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AK- Adventure and Healing in Morocco- edits added

My awesome brother AK put together his thoughts and feelings about his adventures in Morocco- along with photos and videos...... which I can't see at the moment as my internet is being..... pissy.  So.... I could very well be posting pictures of me looking like a mad woman and videos of me dancing like a fool, but there ya have it- uncensored, lol!!  As I can't seem to get the videos to post here (grrrrr) I'll direct you all to American Kabuki's site to watch them.

The one thing everyone hasn't really talked about in all these articles about the Morocco trip is that all these things were accomplished with a passel of kids running everywhere, creating havoc as they went!  Now we have Nicole here with her kids and the neighborhood is literally flooded with children laughing, screaming, running, falling, playing, fighting, and creating more noise than a herd of elephants on a rampage, lol!!!  ..... Some of the quieter people in the group, who's own children are grown, or who don't have kids (cough cough cough AK, Vera, Sue, Caleb,cough cough cough), had a bit of trouble adjusting to the constant chatter of little BEings, but they all got use to it by the end of their trips.  Having them all together here has been a blast..... but painfully noisy at times!!  But these little people have been working heard energetically too.

Along with the incredibly deep conversations and soul searching and energy work and deep learning of ourselves and each other, came laughter that made your face and sides hurt, and ridiculous antics and silliness..... AK and Heather falling off their leather stools in the tribal encampment- several times,  Brian's ability to eat more food than any other 4 people combined, hence the fact that all leftovers seemingly materialized in front of his plate including the heaps of spaghetti that started the limp noodle debacle, Vera's new "aromatherapy" discovery, Me tossing lisa into the pool fully clothed (she loved it- don't let her tell you differently!), Bob's trackpants that acted like a buoyancy device while swimming, and Mark continuously wandering off- causing me to have to threaten to tie him to my back pack so he didn't get lost!......  unfortunately no one seems to of captured any of THOSE moments on film, lol!!  But if I find them, I'll definitely post the pictures!!

As AK adds edits to his original post I will try to add them here as well...

first edit, added this morning:

I really like Caleb, he's got a real intensity and singleness of purpose about him. He knows what he likes, software, and he's good at it. Its his joy in life.  I have a background in software as well, but with earlier technologies, the sort Caleb's father worked with.  We had a lot of interesting conversations about software and the way the universe is constructed and how both of think that reality itself is highly programmable, at least meant to be, if it weren't for a lot of the limitations imposed on our belief systems by our society and educational institutions about what is possible.   Caleb had been working quite long hours getting Project XIII ready in it first release. About a week after I got to Morocco Caleb didn't wake up one morning.  This was very unusual and he emerged about 3pm from his bedroom and had the symptoms of what most people would call a stroke.  He had trouble walking, his vision was not focusing, and he had trouble speaking.   Heather and Vera went to work on healing Caleb full time for about 3 or 4 days and Caleb fully recovered.  We are not sure what exactly happened to Caleb, whether it was physical exhaustion or an energetic attack on him for his work on Project XIII.  But he's fine now.

We do know that when we first arrived on the street all the villas were empty, in just a few days the street filled completely up with observers, and we know there was surveillance of us going on.  But we carried on quite openly anyway. The house across from Caleb and my place had a set of mystery visitors who seldom emerged.  Before we left for Morocco Brian Kelly observed a Royal Moroccan Military vehicle drive up and pull out large metal suitcases that appeared to be quite heavy, into the house across the street.  They also emerged with empty cases, as they were not struggling with the weight of the empty cases so they dropped off something very heavy.  When Heather announced to D. that she was going to draw up some paperwork that would enable people to access their value through commercial banks via a type of commercial banking document that banks are familiar with, all kinds of cars drove out and men were talking excitedly in Arabic.  Apparently that was the bit of information they were waiting to hear.   I guess they never thought to walk over and just ask Heather? Secret squirrels can be so funny.  It wasn't the only time we noticed people watching us, Heather took Lisa, Vera, Mark and I to downtown Tangier to do some shopping.  While we were at a Cafe I noticed this young woman in a kind of a jump suit outfit, kind of like a athletic track suit, but better tailored.  She was staring at us and I noticed so I started watching her. She quickly tried to hide behind an egg shell shaped orange and white wall mounted public telephone.  I kept watching her and  they her male associate walked up and she joined him and walked way.  I am not sure what she was, it occured to me later she might have been a Galactic rather than a 3 letter agency.  We also saw several middle age guys with dark glasses following us around that were straight out of central casting in Hollywood.   There also appeared to be people waiting for us in the desert of the Sahara.

