloha” my Bank of Hawai’i with my new terms and conditions – LOL – it’s why I am here!!!


First few minutes of Lisa Harrison introducing the co-hosts:

Chris: I’m glad you guys are back, I’ve been winging it for a couple of weeks with help from various wing people. Interesting experience, but glad you’re back all the same so we can actually wind the thing back up and get the thing going again.

Lisa: Yeah, we are, we’re about to hit Phase II, I think in a big way.

Chris: Phase II would be great. Phase II is good.

Brian: Thanks Chris for holding down the fort while we were gone, you did an excellent job.

Bob and Lisa: Yes he did.

Chris: No problem, look and I have to thank all the folks. I did hit on a lot of folks at the last minute and I really thank them for their support because I was never really sure whether you guys were going to get on the show and you did a bit, but…

Lisa: We weren’t either…

Chris: That’s right! I had Scott jump on and Brad and Bethany and a bunch of other people as well, so kudos to those folks for support and we’ll be pulling them in again for sure.

Lisa: And for an encore, because she’s not actually gonna be on the show anymore, but we do have Heather with us for the first fifteen to twenty minutes today. Are you there darl? … Heather?

Heather: I’m here!

Lisa: So we noticed you’ve been busy.

Heather: I’m here and hi everyone. How are you?

Lisa: We’re good.

Brian: Wait, is Mark on the call?

Mark: Yeah hi…. Just keeping it real!

(All laughter).

Lisa: Heather, I know we only have you for a few minutes, so before we actually get to Mark do you want to go ahead and let everyone know what you’ve been working on the last few days since we left last week? I know there’s been a lot of work going on both energetically and in practical terms so…

Heather: What I can do is discuss with you a work session Caleb and I had tonight. In about 15 minutes, we covered all the banking aspects - all the tools; because people have access, they have their value. They just don't know how to access it, or use it, or transfer it.

So we went through ... Project XIII is totally ... that's Caleb's DO'ing. So I stayed really out of it. Really sat down for the first time, went through the apps. I knew, I trusted and was not disappointed at the fact that he knew what he was doing. It's beautiful work. So we went through and just said okay, there's many tools that can be used for people to access their value. Really, the principles and the functions of how people access their value, transfer their value, deliver their value - it's all the same except for it's directly between embodiment to embodiment. Anyone who wants to play or engage with you has to transparently come forward.

In the old system, it wasn't like that. They can still participate. They just have to be very transparent. You get to determine your choice. Do you want to play with them or not? Regarding, for instance, the former purported BIS and all of their member banks, central banks, things like that. They still have a place that they can sit there. You guys just determine whether you want to play with them or not. They need to determine how they are willing to play with you, if at all. If they make themselves irrelevant, they make themselves irrelevant. Everything was cancelled, so really it's your choice to re-engage them, make them alive again; but not their system, just their entity.

With these, every person, every embodiment throughout the universe is a bank. You hold your value. You're responsible for your value. You own your value. When you decide to transfer or receive or deliver value, it's between you and at least one other embodiment or more. But everything's transparent. I love the server system. I haven't really sat down with Caleb about Project XIII, other than tidbits while everyone else was working. I love how everyone's responsible for their own device. They have their own data. His server really is just a transfer mechanism. Because that's where the old systems really bogged down the actual value, was through distribution and representations. Now you get to choose what representations you're willing to play with or use or accept. Or you can just go direct to energetics and work it that way. Either way you're in charge. You're the boss of your value. Nobody else can infringe on that or invade that or usurp that.

I really love the quote his friend had that he used on Project XIII website, which is “Self-governance in the digital age”. Digital is just a tool and you don't even need Project XIII. You don't need any of this stuff to access your own value, but this is one tool that's there for you to do it. So here's the best part, is that because the principles are the same, only this time they're transparent how it functions, any of the former systems would actually be debunking anything and everything they've ever done up to date if they dishonor or do not recognize your value and your declaration. They would actually have to go in and rebut it. So everything's done. All the work is done. It's just a matter of you being able to access the value.

I love where Project XIII sits. I love the VEXS protocols. They resonate for me. It's just a matter of whether they resonate for any other embodiments. It's a perfect tool for me for right now. So, that's where we are. I'm going to be setting ... the banking part we did in 15 minutes. It will take Caleb and the team that he's working with basically three days to adjust the apps for the banking part. But everyone has their own accounts; they're responsible for them. There's a lot of value streams that people can be really creative about; their investment streams and everything else. But it's all in each of your hands. That's what's beautiful about it. Nobody can tamper with it. It all sits within the eternal essence. Even if you don't want ... you don't believe in eternal essence filing or any of the filings. It doesn't matter. You can still run your value however you want to. They can't touch it. Meaning they being those that want to commandeer it, steal it, usurp it, invade it - it's all over and done with.

So, that's the updates I have for you. It'll take me this week to finish up basically the work with Caleb to get him what he needs. Then it takes him three days to add the things to the apps. July 1st will be the iPhone app launch. Windows is already out there. We're just waiting for Microsoft to go in and put it in their App store. His desktop is flying; he's almost got it done. He's working through that very, very quickly, which is great because that's the one that I have to use, since I don't have an iPhone or a Microsoft phone. That's it.

Lisa: All right. Do you mind if I just open it up to questions from firstly maybe Chris? (banging noise) … Chris?

Chris: Yep, sorry, I got interrupted halfway through.

Lisa: Okay, well I'll pass it over to Mark.

Chris: Pass it over to Mark for a moment.

Lisa: Mark, do you have any questions?

Mark: Yeah. Heather, I was wondering if it was correct to say that when you contract with each other that you're… in the I-contract that we did, is that then going to need to be in a registry as well? Are we looking at doing our registry with that? Does that relate to ... well that would be my first question.

Heather: Basically that one-page contract that we ended up working on before you left, basically all that does is it gets altered, so that it's just a declaration. It's not a contract. First you go in and you actually declare what you have. Like any bank, a bank needs funding, right? So you're actually deciding how much of your ... we reserved $5 billion for every person, or every embodiment involved, for their equity. Then there was another $5 billion ... not reserved, but actually returned ... another $5 billion for anyone who claims damages. All it takes is a declaration. All the underwriting was already done by OPPT, so all that's sitting in there and it's un-rebutted. So you've already underwritten your entire bank. All you need to do is deposit what essentially would be the equivalent of a bond, for instance, so that you enter into Project XIII.
You deposit that into your bank, so to speak, because you are the bank. You're just letting people know what's in there, what you want your bank to work with and they actually get to go in and start using it immediately. Transfer it. Use it. Then everyone on Project XIII, or even out there they get to see who's using what. You can use old tools and NOW tools and you BE.

Mark: Okay, Heather, remember how we talked about the difference with the funds not being blockable and we would stipulate that they are not to be used for overnight trading or trading platforms? One really good question that came up was are we or what's in it for the bank, if we do contract with the bank to work with some of our value and bond some of our value to use in say US dollars or Euro or something. Do we just pay them fees if we did that?

Heather: Banks have nothing to do with any of this Mark. If you want to go and play with a bank, then you make your own terms with them. You already know how they're going to operate. What I would do is just get everything in to ... if I were to go and play with the bank, I would say “Here's what I'm wanting to do. I already know what you guys do, so here's what I'm willing to do”. But as far as leveraging and all that, I mean you have to sit down and make your marks.

As far as Project XIII, if I go in and open up my accounts and do a bank out of there ... actually, I'm the bank, so really it's just a notice. Project XIII, my account, ends up being just a notification system, as well as my own registry system for all that I do out of my bank. Okay?

So then I can go out and get a certification from ... that's one thing I'm going to show powers-that-were or the perceived roles of powers-that-were how to go in and actually interact, repurpose themselves if they choose to, or any of the embodiments to go in and say ,”hey, here's one example of how to make a value stream”. Not so much a revenue stream, solely, but a value stream, which also includes a revenue stream.

Then they say, "Okay, Heather's going to go out”. I create a representation, which most people call corporations back before. Well, that entity's actually just a representation of me so that people can identify that with a particular DO'ing I'm going to DO. So let's say I go out and say, “I'm going to go in Mark, Chris, whoever, if you want me to search, give a certification that you actually have this particular funding in your bank, then I can do that”. Now whether someone finds that certification valuable or not, that just depends on everyone's agreement, meaning mine with whoever's asking for the search. Then as far as anyone else, I guess it would be a matter of credibility, performance history, that kind of a thing.

