Thursday 13 June 2013

Summary Notes of TCI show June 11

Summary Notes The Collective Imagination Show June 11, 2013

The Collective Imagination show notes – June 11th(US)/12th(Australia) – 2hrs 20 minutes

In summary, this was a very special show! And since it was more conversational, I did not take many notes, and as you do not want to miss this one. The first hour is with Darryl Anka (who is well known for channeling Bashar) and part of the Moroccan crew, just back from their Sahara desert DO’ings. The second hour of the show is primarily the crew’s fresh most intimate sharings of their experiences within an intentional ‘reality pocket’ of their creation.


Briefly Darryl first shares a bit about himself . . . what the symptoms can be that indicate a frequency change in a ‘reality pocket’ . . . as Bob’s black African American eyes turned blue! . . . Lisa noted that the changes began just before leaving for the desert, as their group intentions were so clear and strong.

Darryl shares what he is seeing externally happening now . . . “the clearer we understand how reality is created, the more we will see it externally “. . . and he is seeing the trains are now leaving in all directions (or new timelines of new realities) . . . therefore, the further apart differing group realities will get now . . . and ultimately we will only experience what reality tracks or pocket what we each chose . . . so make sure you are always acting in your highest passion that will most represent our own truest self (while letting go of all actions that interfere) . . . or think of following your own ‘energetic trail’ . . . where synchronicity increases and seemingly magical things increase.

It was very interesting hearing Darryl further share how he interprets some of the things Bashar has said . . . and about his hybrid species . . . also in order to travel “elsewhere”, all they do is change the frequencies of their ships to match where they wish to go” . . . so actually do not go anywhere, distance space-wise.

Towards the end he answers a caller’s question around the steps towards unity . . . what the whole formula is  . . . what ‘the truth’ is and the five laws absolutely universally true for all.

Darryl is working on a Bashar documentary with visual effects (that will help show things most of us cannot see yet that Bashar would like us to see in order help us change our old perceptions of reality).

Here is an excerpt from Darryl Anka/Bashar around the 19 minute mark:

Bob:  Now one of the things that I like when I listen to a lot of you.  You have talked a lot about this year; 2013 and how pivotal this year is.  Some of the changes that we’ve been very much at the forefront of like monitoring the event and participating in actively trying to bring about change, through the collective consciousness because the title of this show is ‘The Collective Imagination’.  I was wondering if you could talk about some of those changes and do you see some of those changes and how they’re affecting our hear and now.

Darryl:  Well I think this really is a strong year of transformation.  Really, the changes that we’re going to see, like you said, are the changes we’re going to see externally are going to be commensurate and reflective of the changes we make within ourselves internally.  So the clearer we understand, the clearer we perceive the actual structure of existence itself and how reality is created, I think the more clearly we will see those changes and those manifestations reflected externally in the projection around us.  I just am seeing I think more and more people grasping this idea and having experiences that are based on the changes of perception that people are having about reality.  Because according to what Bashar talks about, if physical reality is all about your definition of it, so as people clarify and refine their definitions of experience and their relationship to the concept of physical existence, they’re going to have different kinds of physical experiences that go with those new definitions.  And that’s mostly what I’m seeing people getting a handle on clarifying their definitions and therefore changing their experience of reality.

Chris:  One of the things I’ve been observing the guys in Morocco Darryl and in a sense they were creating their own little ‘reality pocket’.  Is that something we’re going to see more and more of, where groups of people actually do that?

Darryl:  I think so.  I mean Bashar’s talked about this year being kind of like a splitting prism, or to use another analogy he often talked about, it’s like trains are now leaving the station in different directions.  And so it depends on what track you’re on as to ultimately what reality you’re going to experience.  And the farther away the train gets from the station the farther apart the tracks get.  So it’s kind of like you’re going to start seeing different kinds of groups, different kinds of belief systems gathering together into more and more pockets and I think eventually, and I’m not really sure how long this will take, but eventually I think as the frequency track, or the frequency realities get farther and farther apart, you’re ultimately probably only going to experience the track or ‘pocket reality’ that is reflective of the vibrational frequency you chose to be on.  So according to Bashar it’s important to make sure you’re on the train you want to be on as soon as possible, because it might actually get a little bit more difficult later on down the line, years hence, to jump from one train to another because eventually as the tracks get farther and farther apart you may no longer know there is another train.