We've known for sometime we are heavily monitored by the NSA, so if we want something known by the bankers we say it on Skype quite openly.  We know the connection of the NSA to bankers and the controllers of this planet.  And the reaction to any annoucement Heather makes on Skype is almost immediate in the Banking system.  Its simple cause and effect in action.  The NSA is essentially the monitoring agency of those who control the world and Congress and the media leaves in fear of it.   Heather has noticed the queueing of her Skype messages by the NSA, they often come in batches, sometimes a 100 at once.   I was surprised to see it happen to my own Skype messages and it still happens after returning to the USA. There's no doubt in my mind that since Skype was purchased by Microsoft that Skype is an extension of the NSA monitoring of US citizens.

Adventure and Healing in Morocco

By American Kabuki
(note this post will probably be expanded upon over the next few days)
Heather had invited me and D to come to Morocco for a visit in February. Air travel and lodging pre-paid. She said she wanted to return the energy in kind for the effort we had given to publish the OPPT articles.  We didn’t really say much about the trip, as it hadn't been finalized, and it eventually grew to quite a few more people.  We didn't announce the trip or when were going lest the publicity complicate the travel of so many people traveling at once to Tangier.  And when the word did get out, Ben Fulford and Neil Keenan came up with some bizarre Indiana Jones story that we had fled to Ethiopia from CIA assassins and were looking for the Ark of the Covenant.  But what the heck, their fiction was a good laugh when read about it from Tangier.
Heather, Bob (background) and Bill
I hadn’t flown anywhere since 2006, and that was for the funeral of my late best friend and Mac blogger Rodney O Lain.  Rodney is part of the reason you have the neat iPod you do, his critique caused them to redesign it. An Apple Marketing VP gave an eulogy at Rodney's funeral explaining how Rodney changed everything. In short he taught one voice could make a difference. It was Rodney that got me interested in blogging. 
I really didn’t know what to expect from the trip. And I certainly didn't have a clue how the mechanics of the UV Ixchange was going to come together (and that is still in progress).  All I knew is I had to go.

D. and Heather have children of the same age. The two have become fast friends.  D. is a very special friend to all of us. D is one of those people you completely trust. She can swear  like a trooper, she was a Canadian Army Medic, drinks gallons of coffee, smokes like a chimney, and makes a pretty decent Thai meal.  Not a truer soul was ever born.  If D. is your friend, she has your back.  But D. is not what most people think of when you say "light worker".  She has a warrior spirit. She's not a Vegan, likes her pork chops, back bacon and Canadian maple syrup and she doesn't give a fuck if it bothers you. I love that woman. She does love people. She's my spiritual sister I just know it. I call her Sis.
My flight out of San Diego on  was on a nice new American Airlines jet that had onboard WIFI. Now why do airlines tell you turn off cellphones and laptops when they have WIFI on some planes and that operates at the same frequency and higher power than cell phones?  I think it dates back to those seat back seat phones and profit if ask me, I don't think has anything to do with logic. The flight was really rough, one of the roughest as far as turbulence goes that I have ever seen.   
The flight from JFK to Barcelona was equally rough (and no WIFI!) and the seat leg room was bad, my knees were crammed up against the back of the chair, very uncomfortable for a 10 hour flight.

