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This paper by GW Hardin was sent by him to AK the day before we headed out into the desert.  We came together as a group as AK read this incredible paper out loud to us.  What followed was a group visualization/meditation that included tonal frequencies, sound and harmonics that literally felt as if they burst forth from our hearts.  No one was left untouched by the experience- the sound and frequencies were so incredibly powerful they left us speechless and in awe.

I ask you all to take the time to read this paper- two or even three times if necessary.  The information is eye opening to a whole new level of understanding the mechanics of DNA, manifestation, and quantum physics.

Huge thanx as usual to AK for getting this published so quickly... even if it took me over a week to get it posted here on RTS.

The original PDF version with all the graphics is below in the Scribd window, but I've also C&P'ed the written material as apparently there has been a lot of problems for many people to access the Scribd file (thank you NSA for being so annoying).

DNA & THE DANCE OF DARKNESS & LIGHT — Human Omnipotence in Harmony
by GW Hardin
In my previous paper, I married information from the angelic realm with findings erupting
from the labs of quantum physicists. Two stranger cousins could not be found. That is,
until now. The strangest cousin of all has been hiding behind yet another curtain. In this
paper, I will attempt to reveal the New Oz—Humanity as Superman.
Previously, I described a multi-dimensional phenomenon I labeled the “DNA
Tesseract” (
to.html). What I did not go into is the far-reaching implications of this superhuman
capability. I believe the time has come to do so now. In this paper, I will delve into three
1. The key that unlocks human shackles lies buried within DNA.
2. The old myth of disease versus the new myth of harmonious imprinting—you choose.
3. The Dance of Darkness and Light—who’s playing the Music of the Spheres? And why
is Oz hiding behind my DNA?
Strap yourself in, for we’re about to take off to a place beyond Never Never Land.
Instead of heading to the “second star to the right, straight on till morning,” we’re aiming
at the multi-dimensions right in the middle of yourself, straight into Everything.
For decades the accepted science has stated that DNA solely functions as a genome—
a biochemistry that passes hereditary traits from one generation to the next. But then
unexplainable discoveries began tromping on this scientific eggshell. From Russia to
Germany to the United States, giant steps are shaking the foundations of biology,
physics, medicine, and chemistry.
From Russia, the work of biophysicist Pjotr Garjajev, PhD, has taken molecular biology
to unseen frontiers by examining the vibrational behavior of DNA. In a book written by
Fozar and Bludorf about these findings,(Vernetzte Intelligenz, ISBN 3930243237,
2011) they state, “Living chromosomes function just like solitonic [scalar]/holographic
computers using endogenous DNA laser radiation.” They go even further by stating that
human DNA operates as if it is a biological Internet, and “superior in many aspects to
the artificial one.” Even more startling is the following claim from such findings about
DNA: “Researchers think that if humans with full individuality would regain group
consciousness, they would have godlike power to create, alter, and shape things on
Earth!” As we proceed, you will find that this statement is the focus of new findings of
my own, which I discuss in brief later.
Out of Germany comes the equally mind-boggling work with DNA by theoretical
physicist Fritz-Albert Popp, PhD. His work with studying how the DNA of living cells
stores and releases photons led Popp to the conclusion that “We now know, today, that
man is essentially a being of light.” From the work done by Popp, he keyed the term
“biophotons” to differentiate the astounding implications of ordinary light versus
biophotonic light, or what others call “higher-dimensional light.” Not only does living
DNA communicate with other DNA in the body with these biophotons, it also has the
capability of communicating to other bodies, and even other lifeforms.
What I find particularly interesting, as you shall see, is that Popp was able to determine
that DNA could send out a wide range of frequencies, so much so, that it looks like
DNA is the “master tuning fork of the whole body.” In a wonderful article written by Dan
Eden on—“Is DNA the Next Internet”—he combines the findings of Popp
and Garjajev in making a strong case that all of humanity is swimming in an ocean of
light. So why don’t we see it?