Chris:  Mmm.  I’ve heard it referred to as a frequency split as well.

Darryl:  Yes same thing.

Lisa:  Bashar, in order to make sure you’re on the right train as you put it, sorry Darryl.

Darryl:  That’s alright I’ll answer to both at this point (laughing).

Lisa:  I could call you Bob at any minute too, just because I’m a bit tired (laughing).  In order to make sure you’re on the right train, how important is it to let go of all attachments?

Darryl:  Well it’s not letting go of all attachments, obviously if you let go of all of them you won’t be physical anymore.  But the idea is to be in the frequency that is representative of your true self as best as you possibly can and the way that Bashar talks about doing that is to make sure you’re always acting to the best of your ability on your highest passion, your highest excitement.  He’s saying that sensation that we call excitement, what we call passion is our actual physical translation of the vibrational frequency that represents our true self.  So the more you act on things that contain that vibration, the more you’re in alignment with the track that is truly your track.  So it really is that clear, that simple, it’s just a matter of letting go of the things that prevent you from taking those actions and staying in that frequency.

Lisa:  What this group has come to call what you’re saying is ‘following the energetic trail’.

Darryl:  Yes exactly and what you’re really following is your own frequency.

Lisa:  Yes and energetically I’m already there and I’ve laid breadcrumbs for myself so to speak and it’s being conscious and aware of noticing those breadcrumbs and following that trail.

Darryl:  Yeah absolutely.  And the more you act on your excitement the easier it is to notice those markers, those breadcrumbs because all the things that are commensurate with that frequency start to stand out.

Chris:  Yeah we actually also call it the ‘event flow’ and what tends to happen is when you start following it the synchronicity, the occurrence of synchronicities is huge.

Darryl:  Absolutely.

Chris:  And I guess that’s what you mean about things jumping out at you, it becomes actually quite freaky.

Darryl:  It does.  There are some amazing synchonicities.  It’s really almost becoming magical in a sense.  There are things that happen, you run into people at exactly the right place, the right time.  Things fall into your lap at exactly the right place, the right time.  It becomes quite magical. 

Bob:  As you’re saying that, we’re down here laughing.  We’re having a good chuckle because everything happened exactly that way.  We met just the right people right at the right time.  My chair ran out of batteries, we just so happened to be right next to a mechanic who had a charger.  It was magical.

Darryl:  It’s an orchestration and when you are staying in the frequency of your true self and allowing synchronicity to really become a major part of your life it reveals itself as the orchestration that it is.  It just becomes very apparent that it’s all an orchestration.

Lisa:  And that’s what these moments of déjà-vu are yeah?

Darryl:  In some senses.  I think déjà-vu can actually sort of be a number of different things, but in one sense it is a deeper penetration into the underlying nature and structure of things and you’re seeing things all at once because everything does exist at once, everything is connected.  So in a sense it’s like seeing something that hasn’t ‘happened’ yet and yet knowing exactly what’s going to happen as if it already has happened.  So you’re kind of seeing the past, the future and the present all blending into a present understanding that everything exists now.  It’s all overlapping.

Chris:  One of the other interesting aspects of the whole trip to Morocco, because there are about eleven or twelve adults and a bunch of kids all went on this little pilgrimage, if you could call it that.  And a number of people started out the whole process by having absolutely no money for a ticket, yet they all got there.

Darryl:  Right, right.

Chris: … including Bob.  Bob actually had his intention set to go and had no money and I think it was Lisa and a couple of others started putting out calls in chat rooms and in less than two hours he had more than enough money to get his ticket and go.  It just happened like that.
Darryl:  Yeah, there are many, many forms of abundance.  I think all too often, and this is not in any way, shape or form to discount money.  It’s one of the forms on our planet that is representative of abundance, but there are many, many forms of abundance and I think people tend to forget that.  It isn’t always necessary to have the money.  There are many other ways that things can certainly manifest, but if money is needed there are certainly avenues by which to attract it.  I think it’s sort of like letting go of the need for anyone particular form of abundance that sort of paradoxically allows whatever form needs to be there to manifest as effortlessly as it possibly can.  I’m hearing many more stories like that as well from people that I know and from people that I don’t know about how as long as they just continue to take action and move in the direction of their excitement, something will unfold that will allow them to be where they need to be and it maybe in a completely unexpected way.  And that’s okay too.  So it’s really just about being open to different forms of abundance and seeing which form which is really the way of the path of least resistance.