That's just one example. There's a lot of good people out there that will go in and do the work as far as auditing, certifying. They need to repurpose too, because they used to work for corporations and corporations are shut down. Now they need a place where they can actually work and do something they feel good about and yet uses their NOW skill sets, right? So really it's about using what's around.

Mark: Yeah, that's what I'm thinking too. I'm wondering if .. everything that I'm looking at right now is what can we do that anyone can do, that will be available for anyone to do?

Heather: That’s the whole… what I look at when I go to do something is “What one DO’ing can I do that touches as much as possible in the highest good of all?” And then I go in and look at the NOW tools… what is an immediate value stream because everything is energetic. That’s one thing that I’m going to be putting out there data wise, is just that part of the value system which hasn’t ever been disclosed, at least not to en-masse embodiments. And with that, in that value system and the information that wasn’t told lies the debt part of the value system, it also lies the financial part of the value system. You were only given part of the story, or part of the information. So all of that can come clear, and anyone can do this.

Michael Tellinger kept asking me “How do South Africa, or how do I go in and underwrite, or write a promissory note or anything else”. And the mechanics of banking are not bad guys… the mechanics of banking is beautiful, except for they only tell you part of it. They don’t tell you the whole thing.

If you go in and you do exactly how it’s been done, if they go in and dishonor that, all of a sudden they dishonor all their other paper. So they’ve got to make a choice. But the thing is you don’t have to rely on them making the choice. You can go in and DO, you declare and then it takes someone to rebut it in order for it to be invalidated. It’s a very simple process.

Chris: Okay Heather a quick question. One thing I’ve been thinking about in terms of the asset that’s backing us. Would it be true to say that in fact, if you wanted to point at something and say “There’s the value!” would it actually be our DNA?

Heather: Asset backing you? That’s really an interesting question in light of this information.

Chris: Because we have value, we talked about values being energy, but you know would that be a true statement in your view.

Heather: It doesn’t resonate for me. The body is a vehicle. You yourself, your BE’ing is creative. So when you create and you DO, for every unit that you spend in energy for the highest good of all, you draw units of energy behind you. And it can manifest in any form you want it to, you just have to set your intent on what you want it to manifest as. And every unit that you spend just for the highest good of your body, and not any of the other embodiments, you pull one to one value behind you into frontal view so you can use it. And then if you go in and you spend one unit of energy to damage any other embodiment that’s the debt system. That’s what we know as the debt system and basically you lose that one unit, plus you just have created a debt for yourself to pay off any damage that any other body incurs. It’s a very simple value system they just cut it up and took the parts that …

Chris: So the DNA relates to the vehicle for the energy which is the body? That’s fine, just wanted to see what you were thinking on that subject.

Heather: DNA is like a credit card. It doesn’t represent the value, it’s just a tool to use the value. Your body is the tool. Your soul, or your eternal essence; whatever you want to call it, that is the value. So DNA is a part of your density.

Chris: Well, it makes sense to me.

Bob: As an example Heather, if I was going to develop a new communications system that I want for the whole planet to have access to free communication and then whatever value that I put forward is also backed by seven other billion embodiments for each unit. Is that basically what you’re saying?

Heather: Well, let me think about that because what it is I only focus and have control over my own embodiment. For me to tie seven billion embodiments and actually it’s universal so you’re talking many, many, many times over that. For me to tie anyone else into what I’m DO’ing, that just doesn’t resonate with me. To tie them in to be an insurance on anything that I DO does not resonate with me, because I’d want to know if someone’s DO’ing that to me and have a say in it, whether I want to DO it or not.

What I can DO is I can go in and say “I’m going to DO in the highest good of seven billion, or five hundred quadrillion, it doesn’t matter, even if it’s just one or more. I’m going to DO in the highest good for all and whatever draws behind me great. I don’t DO it for whatever draws behind me, what I can make, whatever value stream, I DO it because that’s what makes me feel good. It makes me expand when I see others Impowered. So I can only speak for myself Bob, but it does not resonate to me that I would tie any other embodiment into what I choose to DO consciously when they don’t have a knowing or conscious choice.

Bob: I just wanted to clarify what you meant by you’re pulling the energy or all the embodiments if you’re DO’ing it for the greatest good of all.

Heather: No, I didn’t say that, I said that if I do for the greatest good of all, for every energy unit that I put out, I draw behind it infinite, I draw value absent limit behind it for every unit.

Bob: Okay, got it.

Heather: Not that every embodiment gives me a unit behind it. No, I’m just drawing from Source, which is I am a creator Source just like you guys are each a creator Source. Everyone’s equal. Everyone has this ability to do this and so many have come on the show who actually have spoken some data. It’s what they haven’t told that will see if they make a choice to tell what they haven’t told. But that’s really the energetics and how it works. That is the value system and all they’ve shown is a part of the value system and not the whole.

Chris: Yeah the key to it is the agreements. If we actually have agreements with one another about how we’re going to conduct ourselves and everybody… you know there’s full disclosure of all details, it will work. At the moment we have a tacit social agreement, we’ve had a whole lot of agreements that we haven’t been party to, foisted upon us by the system; deceptive acts and practices.

Heather: Yeah but those all melt away when you understand the energetics of it. They all melt away when you know you’re not a party to it.

Chris: That’s what I’m saying. If you step away from that and recognize it for what it is and form a new agreement then the new agreement stands does it not?

Heather: Only if they actually want to play with it. I’m not going to play with someone who doesn’t want to play with me. I’m not going to force them. So like Mark and I went in to test and work with, basically contracts are just a representation of energetic contracts. All of this is about energy. So really a piece of paper is just a representation of that energetic contract. Now depending on how savvy someone is as far as how much knowledge they pull from within out about the energetics determines on how much you need to put in writing to disclose that representation. Mark and I have one piece of paper and that’s it for now but if we choose, or if we feel at any moment of any DO’ing within that energetic contract that we need to put things in writing so there’s some more clarity then we do that.

Otherwise, because of the fact that we got to meet and actually have the energetic magnetic fields meet up, a lot of data gets transferred that way; same with Brian and I, same with Bob and I, Lisa and I… anyone…Brian and Bob or Lisa and Mark. It’s about energetics. So everything that you see around you is representation. Pretty soon you won’t need any representation of value, you won’t need any representation of the energetic contracts. It’s all contained within your magnetic field and you own those magnetic fields, you’re sole operator of those magnetic fields unless you consent to someone messing with them, or engaging in them.

Chris: Well I view the contracts as being an educational tool to make you aware of the actual energetic processes going on in the background, because as you say if I’m forming an agreement with a friend that I know very well, we don’t even really need to do anything than say “Yes I agree” and shake hands and walk off. That’s a purely energetic contract. It’s only on paper if you aren’t at that level with the other person in my mind and it’s useful at this point in time as you say. So that’s just another part of that whole process of educating ourselves. But I do have one question Heather, the aspect of coming to agreements with the banks in terms of if you wanted to take some of your value in the form of a bond and put it with a bank and you know, we’re the creditor in this instance, and that’s the flip that we all have to get our heads around. The form of that bond, is that something that you guys are going to issue tools on so people have got some guidance as to where to start with that if they want to go there?

Heather: Well I mean as far as embodiments BE’ing the creditor; they’ve always been the creditor. That was a lack of transparency in what they didn’t tell.

Chris: That’s correct. As you say, these guys have to make a decision about whether any of their paper means anything. If they refuse a bond from an embodiment, on the basis that it’s not valid for some reason they’re invalidating everything they’ve ever done. So that’s something that we have to educate them on that we now know what we’re doing. It’s just the form of them, it’s the words. Cause they’ll expect something on paper. That’s their game the paper.

Heather: Actually, that’s the thing. They don’t expect anything on paper. They just put you through the rigmarole of putting it on paper so that they have an easier mechanism to control who knows how what works. Those in the highest levels of banking know that it is energetic
So it’s … let’s say this Chris. I want to make sure that questions are answered, I was actually going to sit down and everyone’s been asking for a manual from those in the former systems that want to change things and actually have. Everything has been changed, they’re just rolling it out very, very slowly. And it’s because they need to know basically where to go. Like how to do this so it won’t be taken down again and that’s cool, that’s fine.

