Tuesday 11 June 2013

Back from the Sahara and ready to ROCK the Radio!!!!

Hey you AWESOME BEings!!!!!!

We are BACK!!!!!!  After 5 days in the Sahara Desert (not the Ethiopian mountains) the "OPPT 11" (although there were just 9 of us, lol) are back in Tangier (Morocco, not Ethiopia), with internet and we are ready to Rock the Radio Show TONIGHT!!!!

We are all currently swilling back large quantities of espresso to insure we can stay awake another 5 hours (after only sleeping briefly on the very uncomfortable bus last night/this morning), as this is not a show we want to miss- we have soooooooo much to talk about!!!!!

I will post a more detailed update of the past week tomorrow (hopefully), with pictures (hopefully), but we will definitely be spending a lot of time tonight discussing all the incredible and amazing things that happened to us over the past 6 days.

The Collective Imagination

The Collective Imagination

5D Media Network

5D Media Network

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And for your enjoyment, please take a moment to giggle your ass off at the great DOing that Rachael has been putting together while we were gone walkabout.

Rachael darlin- I can't wait to see your next video!!!

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