Next to me was a very smart college girl who was a barely 4 foot high dwarf.  I kept thinking of getting her a date with Tryian in Game of Thrones. She was majoring in Film Production and was going to Spain for a summer course. This actually worked out pretty well given the tight seating. She didn't take up much room, and we wouldn't bump elbows on the seats! Lisa Harrison phrased my body build her radio show  as “the physicality of Bill”. What can I say?  I am not a small guy.  I’m big enough to be a football linebacker.  Not proud of that, but I am working on it and I lost 4 inches during the month in Morocco.  This body survived dying and coming back in 2009 so its got its virtues.  I'm working on the pounds.
I really enjoyed talking to my new short friend.  When the flight landed she asked if I would like to share her taxi to her hotel, and I saw a bit of fear in her about making the trip alone. My father instincts kicked (I have a daughter about the same age) and I split the taxi fare into Barcelona thinking I’d just walk around and look at the architecture till my flight later that even to Tangier.  My dwarf friend met her college buddies and I sat in the lobby and nearly dozed off from the jet lag. I decided to ask the front desk if I could get a room for 5 hours and I got shower, sleep and a change of clothing. It was worth the 100 euros it cost. 
My flight to Tangier was also rough and bumpy. I think someone put pot holes in the sky for the entire trip, or was that just HAARP weather modification on overdrive? My flight arrived late. I missed Heather.  I called. No answer. I waited and waited until the last set of taxi drivers felt sorry for me and asked if I wanted the last taxi into Tangier.  I decide to take them up on it and headed off it to the sodium vapor lit night in what I can only describe as a night time scene from movie "The Green Zone". It really looked like night time Baghdad!  But I had an address and I wasn't quitting until I found the place.
Men in long shirts standing in groups on corners in the dark starry night, store front signs and neon in squiggly Arabic letters.  And this driver looked like some burly bald Mossad guy.  What if the bankers sent him to bag and tag me?  Strange thoughts went through my jet lagged head.  And I have probably read too many articles on Rumor Mill News. They were completely crazy tired-out-my-gord thoughts.   But everything is strange and disorienting after 22 hours of travel.  And my driver was lost.  
If I had to describe the average Moroccan it would be hospitable and endearing. Decent folks!  They seem to love Americans too! At least someone does! They were, after all the first country America ever signed a treaty with. They even name streets after American States and Cities! There's a Cafe named Boston! 
After about a hour of zooming around this hills of Tangier I remembered Heather lived near a Cricket Field, and when I said that, the driver knew where it was. When we got the the gate (many housing complexes are gated in Tangier) the guards didn't know who Heather was.  I knew we were in the right spot. After a frustrating 20 minutes I remembered Heather's husband's named was Youseff, and suddenly they are all nodding "Youseff! Youseff!! Oui! Oui!"  I found them!  Cheers of jubilation and dancing in the street ensued (well not really - but I felt that way!).  A few minutes later 6'4"  Youseff in his Italian leather jacket, signature pressed untucked white shirt and blue jeans walks out and chats with the guards.  No wonder she married Youseff, he looks like he walked off a movie set! 
The taxi dropped me off at Heather's Villa, mine was next door, which honestly looked a lot like my home in San Diego.  Not bad digs. few minutes later I met Heather, Youseff and Caleb, whose Villa I shared.  
Heather has the greatest hugs of any person I have ever met, the energy of her is quite something to encounter in person, but I have known it long distance since December.  Its much more powerful in person.  When we first talked on Skype I had the distinct impression I had met her before, and it could have only been in another life. She kept saying to me on the call "I KNOW YOU! I KNOW YOU!" but it was also what I was thinking.   I have felt for a while that I knew her in another time and place.  Like we had always known her.
Heather has her quirks, she's can't cook, she smokes (a habit she picked up as a banking lawyer), so if you are puritan about tobacco, well... get a life.  She's okay with me.  I have never seen more courage in one individual in my life. Heather is funny, will tease you mercilessly, infuriate you, defy your preconception, speak in parables or a D. calls them "Heatherisms". She will challenge any hero pedestal you create for her and then beat you silly with the pedestal, all in love of course - because you almost gave away your personal power and she's not about that.  Believe me I know.
Heather does not live by clock time.   She's working on quantum time, but its hell on any preconceived concept you have of time schedules.  But she always seems to do things at the RIGHT time, so if you travel to Morroco, get used to it.  And just get the address and a map for the taxi driver ahead of time and everything will be cool, unless you really do want to reenact that scene from the Green Zone movie.  Heather is a fabulous host.  And she's got a frigging brilliant mind.  
I have never learned so much in a concentrated span of time as I did on this trip. I have been processing just what I learned for a good week and half since I got back.   The things Heather has seen in the banking world around the world and the corruption she has uncovered is just staggering.  We haven't covered 10% on our blogs of what she knows about what goes on in this planet.  Things like how Child Protective Services in countries around the world are funded by the IMF and they get bounties on the number of kids they take away from families, and how they specifically target families with large numbers of children and how some of those kids get shipped off to other countries and slavery.  Stuff they don't tell you on those CNN shows about slavery that CNN keeps patting themselves on the back about.  Yes, child slave trafficking right out of our own good old USA government institutions, and its not just this country its all over the world.  Frankly stuff that is pretty darn horrible and depressing if we did report it all, but its easy to see why Heather spent a million dollars of her own money reverse engineering the chain of corruption within the banking system.  Because the heart of the problem is the money system.  
What decent mother wouldn't do what she did if they had the financial resources and know what she knows about law and the banking system?  She sacrificed her own home to uncover how the fraudulent foreclosures work.  Her home is still in a state of limbo in Washington State.  But she got the court shut down for corruption.
Lisa, Vera and Mark arrived from Australia a day or two after I got there.  What can I say about Lisa and Vera true angels and heart centered people!  And oh can Lisa dance! Absolutely love both of them! And they are so different!  Vera the poor vegetarian in a land filled Halal meat. Vera  is a healer, and runs a Pilates and healing center in Australia.   Vera has a little device called a Scenar, its something like a Tens machine but more organic in energy.  Its half biofeedback, have energy stimulator, it was designed for the Russian space program (Vera speaks fluent Russian) and it really works!    My knee had been bothering me for about a month, and cramped seating on America Airlines only made it worse.  Vera worked my knee quite a bit with that device and I can say now it no longer hurts.