So what I’m going to DO, all I know how to DO is what the template is that’s been working out the back is put myself in the position of the example of how to DO, if I’m willing to put myself in that position then I’m not going to sit there and tear it down if someone else goes in that position. Does that make sense? I’m not setting them up to fail. I’m not setting them up to… they know that if I’m putting myself in that position that that is a pure, solid position and they can ferret it out, dissect it, review it, discuss it, same as what we provided the period of the UCC filings for them to go in and rebut them, which never happened.

So, I hope that answers at least some questions because I’m really sorry I don’t have much time tonight, but I want to go over all of this information and I know that really helps out. If people want to send any questions, let me get out the first data set and we can build off there. And that way people can ask really pointed questions.

But yes, one question Brian had that he wrote was Phase I is giving people access to their value? Yes, actually Phase I was giving people access to the knowledge of what the value is. Phase II is giving people access to their value and near simultaneously, actually simultaneously maybe even before, Phase III is actually to develop the system to allow people to use it for goods and services.

So if you had a grocer who sits there and says “I don’t really like the former systems and how it operates and I know that I’m the value, I know that I’m the one producing this, I have consumers who actually feel the same way, but I need the goods and services to put into my store in order for them to buy that actually are the same heart, the same place of consciousness, how do I find them?”

And that’s what I loved about Project XIII is that it allows right now, the main function that it’s working as is similar to Facebook and then on that layers up so that you end up having functions like Skype. You have functions that go all the way into the banking. So Caleb and his team is just going to layer and layer and layer whatever the people, whatever the embodiments choose to have added to it, that’s what gets added to it.

So if they’re going to set up a way for people to decide this is what I want to invest in is my tools to be able to use my value and connect with those that feel the same way I do, or even feel differently to help me look at different ways of doing things. This is just a quantum jumping pad. Project XIII is the quantum jumping pad and as Caleb says “Not attached to it” and he would love for some fourteen year old to show up and say “Caleb that’s great and I can do better!” and they do something even better and then that’s a tool that everyone grows from.

So Facebook will be the best example, Mark Zuckerberg did a great job to put out this product with a particular function and the only thing that people don’t really like about it, according to what came out last week is the fact that your information is being sold for millions and millions of dollars to other people and it’s not your data once you enter it in from your device into their server. And yet they’re making millions and millions of dollars, which is why they give you the device for free so they can actually harvest that info. This is much different. That’s why I like Project XIII. It resonates more for me with the eternal essence and where the value actually is and how the energetics act as well. So I hope that answers some questions and gives an update, at least.-

Mark: Heather I’d like to ask for more clarification on the bridging side of it. I really get the after… the later phase when people start taking up the I-ixchange and they start exchanging and trading for goods and services in the I-ixchange system, it’s the bridging part that I’m more unclear about. I have some ideas about it, but my understanding of it is that we can create a bond and get some value and do some value with the bank if we choose and then from there move towards as quickly as possible move people towards the I-ixchange. Is that correct, or what would be… is there any clarification you can give now?

Brian: Mark, look at the chat, it looks like you’re coming through as a transformer to Heather so I don’t know if she picked any of that up.

Mark: Oh crap!

Chris: Well Heather if you heard the question just repeat it so that people…

Mark: How come you guys heard?

Brian: Well she’s hearing all of us as transformers. So she said type it Mark if you can.

Mark: I will.

Chris: Just type it in, good thank you Brian. It was a good question.

Lisa: The last five minutes have been totally transformer for me and I haven’t heard a word. It may have happened and I just didn’t hear it, but can someone explain to me what this actually looks like in terms of practical funding. You know the question that everybody’s always had was “How do I buy my bread and put gas in my car?” So someone explain it to me.

Chris: Mark, do you want to have a go at that? I’m happy to do it but…

Brian: He’s typing a question…

Chris: Oh, he’s typing a question okay.

Bob: From what I understand Lisa, if you created a bond okay and suppose you wanted to deposit a certain amount of value in your local bank well you would create a bond for whatever value that you wish to extend into that forum and they’re either going to accept it, or have to rebut why they’re not accepting it because it would invalidate all of their other notes that they also accept.

Lisa: So that’s what I’m asking, is this going to require each and every one of us to go to a bank with a bond and have funds deposited into our I UV account?

Chris: No that...
Bob: No, no no…

Chris: ,,,that would have funds deposited into your current bank account.

Bob: …your current bank account. You’re the creditor. You’re crediting your account.

Chris: Inside the I UV it’s really straight forward. It’s simply one eternal essence literally trading by agreement with another. That’s the easy bit…

Lisa: Yeah, yeah I get that, but hang on that’s just between people who are signed up with an I UV account and within Project XIII and you can deal directly with them person to person. But I’m talking about outside of that, those who are paying their rent, those who want to book a plane and go somewhere, those who want to purchase something from a store, if they don’t currently… so is what you’re saying the only way to deal with that outside of Project XIII, outside of the I UV is to have an arrangement with a bank?

Bob: Right, well until you reach Phase III which would be where we would offer for your local grocer or whatever company that you might want to deal with where they will directly accept the I UV ixchange.

Lisa: Okay. So we’re looking at I UV as being, as introducing a whole new currency into the system. And…is that what you’re saying?

Chris: Yeah, well you could view it that way but really you’re actually pulling people into a different paradigm. You’re actually trading directly with one another, in full transparency with either a paper agreement or a verbal agreement energetic if you like. That’s a completely different way of working and in fact it’s like when I go down to the farmers markets on the weekend you’ve got people who grew stuff, brought it down and I’m actually buying it from them. It’s very, very direct. The whole process of bridging across to it is actually a matter of education. It’s actually educating everybody to the actual reality that you can do this. It’s simply that people don’t know you can do this that’s the key issue. In the same way they don’t know they can go to a bank and put a bond in okay. It’s a very, very much an educational process ongoing. If we’ve got a tool to go either direction we can do it.

Brian: So to me it sounded like too, Lisa, to dovetail on what Chris just shared is that when you go to the grocery store and you have all the stuff that you can buy in the store, they have all their suppliers that they buy those things from as well and the bridge, or the missing link to the puzzle is to help the grocer understand that they can use the same system to acquire their goods, just like to mirror your exchange system to acquire your goods from them, so it’s like taking it back to – so if they can use the same system to purchase or acquire all the things from their suppliers, then they can use the same system to sell it to you and so it’s like, it’s kind of like the courtesy notice where it bleeds through the system to get everybody operating on the same new system. Is that how everybody else understood it as well when she brought up the grocery store example?
Lisa: Well I think what I’m seeing is the I UV can be looked at as another currency and a global one, and it’s about having the conversations and having the relationships where people are hopefully choosing to adopt that currency and operate in that currency and if it was presented to businesses, let’s say here in Australia it’s like okay, you’ve got a customer base here that uses Australian dollars and they’re all struggling and none of them have much, or if you choose you can also operate with this other currency where your customer base actually has billions of dollars, so… does that make sense?

Chris: Yes it does. And what it just highlights is the fact that the educational process that’s begun with the One Peoples Public Trust and developed to now continues to need to spread outwards to encompass everybody. And that’s really, that’s really the process that we’re going through right here and now. This is the beginning of it. And you said before, does this mean everyone has to go to the bank with a bond if they want to go play with the banks?

Well actually it does but if we’ve got some basic templates that we can walk up and actually have a discussion over with the person at the right level in the bank which I presume, it’s not going to be a bank manager, it’s going to be much higher than that and I’m more than happy to do that, I’m more than happy to spread information to people about how to do that and give them the confidence to do it. The only thing I would caution against is that the bonds must be protected so they can’t play the hypothecation games that they’ve been playing with all of the other bonds that we’ve inadvertently created by them not telling us that we’re actually the creditor. Okay? We can’t let them play that game with these funds because all they’ll get for their trouble is a fee from us, which we’ll negotiate with them for them handling this particular financial instrument on our behalf.