D:  D here.  I was talking about this a couple of shows ago and I knew that I had to get my family to Morocco.  It’s like what Derryl was just saying.  I just released the expectations.  I released my preconceived notions of how and when and where and all the rest of it and I just let it go and said “I’m going to Morocco, I’ll meet everyone there who I need to meet and it will happen.”  And in two weeks, everything flowed, everything, every little detail that had to be taken care of from getting someone to look after my pets to flying, everything just flowed and it was so easy.

Darryl:  That’s great and that’s the way life can be when we allow it to be that way, because life already works.  We don’t have to make it work.  You just have to go with the flow.

Chris:  Yeah, I ran across someone a while back who wanted to get to a gathering, an event and had no money and was quite upset about the fact she really needed to get there and obviously completely focused on it.  Well, a girlfriend turned up out of the blue, gave her money, just because she wanted to do it in return for something that had happened between them in the past and then a couple of hours later she got another call from someone who offered her transport and free accommodation and the whole box and dice.  It just went whap in about six or twelve hours it was all done.  So it’s quite amazing.

Darryl:  Yeah, but it’s becoming more and more common and I think that and of itself is much more indicative of the world we can create and that it can operate that way.  Bashar talks about the fact that his world operates completely that way.  It operates only on synchronicity.  No one plans anything, they just have the intention, they move forward on their action everything falls into place; the right people are there, the right things are there, their entire civilization operates that way.  And I think we’re seeing more and more of that now in our own reality too.

Bob:  After experiencing what I’ve experienced this past week it’s almost hard, impossible to go back to living the old way.  Once you understand how it works and you actually test it… you put it into practice and you start DO’ing it, it’s impossible, you cannot go back.

Darryl:  Why, why would you want to?

from around the 37 minute mark:

Chris: We are masters of limitations apparently.

Darryl: That’s what he (Bashar) calls us.  Yes, he considers us really not, many people on Earth think “Oh we’re stuck in this little kindergarten class, these other beings are so much more advanced than us”. And while in certain ways yes, okay, there may be certain technological advances and sociological advances, but Bashar really considers us a master class, because he’s saying “Look, you’re on a planet that had great limitation and you’re transforming that limitation into freedom. You’re transforming great darkness into light”, and it takes a strong soul and a master class to do something like that.  So he doesn’t want us to think of ourselves as being kindergarteners in comparison to them. He wants us to think of ourselves as master spirits really, really mastering the whole idea of transforming physical limitations into freedom.

Bob: One of the things I’ve discovered Darryl is even that idea of it being more advanced civilization technology wise, is really only an illusion because even that technology is based on everything that is already naturally existing and inherent in humans.

Darryl: Yes of course.

Bob: All of the things we use technology for; we have the ability inherently to do. It’s our idea that we have in our heads that we can’t do it that limits us from actually accessing that technology.

Darryl: Oh of course. Bashar says technology; like anything in physical reality, is only a reflection of what we’re willing to believe is possible. And another thing he says along the same lines that I kind of find funny is he’s heard us talk about, as humans in general, talk about the idea that “Oh we only use 5 or 10 percent of our brain.” And he’s basically saying “Well, that’s not actually true. You’re using a hundred percent of your brain, it’s just that you’re using a hundred percent to make it seem as if you’re only using 10 percent” and that’s the joke.

Chris: That’s pretty funny.

Darryl: Yeah, we really do use 100 percent of our brain; it’s just a matter of how we need to use it rather than learning to use more of it. So again it’s a shift in perception that’s required, not really the learning of something we’re not already doing. It’s just a matter of doing it differently.

Bob: This is classic Bashar. What I love Darryl, his ability to put these ideas, into very, very simple language that is so easy to digest and understand.

Darryl: Yeah I appreciate that about him too. Okay, well, partly pun intended, what I really do enjoy about Bashar is his ability to translate, like you said, esoteric or metaphysical concepts and bring them down to earth. That’s, I think, his great gift. And in providing tool kits for people so that when they walk away from a conversation, they’re actually left with something they can use and apply in their life that can make a difference so they don’t have to keep running back to people like him.  He’s trying to self-empower people and let them know they have all the abilities within them that they need to access whatever information they require to make whatever changes they require. That everyone is equal in that context. And that’s really the crux of his messages: we all have these abilities, and he’s just demonstrating and reflecting to us what we’re already all about.