Mark, well Marks kind of like a social rubber ball.  He loves to connect people, a bit like me that way but that's about all we have in common.  He's a very likable guy with an absolutely off the wall sense of humor.  Mark will be in conversation one moment and just disappear, most likely to the roof of the Villa, or chatting on skype room to some project he's working with on some forgotten land mass somewhere in Oceania.  Mark is highly intuitive, he's gifted that way.  One morning I heard this deep almost electrical short circuit sounding aarrggarrggarrggaarrggarrggg sound coming from upstairs.  "Caleb, what the fuck is that noise?" Caleb sips his morning coffee and says..."I don't know AK".  I rush upstairs expecting to see some twisting 240 volt wire on the was Mark underwater in the bathtub doing a mantra! He comes rushing out like a fuzzy bear cub wrapped in a towel "I got it! I got it! I know how the UV Ixchange will work!"  "Then explain to me Mark and I can tell the world!!!" "I can't put it into words yet!" And off he goes back downstairs to his room.....sigh well that's Mark!  The thing is, he probably did know...
Mark and Caleb at the Boston Cafe (kind of a Tangier Star Bucks)
The next day Vera and Heather were sitting on what became called as the "stoop" the marble window ledge in front of Heather's house where she likes to smoke.  Vera and Heather were outside talking about healing my knee.  Mark and Muxi (pronounced "MOOSHY") walked up and Heather and Vera were getting very excited about the idea of having all these intuitives and energy workers doing a group healing on my knee. Mark walked up and started chatting Heather got more excited by the idea of doing healing work on all of us, as we all had one issue or another with our bodies over the past few months.  As  Heather was shaking her hands, Mark blurts out one of his signature non-sequiturs "SHREK!" and he just started laughing, and Muxi says "HEATHER DEAR, THERE'S GREEN LIGHT COMING OFF YOUR FINGERS!"  At that I looked down and saw a green plasma like light glowing around both of heathers hands, Mark claims he also saw white light like sparklers but I didn't perceive that.   I know green light is associated with heart energy and healing.  But I have never in my life witnessed actual light coming off someone's fingers before!  After that they did some healing work on Lisa, then Lisa, Vera, Muxi and Heather did some healing work on me which was very profound.  My knee improved radically.  Vera started it off with her Scener device and then the rest was just hands on healing with the four women.
The next day D. was scheduled to arrive from Toronto with her family entourage, and I got a Skype from D. saying, "Tell Heather she better meet at the airport or I will kill her!"  Heather was there.  It took two cars for D's entourage! :)   
Kind of hard to describe what we did in Tangier, mostly a lot of heart to heart conversation, much of it while Heather, D and Lisa were having a smoke.  We all had hundreds of questions and ideas and insights.