That’s all banks should ever have been, but because we didn’t know what we were doing, they basically ripped us off and they created the whole derivatives, the whole stock market and derivatives market and all the big financial programs as they call them, are all based around the fact that we’re ignorant that we are the creditor. And this is the educational program where we correct not only the public’s perceptions but we correct the behavior of the banks.

So I’m more than happy to go to a bank, I’m more than happy to sit down with the CEO of my bank, or the CFO and present him with a bond and give him a choice: Are you going to invalidate everything you’ve ever done or are you going to work in honor with me and acknowledge the value that’s in this presentation I’m giving to you. That’s where we’re really at. As Mark said, that’s a bridging phase. We don’t want to stay playing in that playground, that’s not where we want to be. We want to be out in the absolute where we’re dealing directly with other eternal essences one-to-one by agreement, whether they are a vendor, it doesn’t matter whether they sell trucks, we’re still dealing with a person who is presenting something that we might need or not need. So for Phase II, bring it on!

Brian: Phase III bring it on, also.

Chris: Phase III, yeah. Well look, they’ll develop in parallel because there will be people that are ready to work in that system, and if you want an example folks of a system that’s similar but not exactly the same as we’re talking about but similar, go and have a look at a website called Global Settlements Foundation. They run a private trading network based on some software called Loom and they do have a connection to the banking system because you can pull value out but they do it by basing their – if you choose to work within their system you can use gold.

Now because gold’s money under Basel III yes you can move value out f their system, but inside their system they’ve got people trading coffee for petrol. Because you can nominate any currency, any – you can nominate any physical item to be your currency by agreement with the other party, which is exactly the contractual system Heather’s talking about that she’s trying to educate us to. Because in the end, that paper contract leads to an energetic contract further down the track once we all understand what we’re doing a bit better.

So have a look at that, it’s a very interesting website and the guys in it have a deep understanding of what they’re doing, they know about trading value. And again, it’s not exactly what the I UV will be because clearly we’re trading on our value as living souls within that system which is where we need to be because everything else is a representation and it’s subject to being ripped off which is what we’ve been.

So, massive educational program, and I’m ready for it, you know, cause that’s where we need to go next and that’s great. We’ve got to keep educating the people about it. So I’ll shut up now.

Brian: Well, just to dovetail on what you just said Chris, is that this is the kind of thing that once you can show it working on any small level, people say this will take years to roll out. Well, no it won’t! I mean, if you have a system that’s broken, and you have a system that supports the elite to have all the cash and it doesn’t support the rest of the 99 per cent of us, and you take a new model and you show it working on some small level and you get that out on a viral campaign just like we had with all of the One People’s Public Trust stuff when it first came out, and what you have is a new system that will spread like wildfire once they can see that it’s working on a small level. Because if it works on a small level then it can work on a small level for many across any time or space. So, we become the pioneers and everybody that’s listening to these calls become the change agents to get this thing online and get it moving and get it moving out there quickly.

Lisa: We always say it only takes one. So in any sector of commerce or industry, it’s only going to take one company, one organization, one corporation, whatever they want to call themselves, to come on board and basically steal the entire customer base before everybody else goes, “Oh, hang on. We need to play.”

Chris: Yeah, well not only that, it’ll only take one person to have one bank to accept a bond and you know, that opens the fire hose. Now we’ve peppered the system with courtesy notices and that had a big energetic effect. If we all turn up at the doors of the banks and say, “Hey, we’re going to give you a limited part of our value so I can solve certain problems before I move out of your system altogether, and you can have a fee, and it’s your choice to negate everything you’ve done or not”. It only takes one person to get that over the line, and then we’re on our way. And if we have thousands of people with that tool and one of them gets it over the line, then the door is open.

Brian: Then we can have an FRN burning party where we take the last of our federal reserve notes and we burn them and we make a Youtube video out of it and we make that viral, and then everybody can go (inaudible) the next day.

(All laughter).

Chris: That’s right. This in fact has always been the game, it’s the information that the banks didn’t want us to have, which is now well and truly out there and if you look at all the work that’s been done by people around the world promoting this aspect of banking in all of the videos they’ve been making about how the system evolved and how it works, and you know, what they’re actually doing to us, you know, this is – if you like, this is the result of all that work people have done in revealing the banking system. Of course that includes Heather and the trustees who really laid it bare. So, and it’s up to us now to actually pick up this ball and run with it.

Lisa: Mark and Brian and I had a really interesting conversation while we were in Morocco about ‘We are the gold’ and that our spirit, our soul, our essence, is the gold, and our body is the silver. And these – the physical gold and silver are simply representations of that, of our spirit, of our essence and our physical bodies.

Mark: Yeah, I think that the gold side of it was, my understanding was that the soul is the gold and the silver is the body and esoterically that’s the banking, the spirit itself, like eternal essence. And so eternal essence has infinite value, and it comes in and incarnates in a soul and in the body, and the soul and the body come with their own value that backs the currencies and that it never was the actual metals gold and silver that were, those were not, they were just representations of the soul and the spirit.

Now we have this Basel III which is like, seems, which I thought was a really good thing but now it sounds like it’s a… the selling point was that you could leave all of the gold and silver and all of the other resources in the ground but now we’re… what I’m seeing is that that’s kind of trying to trick us into moving the value from the soul and the body to the metals, to the actual resources, so that they can then be controlled, rather than having the actual value be in the people themselves.

Because if the people… before the value was in the people but they didn’t know it, and they were tricked into thinking that their value, that they were debtors rather than creditors. So as it was, we had people not claiming their value and essentially being declared lost at sea at the age of 7 is my understanding.
If you then look at those people as we wake up and say “We’re no longer lost at sea, I am alive and I am eternal essence embodied and alive”, and then you decide where you give your value.

Currently what’s been happening is the value has been stolen in many ways and used in trading platforms, locked up and used in trading platforms that create huge wealth, and it’s not used for the greater good of everyone, it’s been used to control people.

If we take our own value and take it to use for our own…for what we choose to do, and what we choose to back, and then we have 100 per cent liability in what we do, we then have a very different world moving forward because the value, we’re no longer giving our value to the governments, the alleged governments, the corporations that are posing as governments…like the United States, Incorporated, or Spain, Incorporated. It’s all these governments that were acting as governments but they’re really corporations.

If we start contracting above the UCC which is now archived and above, you know we’re no longer working in corporations, we’re working as individual embodiments of eternal essence. Using this contract that… I posted an example of that contract, Lisa, I think, did you post an example of that contract that Heather and I did?

Lisa: No, I haven’t seen it.

Mark: All right, I posted an example of the contract on my blog so that it’s available and anybody can download it, you can add your own.

Lisa: What’s your blog address?

Mark: It’s just If you go there, there’s on the…I just posted it a little while ago. I didn’t put any explanation for it unfortunately I didn’t have time to, but there’s the document there you can download it, you can use that actually, you can use that document.

So that document is what Heather created to use to establish jurisdiction and also to establish the value. So we can use that document as a way of contracting between individuals that is no longer under any other jurisdiction of governments, and you can also…

Lisa: It’s only under eternal essence.

Mark: Yeah, you can also read… not under the IRS, the ATO (the Australian Taxation Office) or any other taxation body that these alleged companies that act to siphon energy off others. This is establishing a contractual relationship between two or more embodiments of eternal essence working together to DO something.

It doesn’t matter what you’re DO’ing; use this contract. This isn’t a contract, sorry, Heather, I was thinking of it as a contract, Heather’s saying it’s a declaration. It’s like an I-declaration, saying “I as Mark Hoza contract with Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf as eternal essence embodied, we both contract”. And it lays out all of the… it establishes jurisdiction, it establishes the value, it’s prepaid, preauthorized and preapproved by our own value. So we then bring our own value to it. We then contract or we then are working with each other and we can do whatever we want under that jurisdiction that we’ve established.
It’s no longer under the, we’re not needing to register a corporation to do business, we’re not needing to register a trust. It’s like, very exciting. If you understand the power of this, it’s substantial, you really need to look at that and I would suggest reading it and live with this idea.

