Tuesday 4 June 2013

The One People's Radio show- Gingers Notes


Please excuse my sense of humour- we've been laughing out asses off since yesterday afternoon.

..... and no, Indiana Jones is not with us here in MOROCCO, lol.

On a different note, I found it quite humorous that suddenly ZAP(from the office of Poof) and Ben are talking about the "ancient families" and the "old man"..... I've been talking about them for over 6 months and getting in shit for it, but suddenly now it's ok to spill the beans? LOL!


One People show – June 3rd (US)/4th (Australia) – 2.5 hours – Ginger’s Notes:

The show begins with Bob Wright . . .

Now on location in Ethiopia with a purported bogus group, having abandoned his leaderless scammed country, now bush-whacking through steamy desert jungles, chased by FBI revolutionary without-cause upstarts, NOT to be trusted!   . . . LOL . . .

. . . whom essentially states,

gasping for air briefly on show . . . if you are NOT having FUN, despite your personal circumstances right now . . . it’s time to reconsider your perceptions! . . . swat! . . . mosquitoes are especially nasty here, having fun!
(ps – I so love you Dear Ben and Drake! – GS!)

- The only thing new announced on the show today was that the I-UV Exchange will have a new way to contract you can use, that replaces the UCC system . . . it will be a direct energetic exchange between 2 parties . . . so when Project XIII goes live, this tool will be available for anyone to fully utilize. Essentially it is intended to level the playing field for both parties, and no need to sign without prejudice.

- Project XIII clarifications, including the $1 per month subscriber fee.

- There where updates on the growing Absolute Data website by Brad and Bethany, with 13 countries data and they are wanting more countries to help them keep building the data base, as well as more volunteers.

- Lovely poem by Geri in Australia around our personal value read.

- A good hoot with Chris going over Ben Fulford’s report today.

- A Second flash mob for tomorrow here -

- Update by Scott Bartle in Australia.

- And note . . . being hammered out is a new method to interact with whatever will be left of the old banking system.

This is a very helpful show for folks still new to all the information shared on past shows. In conclusion I sense there is still lots being hammered out that cannot be shared on a show . . . so please keep holding the space for lots of amazingly wonderful new things to manifest!

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