In a keynote address before the Commonwealth Club of California in November of
2010, entitled "The Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields,” Martin Blank, PhD, of
Columbia University compared DNA to a fractal antenna. A fractal is a geometric figure
like squares within a square or spirals within a spiral that repeats constantly at different
levels. The structure of the DNA molecule—the double helix, chromatin fibers,
solenoids, and the hollow tube—all contribute to this fractal structure acting like an
antenna capable of responding to frequencies of a wide range.
sample of a fractal antenna DNA as a fractal DNA tesseract
Blank concludes, “In a nutshell, the human body is constructed with a fractal antenna
inside each and every cell, which responds to the entire range of frequencies on the
EMF spectrum!” This is far-reaching in it’s implications as we shall see in section three.
Blank notes, in parallel fashion to the findings of Dr. Konstantin Meyl (who I write about
regarding the DNA tesseract in my previous article), that the hydrogen electrons in DNA
conduct electricity. Meyl shows how the spiral paths of these electrons in an electron
cloud also creates scalar waves, which also turns the DNA into a transmitting antenna
as well as a resonant receiving scalar antenna.
In a Nexus Magazine article (Aug/Sep 2012), Brendan D. Murphy writes an article,
“JUNK DNA: Doorway to Transformation,” that furthers more unheard of connections in
the research coming out of Russia, Germany, and the United States, by saying the
As a fractal antenna, DNA interacts with the vacuum/aether/zero-point field, transducing
the zero-point energy which interacts with our consciousness. A greater interaction
between our DNA and the torsion and/or scalar forces in the vacuum might equate to
expanded consciousness, while a lesser interactivity would result in a contracted
awareness. Thus, "certain modular arrangements of DNA would be more conducive to
conscious awareness.
What does this mean? It’s a further affirmation of the notion expressed in Dr. Garjajev’s
work ... that we hold within us the “godlike power to to create, alter, and shape things on
Earth!” This is the hidden key ... if we choose to pick it up. This means that humanity
may have stumbled upon the bridge that directly connects our humanity—our souls—to
Source ... The Creator.
Yes, yes, I hear people scratching their heads on that one. But let’s dare to tip-toe a little
further into the “ocean of light” hinted at by Popp. Also in the Nexus article is another
section I’d like to quote:
In the 1990s, a team of Russian linguists led by Dr Peter Gariaev discovered that the
genetic code in "junk" DNA follows uniform grammar and usage rules virtually identical
to those of human language. It turns out that the "junk" was laden with the intimations of
intelligence, purpose and meaning (a perspective forbidden by fundamentalist
This ground-breaking research followed Dr. Jeff Delrow's discovery in 1990 that the four
nucleotides (A, T, G and C) of DNA inherently form fractal structures closely related to
human speech patterns.
Well, as if that weren’t crazy enough, it turns out that these patterns aren’t just found in
human DNA. The very same kinds of patterns show up in the makeup of the cosmos
In the work done by University of Maryland’s Dr. James Gates, Jr., he brings forth these
cosmic patterns in what he calls “Adrinka symbols.” What I have discovered
mathematically is the similarity in pattern makeup with these symbols, the geometric
fractals found in DNA frequencies, as well as the geometry put forth by Dr. Garret Lisi in
his M8 Model: Theory of Everything. Where did I stumble upon this? It started with a
three-year journey beginning with two sets of six numbers given by angels to two
different people—Joseph Crane and Dr. Joseph Puleo—and what the angelic realm
calls the “Fabric of the Universe.” This fabric is a weave of archetypal patterned
vibrations (threads) which each of us may choose to be connected to, or not. If we
choose to be separate from the weave then all that vibrates within us is subject to our
own biases, our own ego-based perceptions of life and living. Gates asks the question
as to whether we actually are part of the Matrix. What I am hoping that all of us will
realize is that we all may be co-creators of this Matrix, which means we collectively get
to decide what it looks like. But if we continue to see ourselves as only dualistic pawns
fighting with shadows, then we absolve ourselves from co-creation and leave ourselves
subject to our own self-made prisons.
One of the more shocking statements in Dr. James Gates’ discovery that the universe
(string theory) can be described as a computer language (
watch?v=3BMYtnv_OnI) is the notion that buried within this code is also error
correction! In other words, Life is meant to heal life. In the case of our own DNA, the
question then becomes, who has turned off the error correction? And the answer comes
from the famous quote of cartoon character, Pogo: “We have met the enemy, and he is
A quote attributed to heroic theologian Thomas Merton gives the answer: “A man
searching for enlightenment is like a man sitting on an ass in search of an ass.” Another
hero of mine, American mythologist and scholar, Joseph Campbell, gives yet another
perspective as to why: “Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring
it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.”