We now can contract with one another in a way that we establish jurisdiction of…between us and eternal essence. We are eternal essence in bodies, embodied. We say “This is where we’re working at, we’re working as eternal essence embodied with eternal essence embodied”. We’re essentially contracting, we’re declaring that we’re working together and whoever wants to be on the contract, you know on this declaration is on the declaration from themselves.

Let’s say, you wanted to work together on anything like, if you want to work together to make a certain type of school system and support it with your own value, you could then, say you have 20 people who want to do that, you get together, you can… anyone can do this. You set up a declaration of your…you’re declaring that you want to work together. You don’t even have to say what you’re going to work on.

The next thing, if you want to, is you can write amendments and post amendments. Now, so if you understand this, this is the… you’re no longer posting in a UCC registry, though Heather’s talking about making a registry like probably, like probably within Project XIII is one obvious choice, or actually that’s not really an obvious choice, it needs to be somewhere public, it needs to be legal… sorry, it’s lawful notice in a public forum.

So if you just fill out this declaration, this I-declaration with whoever you want to work with, and you post it on a website, anywhere online; that is lawful notice. That then is notifying everyone else that you’re working with this other eternal essence embodied and you’re working together, it doesn’t even have to say what you’re working on, but now you establish jurisdiction and you also establish what you need to… you also post, you declare your value for that you can then work with the value itself which is what Heather’s working on, the details of the documentation for that. I mean, she’s working on that now.

She showed me some documentation for bonds, for a bond that is straight, like this homeless guy, like would write, I mean he just chose to be off the grid but any time that he chose to write a bond, it would have to be honored and he would just put the bond up and with the proper UCC filing information on it… which is different now…we’re going to be working with different information on the bonds that we write because it’s going to be, we’re going to be making bonds in the I UV Exchange.

So the I UV Exchange is very exciting because it also gives us power, it gives us the ability to work in all currencies from it. I want to understand the mechanics of that more now, I’m not pretending like I know it more.

I thought I… I do understand that it’s possible to bond with a bank and I’m wondering from Heather is that going to be what we’re going to all do? Will we all… if we need to have some say Australian dollars, do we bond with an Australian bank so that we can have some Australian dollars to work with in the interim whilst we convert people to the I UV Exchange? I don’t know. I’d like to know that, but I think that she’s going to give more information on that, hopefully tomorrow but I don’t know, I’m not going to commit to that because I don’t know. She was saying that she’s working on the mechanics of that. I know she’s working on the mechanics of that because that’s what we were DO’ing together. I just don’t fully understand it, I’m working to understand things as quickly as possible and I’m working then to educate others who are like blogging and stuff because there’s like, there’s this Rafael in Spain who’s got a large following, Lisa’s friend, and so people in different… he was really getting it, like what we were talking about.

Lisa:: The ‘David Icke’ in Spain?

Mark: Yeah, he was fantastic, a really smart guy and his English is good enough to really understand what I was talking about. I was trying to pass on as much as I could to him, he’ll then pass it on to the Spanish speaking world. Anybody else who can pass it on to other languages is going to be hugely valuable. But really right now, you know, Heather’s gone out under the radar, it’s not because she’s not, not because she’s dumping everybody, it’s not because of anything other than she’s working.

Heather’s not… it was never for her to do all of, like to talk to everybody but it’s great that she does because when she speaks, it resonates with people’s hearts. I know it did mine. I’m glad that I got to work with… I’m very glad that I’m working with her directly now because I really like working with Heather. I’m glad that she’s competent. I’m glad that she has contacts in the international bank, trade and finance world. She does have abilities to do stuff for all of us.

She is also saying don’t wait but DO now, like BE and DO now. So if…don’t wait to figure out what you want to do, like, if you have something that you want to do, the question is to start asking ourselves now, “If I had the access to all of the value that I needed, what would I do?” What would I do with my life? What would I want to do while I’m here? What’s important to me to achieve? You know, so if I start looking at that and I say, “Okay, well, if you want to start playing, use this document, use this declaration”. Maybe work with somebody who you’re already working with. I think you’ll find, and this is what Heather’s been saying is just imagine, DO, and BE. And yes, we need tools, we’re working on that, but don’t wait for that! Imagine what you want your life to be, what you want to do, so anything that you want to do imagine it.

Brian: Here’s another good way of putting that too, Mark just because that’s a really good point that you’re making right there. Because people get into the habit of saying “I want to do this but I don’t have the money to do it”. And then all of a sudden, let’s say Mark you want to open up an orphanage in Indonesia and I say “Okay, Mark, here you go, here’s $100,000 to go open up your orphanage in Indonesia and you haven’t done any of the groundwork yet, and all now that you have is you have $100,000 and your idea to open up an orphanage in Indonesia.

So what people can start doing right now is putting the pieces together, putting… grabbing all the building blocks and starting to create some kind of a plan that obviously needs to stay fluid to be open to change because any number of variables can come in and alter the plan at any time. But it doesn’t take any money to start building the network, and making the contacts, to start doing what you want to do when you do have the money. I think what people will find is in that process of DO’ing, and in that process of BE’ing and in that process of making those connections, is that a lot of times what will happen is things will unfold to allow you to go a lot farther than you would have ever thought possible without having any money.

Maybe somebody comes in that has some bridge money, or resources that they have access to and they love your plan so they’re going to help support you in that endeavor because they find that their passionate about it as well. So it doesn’t take money to be able to start putting the pieces together, you can start DO’ing that. You don’t necessarily have to have a big bank account to do it and I think that’s the point you’re trying to make is that people can start taking action now.

Mark: Totally, because this is what Heather’s saying and it’s kind of how we all ended up in Morocco. Just so everybody knows, we didn’t go to Morocco on everybody’s value, or a portion of everybody’s value. There isn’t a stash of silver that was… or gold that was gathered that was taken and is being used for everybody to go to Morocco.

There was an intention made. Heather made an intention. She decided she wanted to work in that way to do the next stage. She said that she didn’t need to do that but she decided she wanted to do that and she felt that energetically she was following her own energetic trail of what resonated with her and what pulled into focus. So she decided she wanted to pull some people together. I mean, I came in late on that, but when I started saying ,when I started seeing that there was some challenges like “How are we going to get some people there?” I had some value that I could pull together and I wanted to say “Look, can we use this? Is there something… can we work with this Heather so we can bring more people there?”

And it just brought more, a different energy to it and one thing went to the next, but it wasn’t, it was a DO’ing and it’s an example of what you can do but like, and I really cringe when… this is a process. I really wish that it was available for everybody right now to… right now I would like to be able to have even access to like, I’d like to have twenty grand in my account that I can use, or fifty grand or one hundred grand, you know, it wouldn’t have to be a huge amount of money just to like, keep things rolling whilst I’m working on stuff and while we’re getting everything out.

That actually can happen in different ways. Let’s say you’ve got something you want to do, somebody wants to make, one of the people in one of the groups is talking about how she wants to make a pet rehabilitation facility. Well, a lot of people would believe in that, and there are ways to fund that, like – you can do a crowd source funding. So many people are passionate about pets, you know… and animals, and if you have the wherewithal to do something, that has huge value.

Some people have the money, some people have the wherewithal to do something, so if you’re one who has the money and you already know how many people come to you asking you for help with different things, but you also know if you’ve got money, you also know it’s very challenging to find someone who will actually…who actually looks like they’ll actually run the course of doing something.

People say “Give me the money and I’ll know what to do with it”. That is totally the wrong way to go about doing something. If you want to attract energy to something, start working in the direction of it. Start working in creating. Start the creative process. One great way to start, you could start with this declaration. Because for one thing it pulls you above… it starts in the new system and it brings power to the… it brings energy to the new system. You don’t have to pay a fee to anybody to use that. Heather provided that contract, she provided that document. She knew how to make that document, I didn’t, but she did. We can all benefit by that. That’s a huge gift. So use it. Start working together with that. If you want to DO something with somebody start using that document, that declaration. Post it on your website. It’ll be posted, there’s one that Caleb and Yousef did with Project XIII because they’re working together with Project XIII and that will be posted, I’m not sure if it already is, but it will be posted as a declaration of contract of value and where that establishes the jurisdiction of where they’re working above the archives UCC. We don’t any longer need to do UCC filings because the UCC is archives. We now need to start working on having tools to work with. Property, so we can manage property, be custodians of the land so we can work with our value in a way that we’re one hundred per cent liable and if we do something that damages somebody else we have a liability about that and other people can start stepping in.