Bob: Now Darryl, there’s one thing as you mention that, that comes to mind. You had mentioned in a video, and I became really aware of Bashar like around 2010 when I started seeing the videos and things. You’d been channelling Bashar for quite some time, but earlier you did a video, I believe it was 2008, you had mentioned some of the transformation that we would see in the near future, in our present now. And one of those things you mentioned was that there …

Darryl: You have gone out; I can’t hear you at all anymore.

Bob: Hello? Can you hear me now? You had mentioned that we would, about some of the changes that we would see in the future, this was in the 2008 video, that future being our present now. One of the things that you had mentioned, that there would be changes in the way that we do financial transactions, that we would move to a type of universal exchange which was quite incredible because before I had ever heard or seen that video, we were working on that very concept of an international universal exchange, which is, most of the audience that are listening here tonight are very familiar with because they’ve been waiting for this to go online. Can you speak to that? Are those some of the things, some of the changes that Bashar talks about occurring in this year 2013?

Darryl: Well I think that they’re going to go on for a while as well, I don’t think it’s all going to happen this year but I think what he’s simply saying is that new systems will be being created at these times now, for this year and the years to come that will ultimately replace the old systems. So it’s about the people who are now involved, like yourself, in creating those new systems, so that by the time the old systems fade away we will have something to replace them with. I think that’s basically what he’s talking about.

Bob: Thanks for that clarification.

Darryl: Sure.

Chris: Okay. We’re just adding Heather here to say hi, crossing my fingers that the connection can be made because we’re right on the limit of bandwidth I hear at this stage, so I’m hoping that the voices are actually getting out well.

Lisa: Nah, she’s jumped off Daryl, she said she’ll connect with you and Bashar another way.

Darryl: Okay. Well I’ll (over talking) if she’s still listening, I’ll just say hi, “Hi Heather”.

Chris: There you go. (Over talking) I was just going to ask what’s the rough age of the civilization that Bashar comes from?  Are you able to put a figure to it in terms of our years?

Darryl: About 3000 years.

Chris: So it’s about 3000 years old, that civilization.

Darryl: Yes, but they live in a parallel reality that’s on a completely different frequency from us which operates 10 times faster than ours, so we would only perceive them as being about 300 years old but from their perspective they’ve actually had a history of 3,000 years or so.

Lisa: That’s not very long.

Darryl: Well they’re a manufactured society, they didn’t evolve naturally. They’re a hybrid race that was actually created and therefore they sort of had a head start, but they didn’t really need to go through all of the same kind of history that we did.

Lisa: Manufactured by who?

Darryl: This is a long story and we cover some of this in the documentary that we’re doing but briefly: for those that are familiar with what’s called the alien abduction scenario, many of you will be familiar with the fact that many of the abductees said that they have seen the alien beings known as ‘The Greys’ actually creating hybrid beings using our DNA and their DNA and creating a new race that is something between earth human and grey being. Well, Bashar’s civilization is one of those hybrid offshoot races and there are, according to Bashar, four more other whole civilizations that are composed of those kinds of hybrids.

Chris: How large is their civilization?

Darryl: Bashar’s civilization, at any given moment, is no larger than about 250 million people. It’s a relatively small population.

Chris: Indeed. So how do they move from one reality to the other? Obviously there’s a technology?  Is it a technology or is it, do they do it with a consciousness shift?

Darryl: Well it’s both but it is represented by a technology in their shifts and the quickest way I can explain that is what Bashar explained to us.  Which is they don’t think of an object existing in a location: they think of location as one of the properties of the object. And therefore every object actually has, let’s say, a signature vibration equation. So if an object exists in location A, if you move it to location B, that means it actually has a different signature, it has a different equational vibration that goes with it. So if an object exists in location A and you can somehow cut it off from reality, isolate it let’s say in some sort of a force field and then impose on that object the vibrational frequency of the location in B, the object has to stop existing at location A and just suddenly and instantly start existing at location B. That’s how they travel instantaneously from star to star, from reality to reality, by imposing the frequency of the location they’re going to on their ship, and it simply has to take up residence in that new location because now that has become part of its new vibrational frequency signature.

Lisa: In a way, don’t we do the same thing but we just have to...