Campbell’s PBS interview with Bill Moyers, The Power of Myth (
Joseph-Campbell-Power-Myth-III/dp/B00005MEVQ), has become an icon of wisdom and a
clarion call for the transformation of the human condition. If you haven’t watched these
interviews, do yourself a favor and get either the book or watch the DVDs. These series
of interviews will astound even the most naive.
Of particular note in the interviews is Campbell’s entreatment that humanity has
progressed to the point where it needs to give up the old myths. They aren’t working
anymore. New myths are required because the power of myth allows us a doorway into
our own being-ness. It permits us to question that which no longer serves us and points
in a direction where we can enter into transformation.
Merton and Campbell are trying to tell us that we have a choice: do we continue to be
brainwashed into thinking all power, all answers, all enlightenment is to be found in our
searchings outside of ourself ... or ... do we throw open the dimensional gateways into
ourselves, only to find the very source of our creation.
Not all of us have the mind of Dr. James Gates, Jr., that allows us to see the
mathematical patterns of the universe. But if we can create new myths that will function
like parables, we should be able to allow ourselves and everyone else the capacity to
peek into the hologram of the universe and alter The Matrix, thus recognizing that within
each and every one of us lies all wisdom, all power, and all enlightenment.
So let’s just look at one of these old myths as an opening of the gateway, a crack into
nirvana, the final step that transcends suffering and karma—but not taxes ;) This myth
states that as we get older, we get more feeble, sicker, that we wrinkle up like prunes
and play golf until we get sunburned. The assumption behind this myth is that our DNA
breaks down, the body loses its vitality, and we spend a fortune on pharmaceuticals or
cosmetic surgery ... or both.
Let’s create a new myth that takes into account James Gates’ discovery that the
“computer code” of the universe has built-in error correction. Why not? “As above, so
below. As below, so above.” Right? Well that would imply this error correction should
likewise have a similar component in our DNA, since it also is a parallel language.
I believe I have found that error-correction mechanism. It comes from long-lost secrets
we once possessed when legends talked about the First People. Hey, we’re creating
new myth here, aren’t we? In our new myth, we have the option of engaging error
correction hidden within the DNA. What that error correction does is recognize what our
new-horizon scientists have discovered: (1) that DNA can transmit and receive
frequencies, and (2) that DNA is fractal in nature, which implies that like string theory,
there are different dimensions that can be accessed by this fractal-oriented component
(the DNA tesseract).
Fractals create patterns. Frequencies create patterns. If you don’t believe that then you
really need to give up watching cable TV, because cable TV wouldn’t exist without either
of these principles. And what is so monumentally compelling is that Dr. Konstantin Meyl
has come up with an entirely new way of transmitting cell-phone to cell-phone
communication as well as TV transmissions using scalar wave capability—creating
patterns as a whole rather than as linear bit-streamed frequencies that are
deconstructed and reconstructed. And how did he find this out? By looking at DNA!
So our new myth (not so mythological when you come right down to it) says that we can
use this error-correction code in the DNA to move us back into our normal-state
patterns, getting around karma, sidestepping the mythology of suffering. So, what is the
inherent error-correction code in DNA? Patterns of resonant harmony.
Our new myth states that which is out of balance can be put back into balance by using
the principles of harmonic resonance (which is based on fractals and frequencies). In
other words, we can borrow from the myth of the Navajo medicine men who used
singing ceremonies to sing a person back into “beauty” (wellness). Only we will use a
new, updated version so as not to limit ourselves. We will use a different method than
sand paintings to create patterns, and we will use instruments different than drums and
rattles, not that these aren’t perfectly good. It’s just that the mathematics of DNA
frequencies is rather particular.