And lots of hugs. One night Heather took those who wanted to see the locals at the night clubs by the beach in downtown Tangier.  I am told its quite entertaining to people watch there.  I was not feeling well that night, the ham sandwich I got in the Barcelona airport caused me a bit of problems the whole trip.  Word of advice: don't get the ham (Jambon) sandwich in the Barcelona airport.  Alcohol is discretely available in Tangier, there's also wine and beer produced in the country, a legacy of the European colonization. There is also great French bread and pastries.   The food is a mix of Arabic, French and Spanish cultures. 
The weather in Tangier is the closest I have seen to the weather in San Diego. Its nearly identical. Some people were cold, I felt right at home!  One side of Tangier sits on the Atlantic, the other side sits on the Mediterranean  The older part of Tangier looks like Mexico with minarets   The newer parts look like San Diego and Miami Beach. Building cranes are everywhere. If you know Spanish or French you can easily navigate the city in a taxi or bus and order food.
Brian and a newcomer Katrina flew about 10 days after I arrived. Brian, well you all know and love him from this blog.  Katrina is a larger than life personality that none of us except Brian knew.   Katrina has the opposite background of most of the rest of us there in Tangier, although perhaps similar to Brian's history. 
Most of us have been kicked out of one religion or another for asking embarrassing or difficult questions.  Heather has scars on the back of her fingers where Catholic nuns beat her fingers with a car antenna wire for missing notes during piano lessons in Catholic school.   I probably spent the most time in religion, up until 1997 in fact, until I shot of the sect I was in like "heretic" roman candle.  There just comes a time to move on when you find yourself not being able to grow spiritually.  Some answers don't come prepackaged from a preacher. In fact a lot of answers don't come from them.
Katrina had none of that background. Katrina has probably been in ever new age and light worker movement since the 1960s like it was all one big Whitman's Sampler box of spiritual chocolates.  And well those of us from the religions, we don't like those chocolates with the gooey rituals in the middle.   Say the word ritual, and we scream in horror!  Cause frankly, we all had a belly full of rituals in religion.    So Katrina lands on Villa street and shows us her box of ritual chocolates and quite a few of us (me included) said, erm...I am on a diet. 

Wasn't Katrina's fault, wasn't our fault, we just didn't know the lady.  She just wanted to fit in and we had some knee jerk reflexes based on some bad memories. If you are Star Trek NG fan, Katrina reminds me a lot of Roxanna Troy.  Similar personality.  Bigger than life. Well, that probably applies to everyone there, come to think of it.  Heather saw this dynamic immediately and stepped in and made sure Katrina felt at home.  By the time we got to the Sahara Katrina was becoming integrated with the rest of us, who had known each other for months via the Internet.  And as Brian said his article about Morocco Katrina has this really wild toning sound thing she does which is quite amazing.  She also has a beautiful singing voice.

We realized that we had one person missing in Morocco and that was Bob Wright.  Bob met Lisa long before the rest of us met him.  Bob has worked with Lisa on all her Internet radio shows and Bob claims he and Heather had a telepathic conversation a good year before Brian, D and I met Heather.  Heather confirms that.  Bob is a powerful intuitive and man with a huge heart and filled with love and profound spiritual wisdom.   Bob has lived in both Egypt and Spain.  When he was in Spain he worked for a Spanish bank and the Illuminati tried to recuit him in Spain and when he turned them down they crippled with a purported "vaccine" in the hospital.  He has been crippled and unable to walk since 2009.   This happened to Bob almost the exact same time I was in ICU myself.   Bob was hoping to have enough money to go to Morocco but hadn't raised enough.  I sent Bob some money, and then D. sent him a similar amount and then Lisa, Vera and the others sent money and created a Facebook campaign to get donations for Bob's airfare to Morocco. One generous donor gave Bob $1500 for the air fare and Bob was on his way.

When Bob arrived Brian became the resident expert on assembling and disassembling "the Bob sled" otherwise known as his motorized wheel chair.  We took Bob everywhere with us, stuffing the "Bob Sled" into the trunk of taxis and buses. Bob is a good 6' 4" in height.

Towards the end of the trip we decided to go the Sahara desert.  Heather's husband had contacts in the desert from some business he had done in the fossil and meteorite trade a few years earlier. The Moroccan Sahara has huge deposits of ammonite fossils and for some reason meteorites are attracted to that part of the earth.  Its one of the ways the locals out there earn money, that and the tourst trade.

The energy in the Sahara is quite unique.  Northern Morocco looks a lot like California, and so does the Sahara, its very similar to California's Mohave desert.   During the summer of 2012 a reader told me about a curious little iPhone App called Ghost Radar.  I haven't found it much use for paranormal stuff, the woman who told me about claimed to channel with it, but I have not found much meaningful in the words it generates.  I find the VOX part of it curious in the patterns it graphs of the "quantum anomalies" of the iPhone's various sensors.  There is an energy graph of the quantum state that I find particular interesting in this app.  What follows below are the energy patterns typical of San Diego, Tangier, and finally the Sahara.  I am not sure exactly what the patterns mean, to me the first two look highly digital which may be a result of the electronic noise of a modern city, but the Sahara energy is astounding.

Energy in San Diego
Energy in Tangier Morocco

Energy of the Sahara
The minute our bus hit the desert I notice a very strong energy in my heart chakra.  It seemed like someone had installed Iron Man's nuclear powered heart in me.  It wasn't a chest pain, it was just the sense I had this powerful heart in the middle of my chest.  There's a very strong energy in the desert and I felt it the entire time I was there.  That sense lasted until we left, then after about a week in San Diego it seemed to expand to the size of my entire chest.