Darryl: Yes, we do it all the time biologically even to just move around but they have figured out how to do that over what we consider to be vast distances that they don’t think of as distances. So again it’s a matter of perception, it’s a matter of expanding that concept because yes, we do it all the time, it’s just that they’ve learned to do it in a way that to us looks like they’re crossing vast distances, but it’s because they don’t see those things as distant. They see everything existing at the same place in a sense.

Lisa:  And for them they manage to do it instantaneously whereas we have the perception of time?

Darryl:  Yes.

Bob: Well that explains a lot of experiences that people have of bi-location. Where they are, envisioning and they are so envisioning that all of a sudden they open their eyes and they physically can see their surroundings and can describe it as thought they are physically there and I guess in a sense they are physically there.

Darryl: Oh absolutely.  I actually used to have a friend who's no longer physically with us who actually on several occasions did actually physically bi-locate from one place to another physically. So, it can be done and they do, do that and it's exactly the same principal. They've just learned how to apply it on larger and larger scales.

Chris: Darryl, we have a caller with a question would you like to take a question from the audience?

Darryl: Ah sure.

Caller: I was just wondering, does Bashar have a certain layout for how to achieve this thing? Is there certain steps you that you take to reach what we’re talking about, we are basically taking about unity aren't we?

Darryl: Yes, well what specifically are you talking about as the result? Are you taking about bi-location or are you talking about something else?

Caller: No, I'm just talking about the steps that we take in order to reach unity. Are there certain steps and can you tell me those?

Darryl: Yes, essentially there's one specific formula that Bashar talks about and it has to do with acting on your excitement; because excitement is the vibration of your true frequency. So, the whole formula is;
act on your highest excitement every moment that you can to the best of your ability…taking it as far as you can until you can take it no further.

Act on the next most exciting thing that presents its self to you synchronistically that contains the highest excitement and keep doing that with absolutely zero assumption, insistence or expectation on what the outcome ought to be. That's the whole formula.

Caller: Wow! That sounds great.

Lisa: That sounds like a pretty good way to live doesn’t it?

Caller: Yes it does, just following your heart, which is a simple thing. If it feels good in your stomach then it's probably right.

Darryl: Well, generally speaking although you always have to pay attention to whether you’re coloring for something with your beliefs or whether it's truly representative of your excitement. You have to have the discernment to tell the difference. Because sometimes people can be caught up in anxiety and they don't want to look at that so they cover it up and they think it’s excitement when in fact it may not be. But as long as you are sure that what you're acting on with integrity is truly representative of your highest excitement and you do that with no expectation as to what the outcome ought to be, you'll be following that formula.

Bob: There is one aspect of what you said that you said it in such a matter of fact way that it almost belies the importance. That part of no expectation and no attachment to the outcome. Because a lot of times in our experience we look to the past and we project it to our future. We have expectations. Okay, well if I do this, then this is going to happen. Then we wait for XYZ of our expectation to happen before we take any other action and that doesn't work.

Darryl: No. Yes and Bashar is not saying that you can't have expectation that certain things may happen when you do a certain thing. You know there are certain causes and certain effects in that sense. But what he is really talking about is from a deeper explanation.  Basically he’s saying that the physical mind is not designed and is not capable of actually know how something is actually GOing to happen. Only the highest mind knows how something is going to happen.

The physical mind is designed to know what's HAPPENing. It's having the experience and it must stay in the present with that. It's not built to project how something should actually come about. That's why when the physical mind has a vision like when people visualize, it's great to visualize and it's great to make that visualization as specific as you want it to be about what you think is the ideal reality. But the point is of the visualization is only to generate the state of excitement that that visualization causes in you and then hold onto that state of excitement, but completely let that visualization go. Because when you hold onto the state of excitement and let the visual part of it go, then the higher mind can actually bring you the manifestation that is actually representative of the state of being you are in which may actually be better than your physical mind was capable of imagining.

So, if you insist on a particular outcome you may actually be shorting yourself even though sometimes people think, oh well I've got this amazing ideal picture, nothing could be better than that. But you see the physical mind isn't actually capable of imagining what would be better than that but the higher mind is.

So, what to the physical mind may seem to be the ultimate reality, the higher mind may just be the beginning and that’s why it is important to let that go, let that expectation and insistence on a particular outcome go, because the higher mind always knows exactly what really is representative of that state of being. And so, don't hold onto that picture, just hold onto the state.