In our new myth, we see life as a choice emanating from our inherent capacity to have
“godlike power to to create, alter, and shape things on Earth!” And one of the primary
ways to “shape things” is through vibrational resonance ... music! What we’ve
discovered are several ways we may choose to use this Music of the Spheres. For
instance, we’ve discovered that these mythical tones work very well with yoga. It turns
out that yoga is strongly based on patterns we make with our bodies. In my workings
with Yoga Teacher Beth Sanchez, she has come up with a system that will work with the
Music of the Spheres, called Harmonetic™ Yoga (
harmonetics-yoga-sequence-one-yoga-lifestyle-cleanse). This system has a wonderfully
calming, altering, and harmonious effect on the body. Take a look at the testimonials of
those who have used it, then make up your mind. We have discovered other delivery
systems for this harmony-based concept, which we call Harmonetix™. These delivery
systems are composed of patterns of resonant harmony, which are keys that unlock our
DNA in a way that allows us to tap into our “godlike power” that exponentiates as more
and more of us move into a growing choir of vibrations, singing ourselves into places of
new co-creation, as if we were a living holodeck straight out of Star Trek. But to pull this
off, we need to see ourselves as beings of unlimited quantum potentials. And we can’t
do that with old myths dancing around in our heads. So let’s return to our new myth.
Instead of dualistic, separate-based, in-search-of-an-ass myths that disempower us,
that brainwash us into forgetting our Sacred Connection within Source, let us consider
the many-parts-one-body myth inherent in harmony. Harmony implies different parts
singing a sacred hymn as a chorus to the fullness of life that allows us to hear Joseph
Campbell’s words: “Follow your bliss.” In the bliss of harmony, error-correction
automatically kicks in as a natural component of life, which means ultimately there are
no errors. All of life is as it should be: Perfect. Whole. Complete. If ... if we choose it to
be so. And there’s the rub.
The conscious act of choosing inherently carries a requirement; and that requirement is
responsibility for ourselves and everything we choose to co-create. In my many years
as an author writing about rather esoteric notions, the one subject that can sober people
more than anything I know in the Consciousness Movement is the word “responsibility.”
Bliss is not avoidance. Bliss is not a constant staring at a metaphorical sun that can
leave one blind. Bliss is not a litany of affirmations pushing against a reality based on
want or need or victimhood. Bliss is the full embrace of who we are. Like life itself, that
means we recognize that we exist as beings of Oneness who hold within our unity all
quantum potentials, including the dualism of opposites held in perfect balance.
In the movie, THE MATRIX, we see sweeping forces vying for power over an illusion.
The same could be said for our world at this time. In my latest book, A WORLD
BEYOND BELIEF, I go into great detail as to how belief systems end up ruling us,
causing us to be slaves to an illusion that has us believing we are powerless, limited,
and inferior. Yet, I keep finding myself asking over and over again, if the mathematics of
Harmonetix™ convincingly shows that we hold within us a key that not only connects us
to the Fabric of the Universe but gives us the loom to reweave it, how can we NOT see
I have to go back to Joseph Campbell. This great man made our planet aware of what
he called “The Hero’s Journey.” What is so clever about Campbell is that the “journey”
isn’t so much a journey as it is a pattern that fully illustrates the unity of human
consciousness. He uses myth to counter belief systems by showing the inherent thread
that weaves through myth that would appear as different stories from different parts of
the world. But in truth, hidden within these different mythopoetic stories is the common
thread of the hero’s journey, the unknown seed from which all of life comes, thus
mimicking what James Gates, Jr., discovered with theoretical physics and Garjajev
discovered in molecular biology.
In Gates’ model of the universe as computer code, he falls victim to his own limits by
seeing the computer code in terms of binary sequences, a duality of zeros and ones.
What I have discovered is that this “code” is not limited to mathematical binary structure.
The language becomes even more alive, more representative of all living things in
Pythagorean base-9, just like Tesla discovered. Tesla is well known for stating, “If you
only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, 9, then you would have the key to the Universe.”
What Gates does not realize is that Nichola Tesla made a similar discovery with patterns
of Oneness. These patterns are not limited to duality. In fact, they completely depend on
the fractal capacity of living substance to move across dimensions with these fractal
patterns of Oneness.
With findings of biologist/biophysicist James Oschman, PhD, we discover The Matrix
making up our own bodies. Do we take the red pill or the blue pill? How about neither?