So let me just say that the declaration the way that I understand, the two sides of it that I really wanted to convey tonight, that I think are helpful to know now is first of all the contract, that I-declaration that I’ve posted on my website, you can pass it around, make it go viral, share it , use it. If there becomes a better document that Heather writes then we’ll pass that around and we can always amend.

So everything that you do now you can work with amendments.

Chris: Mark can I just throw something in there? There are zillions of people out there who will probably create their own version of this, not just Heather. If someone comes up with something better, then anyone can do this.

Mark: Well Chris, if they create their own version and it doesn’t DO the job and gets them in trouble then that would be a nuisance. I like the idea of using Heather’s knowledge. She’s not God like, well we all are.

Chris: I am assuming that it meets the lawful requirements.

Mark: Totally. That’s the part that I’m looking for…

Chris: But if there’s something that you want to add to it, you and the person you’re contracting with… put it in there.

Mark: Yeah, you can put other stuff, but you need all of the prescient points. You need to leave the content, if you want to add other things in there then you can. But also you don’t need to add anything more in that first thing. That’s just a declaration that you’re going to work together and it establishes the jurisdiction. It also establishes the value. So from there you work with amendments and you can post whatever you like, or not post whatever you like. You don’t actually have to post anything. From then on you can decide what you do. There’s no rule from anybody, there’s no rule from the Australian Securities and Exchange Commission or Investment Commission. Anyway they give rules and you’ve got fees for everything. Every filing, every time you change your address you need to pay a fee, get the right form, pay a fee, file. With this you can just have your own website where you put everything up. It’s a lawful notice to the world.

Then Heather’s talking about putting together some sort of a registry that she can keep her eye on to make sure people aren’t messing around with it. Like others who would like this to not happen. Also it makes it easier to search. So if you want to search and say “Okay does anybody else have the same filing name for example, or if you want to search for a particular filing and you want to find it, you can go in a database and find it. It would just be purely a registry. But you don’t have to have all these rules to follow with fees. This is just you make a public notice and you establish jurisdiction. You can also if you wanted to still keep working under all of the old rules, but they’re all defunct. This is moving into the future and it’s exciting as can be because now you’re establishing your jurisdiction above the corporation of whatever country you’re in, all these alleged countries, these alleged country governments are no longer in jurisdiction over you. You go and jurisdiction between you and eternal essence. I know I keep saying it and it took me a while to wrap my head around it and I think it bears repeating because it’s super simple and if we get it we can start working in this way, it’s so exciting because we can now work directly with each other. We make our own rules with each other. Let’s say we have a really strong interesting group projects like railroads or these things. We can come together and work with them.

Brian: Here’s the thing real quick. Mark why this is so big and I think this will probably make sense for everybody… you’re DO’ing a great job in explaining it. I’m learning a lot about how a lot of the sources are coming together more than I understood before this call, but before when two parties wanted to come together and create an agreement the stated operating procedure is that one of them goes and contracts a lawyer and that lawyer is paid to etch out an agreement that is going to be in the best interests of their client. And the other person is basically if they want to get into an agreement then they have to agree to those terms and usually in a lot of cases no room for any negotiation and if there is room for negotiation the attorney is still guiding that ship to make sure their client stays with all the weight and having the most interest to be driven to their side of their corner.

Now this document is saying “Look, this is in the interest of both parties and it’s in the best interest of all that is” and you can’t really say in this line of conversation now “Is this legal, or is this illegal” because all the laws are all phony anyway. They’re all created by the corporations and they don’t really have a whole lot of merit where we are going. So it’s in the best interests of all that is.

Mark: What Heather was saying, that I didn’t understand the other night, was that it’s a lawful notice. So essentially you’re moving into common law. You’re giving lawful notice. It’s the old… choosing how we interact with each other and it’s just such a paradigm changer. The fact is people come up with questions that are fascinating if you watch them, because for myself, the questions that I come up with like they’re evidence of a long period of mind control and slavery mentality and victim mentality. Like “Well who’s going to run the government?” Well what does the government do? Is another question you could ask. The government does certain things, it performs functions that actually we could perform in groups. Human beings are social beings by nature and we are very social. We prefer to work together. We prefer to belong.

Look at these Skype groups that have formed up. When nothing’s happening in there people are just talking with each other because they just feel like they belong. Like it's annoying to some people because there’s nothing, sometimes there's nothing being said. It’s just like, I love you guys, it’s so good to feel like I'm with family. Well, all that stuff is evidence of how human beings work together. If you take that and you move that into how we contract, how we work together as an individual embodiment of eternal essence; we are eternal essence embodied. And each of us is eternal essence embodied.

No one is different in that way. We all behave differently. How we choose to DO and how we chose to BE, how we chose to DO especially, we are liable for. Because if we affect somebody else in a good way, well that actually resonates, people resonate, if people start working together and saying “Okay I want to work together to make…”. Like Vera... Vera was doing amazing healing work while she was in Morocco and so she's starting to look at you know, like “Let’s make a healing center”. And others are going “Yeah this is great… let’s make a healing center.” Well it's a healing center that heals people in a certain way and it might adapt.

Other people might be attracted to it for other modalities, but some people would have a real desire to be there and go there and they can make it so that it's available for other people to come and if they did it in Morocco which it looks like they might, that would be super fun too. Because you go there and spend some time there and you heal your body, have a fun time, maybe learn how to work with some of the tools, you know get a bit better at working with the I UV exchange perhaps. Or maybe work with, I don't know, just having fun and eating together breaking bread you know. It's like magic to just eat together and like have fun. Like just sit around and talk about dumb stuff.

(Laughing in the background)

really bonding, it feels great.

Lisa: Well we did plenty of that while we were there.

Mark: Yeah it's the meet, it was super fun, super good fun. So what I want to do is DO it more. You know like I want to do it around the world.

Madrid was outstanding, you know. Meeting Lisa's friend in Madrid was oh my gosh, Lisa's friends in Madrid were incredible. Lisa rolls with good friends. So like you know around the world spreading the word like you know, we were talking to this guy Raphael. Rapha’s got this awesome website with this awesome blog where he's got like 500,000 people following him. You know he's just spreading the good word in Spanish. And we had a chance to have a few drinks and a bite to eat in this square in this piazza in the middle of whatever you call it in Spanish in the middle of Madrid. It was outstanding. We got to see an original Picasso because Lisa's friend was so cool. I mean I'm talking about life. Let’s start living it in a fuller way where we're the creditors.

So the other thing that I wanted to say and sorry to hog this, but the other thing that I think is really important to get out and really out because everybody’s asking about these things and I would really rather talk about it now in one hit and then people can, we can go into questions afterwards, but it's really important that people see that the way we start working with these declarations is establishing our jurisdiction.

And then we've got the side of the I UV exchange. Now the I UV exchange when Caleb puts that into Project XIII that will be super cool. I just totally dig Project XIII personally. I love it. I think that it's going to be one of the coolest tools on the internet because it allows anyone to pass information via the internet, which is very difficult to shut down because it's so decentralized and where they can send information via the internet in a secure way. Where no one can see what they just sent. Now that's crazy. I mean I know people are coming up with questions, good questions but I'll say just rest your mind at ease.

Some people are anxious that it was gonna be only three days and data would be wiped off the servers. Well that’s also, I hassled Caleb really hard on that and Caleb's really good to work with because if you’re really reasonable with him he's really reasonable back. He's very, very reasonable, very logical. Anyway I have a great working relationship with him. Totally one of my highlights of being in Morocco was getting to know Caleb and hanging out with Caleb. I'm loving and really pumped about what he's done with Project Xiii and what he's gonna do with it.

But if you look at this Project XIII the way it holds data for a few days, well it will also have a thing that's be like, oh I'm just thinking of the name he was calling it, it's like a, it essentially asks if, it can tell if you haven't come on in, let’s say that you lose your phone for a few days or you go camping and you’re out of reach for a few days and you’re not online all the time which I said “Caleb get a grip man not everybody's online all the time, like some people have a life too!”

(Laughter in the background).