The first night in the Sahara we stayed in hotel in Erfoud. We had a really long bus ride and were exhausted.  It was an interesting place with good food and great ambience, but the showers didn't work really well considering the price we paid. But it was great place to rest up from the 17 hour bus ride from Tangier.  And it had this really cool tent near the pool (which was empty for a tile repair job) which we enjoyed our conversations on Berber style pillows and rugs and drank coffee and fresh orange juice.

Brian Kelly entering Hotel Lobby

Hotel Lobby
The second day in the desert we spent the day in Rissani and toured the Souk market and ate dinner in a local hotel were we met an interesting Taureg man who told us much about the history of the desert,  the spice, silk and slave trade that once occurred in that area of the world.  Morocco was essentially the gateway, and still is that for matter, from Africa into Europe. There was an energy of slavery anchored in the desert and we had come there to release it.

Panorama of Sahara at where a scene in the film Sahara was shot. (Click on image to enlarge)

We traveled on to Merzouga which sits on very edge of the dunes and a rocky plain.  The plain itself is a good match for California's Death Valley and every bit as hot.  The hotel we were supposed to stay at didn't have ramps for Bob's wheel chair, so Heather and D. took a taxi and found another hotel which was quite nice and had a sand dune just outside its walls.  Its also had a nice swimming pool, food and staff.  The staff created a makeshift ramp so that the "Bob-sled" could get in and out of the hotel room.

The first night in Merzouga we had an evening meal in the tent by the pool, followed by a group of African drummers.  It was an exciting evening under the Sahara stars and our tour guide's little  girl was the star of the show jamming to the beats on her own.

After the night of drumming in the desert the hotel staff took us on a tour of the Sahara in that area. We passed through some villages long abandoned by the French Colonists, and stopped at some Berber huts in the desert.  Most of us felt a bit uncomfortable the way the hotel tours stopped at the Berber people's homes, such that they were, it felt like we were looking at animals in a zoo, but these were real people, who deserve their privacy.

Berber home in the Sahara. Berbers travel at night,
 and sleep during the heat of the day. The couple that lived here
had just been married.
(image courtesy Brian Kelly)

We decided that the next night we'd stay somewhere a little less touristy and more in line with how people live in the desert than our air conditioned hotels with swimming pools.  Our guide and Heather arranged for us to stay in a spiritual community on the edge of the dunes about 5 miles away and this time we stayed in actual Berber tents, although the camp did have a dining room, and kitchen and shower and bathroom facilities.

Brian giving one of our new hosts a joy ride in wheel chair

When we arrived we got a most spectacular welcome, African singers and drummers dressed in white robes, white turbins and red rope sashes.  It was a welcome fit for a king.  Lisa and Vera broke down in tears at the show of love towards us, as we were complete strangers.  We were truly honored by their welcome.  Some of the best food we had on the trip was in this camp. They grew their own food and animals and eggs, and gave hotel quality service. Tourism is the way they supplemented the community income. It was quite amazing.  Our tents had mattresses which were very comfortable.  The dunes in this area were just gorgeous.

Local farm for the community
One of the more significant things to emerge from the trip to Morocco was the healing of Bob's legs.  Vera, Heather, Lisa, Katrina and others were working on Bob prior to going to the Sahara. Vera used her very effective Scenar device which seems to reactivate the nervous system into healing the body.   However the most significant change occured when we dragged Bob in a wheelchair out to the dunes.   We sat in a circle around Bob, Heather at his feet, and the rest of us like a clock dial around his body.  Heather said a few words about Eternal Essence and letting go of limits and pushed sand over Bob's legs, we all held Bob during this time and some more words were said for Bob's healing.   After a night of sleep back in camp Bob was able to walk about 20 meters, something he's not done since 2009 after the Illuminati crippled him.   Below is Lisa Harrison's video of Bob walking again.  We were in tears at the rapid healing!

Bob continues to strengthen his muscles, the nerves are now working again and the muscles are getting stronger each day.

Bob wasn't the only one to experience changes from the healing in the desert.  I've had a trach scar since 2009 (I got seriously ill about the same time Bob Wright did)  and its far less noticable than it was.  My knee is fully restored, and there's changes to my vision and hearing occuring.   I seem to be able see energy patterns around objects and living things.   Many of the people that went have notice eye color changes, Bob's eyes are turning blue!

Bob Wright's new blue eyes (image courtsey Brian Kelly)

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