And here’s why. Karl Maret, MD, states the following in the forward of Oschman’s book,
Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance (Butterworth-Heinnaman,
Here cells are seen as fractals embedded in a holographic energetic matrix where
everything is interconnected and capable of influencing any other part of the matrix.
Information can be communicated through many, potentially redundant, modalities
including photons of ultraviolet and visible light, phonons of sound, multiple resonant
cellular vibrations, charge density waves and quantum potentials. The body becomes
visible as a living, energetic whole even though composed of specialized organ systems
and cellular aggregates. Ultimately, a picture of an electromagnetically unified matrix
containing a self-organizing blueprint with innumerable feedback loops begins to emerge.
There it is! The evidence. The key. Are we going to continue living our lives with belief
systems that have us living in separateness, in conflict, in struggle? Or are we going to
take responsibility that we are magnificent beings, capable of seeing beyond the myths
of dualism?
Our planet is at a nexus, where we collectively decide, we collectively co-create a new
world. We are on the edge of jumping off a cliff that will leave behind systems of
suffering, systems of slavery-by-debt, systems of karmic repetition. Are we afraid to
make that jump? If so, there is only one alternative—to trust in ourselves, each one of
us. Can we dare to stare at Campbell’s “Life has no meaning,” and actually discover
that each of us is what brings meaning to live? Or do we cower from the Darkness we
have allowed to surround us, shackling us with belief systems and old myths that are
based on fear?
Darkness is not some enemy that constantly threatens us to shy away from our innate
godlike harmony. Darkness is a component of the Whole of Creation. Is it not insane to
think we need to defeat the sunset because it means the death of the sunlight?
Why not co-create a myth where the Light dances with the Darkness in an embrace that
completely transforms all dualistic notions of Darkness? And how do we initiate this
dance? By looking within ourselves and remembering how we unleash the sound of
harmony incessantly playing within our own DNA. You don’t even have to take lessons.
You can just pretend, and it will still work. If even small numbers of humanity move into
coherent intent to unleash the Harmonetix™ within them, they would soon find out that
they would resonate with the forces of the cosmos; that Source itself would have no
choice but to echo back because we are the very makeup of Source in the same way
that Campbell tells us that it is each of us who brings meaning to life.
In the mathematics of Harmonetix™, the Light and the Darkness dance in an intimate
embrace, in patterns that give us the innate ability not only to connect with the forces of
the universe but to alter them with our godly power of co-creation. And I take careful
note to point out the difference between creation and co-creation. To see the creative
forces of life as anything other than harmonic coherence or harmonic patterns of
Oneness is an act of self-condemnation that will once again imprison us in a duality of
unbalanced opposites.
So where do we start? Why not with something simple and gentle? Something subtle
that won’t threaten thresholds of objection. What I’ve done is select only one device
from the four different delivery systems that I’ve experimented with so far. Later on, after
I’ve been able to gauge the reaction to this tiptoeing onto the Fabric of the Universe, I
will put together webinars ( for those that wish to go further
down the rabbit hole of new myths.
For starters, I would like to direct you to work that I’ve done with composer Gary Lanz to
create a delivery system that will resonate with the human brain. This delivery system
was brought to my attention by Michael Sharpe. It’s called isochronic tones. What
we’ve done is find a way to entrain the brain to make use of its capability to generate
scalar waves (Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance, by James
Oschman, PhD). And these scalar waves (solitons) interact with the fractal antennae of
the DNA, allowing aspects of the DNA to move back into harmony. We’ve created an
album that can be found on iTunes for this: GRACE SPACE—The Lost Tones of the
Angelic Realm, and later on we will come out with GRACE SPACE II—The Secret
Tones of Divine Balance ... or you can go to my websites: or .
And guess what? You get to test out a small part of this myth by listening to some of
these frequencies on YouTube: If you choose to go down
that rabbit hole, keep in mind the following. Once these fractal patterns of sound interact
with your DNA, resonance is established. And once resonance is established, any
scalar emitting patterns of Oneness from other humans will move you into coherence,
which means whether you’re ready or not you will be sending the patterns of harmony
out into the world. Echoes of Joseph Campbell: “Each one of us brings meaning to life.”
As that occurs, there will be the end result of an invitation into the Dance of Life, which
means even the Darkness will have no alternative but to dance with the Light.

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