Lisa: Caleb has no concept of that cuz he's online 24/7.

Mark: “Dude not everybody’s like your friends, a lot of us are trying to get offline as much as possible”

But it’ll have something like a, it'll perform other functions as well which is gonna be awesome, that’ll sort of like hold your space in RSA encryption, which is a higher encryption whilst your away, for all the metadata. Then when you come in it’ll download to your device all of your data.

So like especially for people who don't have a big network. But if you do have a network you know you can just come back in and say...look I don't really want to explain that. What I really want to say is that's sorted.

Caleb's a really good programmer and he's working with great teams. Not only Caleb but I say Caleb because it's mainly Caleb. Project XIII is Caleb's baby. It’s a huge gift to humanity. I could just kiss him except he's a guy and he's not as cute as he could be

(Much laughter).

Brian: Hey Mark it’s okay I'm not going to tell anybody you already did. You already did in Morocco.

Mark: Yeah I did. Don't tell anyone jerk! Such a jerk!

Caleb: What happens in Morocco stays in Morocco.

(Many people laughing).

Mark: I thought we had an agreement.

Lisa: I've got it on video actually.

Mark: (Laughing) It's alright. It's all I'm saying. I could kiss him. I don't even mind saying “I love Caleb,. I totally love Caleb”.

Anyway so next thing that needs to be explained in a really, and best I can. this is just from my point of view but I think that it needs to be said in a way that it’s imperfect, it is my point of view it's not perfect. It isn't what Heathers, it isn't totally, I don't think it's totally accurate with what Heathers got planned. But I think it’s close. I was hoping that Heather would be talking about this stuff but since she's not here I think people want to hear this stuff as imperfect as it is. So here it goes…

So if I say “I got my value”, in fact it isn't 10 billion dollars it's unlimited. I have my own value but I can say “Okay I've got an, I've bonded myself to, I bond my value; which is my soul in my physical body, I vow, I bond it to my I UV my I-currency”.

This is my value that it's my representation of my value in I-ixchange. And I say “I've got 10 billion”.

Right now I've got that. Now we'll also say in the I UV exchange the way it works is it’s going to be one to one to every currency. So 10 billion I UV is 10 billion euro, is 10 billion US dollars, is 10 billion pesos.

That straight across the board now what we're doing is running a whole, we're introducing the new financial system which Heather...

Brian: That's a hundred billion dinar right? (laughter) that's all I got

Mark: Yeah, yeah exactly

(Multiple people talking).

Brian: (laughing) sorry go ahead.

Mark: You’re on it. Okay so we go “I got my dinar my dinar's worth more than your dinar you dingdong”. (laughing)

Now that's the DONG. The dong is something else altogether.

Brian: Go ahead Mark I'm sorry. (Laughing).

Mark: Alright. So you got your... So Heather and I are going to run these things. I'm a pest when it comes to, look I'm such a pest that I ended up hanging out with these guys in Morocco. I mean, that’s, I just kinda kept asking questions and was in Heather’s face and finally she for whatever reason decided she'd invite me along to the party.

Now she’s paying the price because I’m asking a lot of questions and I’m pretty ... if I don’t get something, I keep asking, even if it’s really dumb. If I don’t understand it, I just say I don’t understand it until I do understand it.

What I do get is that fast as we can, let’s move everybody into this. What I don’t get yet, fully, is “How’re we gonna bridge to that where I can buy, where I can pay my landlord who does not get this, she does not get this”. But she might get this one day, but right now she does not, and I need to pay rent for where I’m staying, the house that I’m at. So if I can pay her in Australian dollars, I’m a happy guy. So if I’m a happy guy I’m gonna stop hassling Heather. So if Heather can give me some way to work with my value that I can bond myself to get some value in Australian dollars, I’m gonna stop bugging Heather and I’m gonna teach everyone else how to do it.

Lisa: You make it sound like she’s gonna change the entire financial system just to get you off her back.

Chris: Well there’s actually a cue for me here Lisa. That’s the issue here, there’s real issues to work out on the ground now which are transient but still need to be dealt with and that’s what Mark’s talking about.

Lisa: Of course there is.

Chris: So, you know, you’d like to buy that old pub and establish it.

Lisa: So he can be the little terrier biting at her heels on our behalf.

Mark: I’m the dog that you do not want in your house.

Chris: Mark, I’m right there with you because the difficulty of getting the banking system to co-operate is a huge one and this is the biggest lever we’ve got. Okay? So we really need to pull it and make it work.

Lisa: Should we take some calls? We’ve got people with questions.

Mark: She so will make it work. She is making it work and Heather, even though she acts dumb sometimes (laughter)…

Brian: Oh wow. You’re lucky she’s not here for that.

Mark: She’s so not here and I’m so far away from her right now, she cannot reach me. I know how long her arms are.

Lisa: You know she can reach you.

Mark: Her arms are long but they are not that long.

Brian: She’ll wait till you’re sleeping my man, you will wake up and you won’t know what hit you.

Mark: Heather is such a pain in the butt. I want to tell you this story: Heather’s a pain in the butt when she gets in your head. So she hassles you, she teaches you stuff and she’s like, she niggles at you and she like makes fun of you and plays around. You go “Would you just leave me alone?”

So then I go to sleep, this is really fun ‘cause I go to sleep, I’m slightly more knowledgeable about these things when I wake up and I know it’s her. It’s really fun working with her but she is a goober. And she’s not here right now.

Chris: Mark, the points you make are so prescient because...

Mark: That Heather is a goober.

Chris: No no no, not that Heather is a goober...

Mark: (mumble) She should get on these shows so she can defend herself.

Chris: Against being a goob?

Brian: Chris has like talked go ahead Chris.

Chris: Now look, I was just going to say Mark’s looking for a way to make this practically work to shift everybody to the I UV and that’s exactly what I’m looking for, exactly what I’m looking for.

So there is a process that we’re gonna have to undergo and we can’t just say “Ping” and it’s just gonna happen like that. It’s gonna have a finite succession of events to it. It’s pretty easy to see what they are and we could have endless discussions about exactly how that plays out in terms of the way the system itself gets morphed by us to something new.

Mark: I think we should give Heather like three days, like give her some time.

Brian: I think it’s what everybody’s looking for Chris you’re probably speaking on behalf of everybody and I know everybody in the chat room, everybody listening on this call and everybody that’s ready to test, to test out their new I UV wheels. You know what I mean? So we’re all on the same page in that regard.

Chris: Yeah. I’m sitting here and I’m listening to Mark and I’m thinking ‘Gee, you know the bank that actually accepts our bonds is gonna be the one that will survive.’

Lisa: Exactly.

Chris: That’s a good message to get out to your bank manager because what’ll probably happen is that you’ll find that there’ll be a bank which takes the plunge and says “Right, we’re gonna do this” and it’ll probably be a bigger, international bank...okay, say it’s HSBC or something like that, fine...whoever. I don’t know who’s most likely to fall off the predetermined peg that they’re all sitting on. But all of the other banks will have to fall in line or the end in the end, or the people will walk away from them.

Mark: I think we really need to do Absent Limits. The reality is we want to be, we want to know who, we want to be able to buy stuff in our local currencies. How that might look, that’s a detail that, I think let’s focus, if we wanna talk about ‘The Collective Imagination’, the power of the ‘collective’ and the power that we normally give to… people give several times a day at the same time of day, give to the, pointing their energy to the tower that then shoots it up into space where it gets harvested. Or once a week in the temple and this is us using our creative ability to vision what we want. I suggest focus on what you want, not the ‘How tos’ being manifest. Because what you want could manifest in a more efficient way than what we even, what even Heather or anyone else is envisioning today. It might actually pull something into focus that’s much, much better by just focusing on the end result.

Chris: Yep.

Lisa: Guys, we’ve only got twenty minutes left so let’s take some calls.

From 100 minutes in

Martin (caller): I have two very quick questions. One is I'm gathering, from everything I'm hearing, there is not yet a concrete process in place that's going to be…when the I UV Exchange goes live, where we can actually take that and go somewhere and put on our hands on some money to pay debts, to pay student loans. There's a lot of us out here who just have tremendous pressure ...

Mark: You're correct. You're correct that it's not out there yet. But also I'll put two things to you. I'd like to say two things to that. One is, yes you need to have ways to pay things… and that's coming. But if you use your ability to pay things to feed the system that has been enslaving you and us by paying off the loans, these are actually you're paying off loans to banks that are foreclosed on and that then reinvigorates them.

Martin (caller): I understand.

Mark: What I would say to you is this and I'm just wanting to make this point for everyone to consider. First of all, I think that we need access to our value in a way that we can buy stuff. That's a no-brainer.

Second thing is that we really consider what we do with the debts, the alleged debts, that were actually fraudulently given to us; that we were the creditors for those debts. We actually had the value in the first place. That value was taken from us fraudulently, given back to us as a loan, as a debt that we had to then repay and then we had to slave away to repay the debt.

So what I'm saying is let's have a way to pay for things, but then don't go just paying off all of your debts. Move forward in a way that you then have the wherewithal. Why do you need to pay debts? It's simple. If you're stuck in a debt slavery system, you need to pay your debts so that you have a credit rating, so that your credit score is good enough to get another loan to be able to do things. If you shoot your credit rating out of the sky by doing certain things, you end up with inability to do stuff. But now we're giving access ... giving people ... giving you and me and everyone access to their value with different tool sets.

That's the next thing. I wish it was sooner. I wish it was now. You're right that it's not right now. I thought it would be. I thought we would have that available by the time we got out of Morocco. Morocco was great work. We did important work. We didn't come out of it with tools that are manifest that you can see right now. However, a great deal is moving on the international bank trade and finance side of things, because of what we did and what Heather is doing now. So, I would just say that's where it's at.

Martin: I understand what you're saying. I'm coming to grips with the fact that the foreclosure that's in process on my home may well occur. I'm also coming to grips with the fact that if I had $10 billion dollars do I really care.

Lisa: Exactly. Most people are attached to their home because of the investment they've made in it.

Mark: Yeah, but if you have the home ...

Martin: I feel that way too, but on the other hand (inaudible due to loud crashing noise) ... probably find a lot of places to spend my time other than right here…

Mark: You're also, even if you wanted to stay in your same house like a lot of people would, they still could and they would have a lot different position to do that. Their bellies would be full. They would feel confident because they have some resources to work with. They could employ other people. They could engage people and learn and get help from others to deal with it, to deal with things coming. I know you hear what I'm saying.

Martin: I do. I understand what you're saying. With the kind of value that we're talking about, we'll be in a position to ... the shoe will be on the other foot…

Brian: I think a good point to make here too, Mark, is that we're going through a time right now where people are purging the old to make way for the new. I think that that applies to so many different aspects of our lives, from it might be relationships. It might be jobs. It might be places that we live. It might be situations and circumstances. It's hard to see through the fog right now, but if you're coming up on the close of a chapter that just means that it's creating a way for a new chapter to be written.

A lot of times and in a lot of situations unfortunately that is requiring people to move out of a situation that they're comfortable in, but that's just the universe making a way for something that's going to be on the other side of the rainbow, a whole lot better.

So right now, I think the most important thing is to keep a good attitude, follow the energetic trail and know that the universe is stacking things up perfectly. Everything will always end up on top with that attitude and that approach to these really tough situations that a lot of people are going through right now.

Martin: Yes, a lot of very tough situations ...

Lisa: Brian, that's the conversation I want to have tomorrow as well, as we expand on that.

(Lots of talk over by Mark and Brian).

Martin (caller): Let me get to the second part of my question, because it's a different subject and I think it's what a lot of people want to know about and that is things that we want to do moving forward. We've talked a lot about all these suppressed technologies, like free energy and cancer healing mechanisms and replicators and stuff like that. Wondering how real is that stuff and does it exist?

Mark: Yeah. Well, there's a lot of technology that I've been working ... I mean I came into this with a lot of access to technology personally. So I'm working with people who literally are working on flying saucers. The free energy side of things, there's stuff that I know and that I'm working with personally with people that is it’s exotic. It's like things like a device that tunes in and resonates with the energy around it and dials in as much energy as you need; as much energy as you pull out of it, it fills up again. That doesn't require any fuel; that's just an energy thing.

Brian: Here's the way you have to look at that particular side of the question. Go out and watch Hope Girl's ‘Fix the World’ documentary. Anyone who hasn't watched it, it's three hours long. It's three parts. I realize three hours is a big time investment, but just watch the first part of it and if it resonates, watch the other two.

What's happening with her and her organization, there's people that are coming out of the woodwork that have been working on propulsion technologies, replicator technologies; all these different ... I think it's part of the story that everybody knows that there's all sorts of technology that has been suppressed that aren't out there because they're controlled by the banks and the finance and all these people who know they would lose power when these particular type of technologies come out.

If one kind can exist and if you can believe in the idea that there's something out there that can produce free energy, where does that ultimately end? There's so much out there that we don't know, so have I personally seen working prototypes of a replicator machine or a free energy device? No, but I've heard a truckload of stories of people that have seen with their own eyes things and concepts that have been so far suppressed that we're coming up to a time where the secrets are not going to be able to be kept for much longer. Where that goes and what ultimately that means for humanity, I think the chapter of that story is yet to be told, but it is a very important chapter that's being written as we move into this new shift and this new paradigm.

Martin: Are these non-local technologies?

Brian: That's part of it; non-local. We got the internet from non-locals. The intel chip came from something that we found inside of a flying saucer, where they got the technology to create the intel chip. So much of it is because of the truth embargo, a lot of it is still chalked up as conspiracy theory or a myth. But a lot of it is true, a lot of it is bogus. Right now you've got to read between the lines, but the truth isn't going to be able to ... the illusions aren't going to be able to be kept in the dark much longer. I don't know if that answers your question.

Martin: It does, yes. I know you've got other calls and I'm hogging it, so I'll hop off.

Chris: Thank you. Just before you take the next caller, I just want to add to what Mark's saying about going to the bank with a bond and converting some of your value to current fiat currency so you can deal with problems inside the system. Now one of the aspects of that is if the bank accepts your bond, they're actually also accepting they've committed fraud against you in the way they loaned you your actual mortgage. Okay?

So technically all you really need to do is go to them and say here's my bond. I want you to put this value into my account. I know that by accepting my bond you're also going to write off all my debt, without subtracting this from my value, because I've already paid for it. Does that make sense, Mark?

Lisa: Yeah, acknowledging mine is acknowledging all.

Chris: Correct. Correct, so you shouldn't actually have to say okay, take this bond and use it to pay off my debt; it's actually already paid for…the fact that you even know that, and put it right to them will ... again that's just more of an energetic impact.

Mark: Yeah, so see what I don't get ... this is kind of the part what I don't get ... it seems to me that if you were to make a bond with a bank, so that you could use say a certain currency that you want to use and you’re already your mortgage is defunct, because it's already a fraud. It's already been demonstrated to be a fraud. That whole study has been done. The UCC filings were done by the One People's Public Trust. Heather did those filings with the trustees that they made the filings and those were done. So Caleb, Heather and Randall filed the filings that then foreclosed on all those loans. So really it seems that the real point that we need to move to now is NOT to go and pay those back, but it's actually figure out how we can trade and that's the part that really is the next thing.

Chris: Well the bank will know what's in it for them and what's in it for them is a fee, so let's negotiate a fee.

Mark: That's what I was thinking. But I haven't cleared that with Heather so I don't know if that's what's she was thinking. That's what I was thinking, how does the bank benefit? Well you just say “That this is a service that you're providing me and I'll give you bonds of $300,000 dollars worth of my value I want in exchange for that, I want a debit card that I can use against it. I want to guarantee that it's not going to get locked up. I'll give you X amount of dollars for a fee for doing this for me and I've got an account”. I have normal account access using a debit card and whatever tools of internet banking that I need to use in that currency. If I give it to them in a way that they can lock it up and trade with it then that's a problem. Because then they do things like they lock up large blocks of money into medium-term notes. They do these overnight trades. All the trading platforms get with these different, I mean ... all this stuff that happens with the value in trading platforms I think is what we're going to see a change with but that's just my understanding. Again, I'd like to talk with Heather more about this, because I don't fully understand exactly where we're going on that.

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