Lisa: So using that visualization that your physical mind can come up with as simply a launch pad for what's really possible?

Darryl: Exactly, it's just a symbol to get you into the right state, to get you excited. Then stay in the excitement and let the picture go so that the real picture can manifest. Now, sometimes it may look almost identical but many times it actually may be very different and that's when we have to understand that if something different happens we can't label that as having something gone wrong. We have to understand the higher mind is giving us what will actually lead us to the best possible outcome even though our physical mind may not recognize the pathway at that moment.

Chris: So the picture is a tool and you actually leave it as that otherwise you are actually applying a limitation, which is the picture.

Darryl: Yes, yes, exactly......... It's all about the state of being.

Caller:  Can I ask you another question?  I was wondering does Bashar does he explain what truth is?

Darryl:  Well yes in a sense, basically all truths are true.  Whatever is real to you, whatever you define as ‘your’ reality is just as true as whatever anyone else defines.  Now certainly there are things that are common truths, but there are things that are not, and that doesn’t make them necessarily any less true.  It just makes them true for ‘you’ even though it might not be true for someone else.  So truth in that sense, aside from the very basics of existence, is really relative as all truths are true.  From Bashar’s perspective there are only five things that are true for everyone in creation and that’s what he calls the Five Laws.  And the Five Laws are simply that you exist, that everything is here and now, that the one is all and the all are one, what you put out is what you get back and that everything changes except the first four laws. And that’s all there is.  That’s truth for every single BE’ing in creation. Everything else is a matter of a combination of those ideas and based on your own personal perspective; which is ‘your’ truth.

Caller:  Wow!  That is so concise and so beautiful.  Can I ask one more question?  Does Bashar talk about suffering?

Darryl:  He does and I know this is going to be overly simplistic because we don’t have a lot of time to address it, so I’m not trying to say that it’s just this simple, but basically from Bashar’s point of view, all pain is resistance to the natural self.  So when you stop resisting your true nature, pain and suffering go away.
Caller:  That sounds right on.  It’s resistance to what ‘is’.  It’s saying yes instead of saying no. Why is this happening to me?  Embrace it!


AK is putting together a video showing Bob first arriving in Morocco, Vera doing healings, and then what happened out in desert . . . documenting how Bob was able to walk on his own . . .

And Bob shares what these experience were . . . he now knows what is possible verses what is in his head . . . in a highly emotional gratitude from his heart (brought tears to my eyes) . . .

D shares fantastic imagery and stories around being in the desert, within tribal nomad wisdom, and her sense of finding ‘home’ . . .

Lisa shares highlights around strong energetic DOings . . .

Mark shared some deeply heartfelt difficult to express things in how he experienced the journey that were so beautiful.


Project XIII and I UV ixchange

Below Mark offers a small peek into their looking at a way to use our own value as ‘creditors’ now, as an internal means of exchange externally . . . with more on this next week.

Mark: Caleb put it into Microsoft today, which he is pretty excited about.

Chris: Good, so that's the Microsoft Windows phone app.

Mark: Yeah and iPhone won't come out until the first of July. It was going to come out first of June, but it didn't make that. They just ended up getting actually just physically ill. I think for whatever reason that took out a big chunk of time. Everything's new with this and it's very, very exciting. It's incredible what Project XIII will do for our ability to communicate without being monitored for everything that we communicate. It's a huge deal, so that'll be a great tool. The way it's going to roll out is Caleb's just going to launch it at no cost, probably for like the first month or two months.  And from then on, it will be $1.00 a month, but you can get in on it. Starting out he's just going to launch it, because he wants to get it started. It's at his expense to get it going. It's not anybody else paying for it; it's him doing it.

When everything's up and rolling and he can accept some ... the payment gateway has been difficult to get set up apparently. But when it's all running, he’ll then have Silverlight for Mac and PC. That'll probably take another ... at least a couple of weeks to set up.  He's thinking roughly two weeks, but it's all new so it does make sense for people to recognize that there's unforeseens when you're making something new. But he thinks it will be roughly two weeks. I think that it's realistic to look at an iPhone app coming out July first. The iPhone app team is bringing that out then. Also the Silverlight could be reasonably ready for that time frame.

The I UV ixchange side of things is on a lot of people's minds. I was hoping to have more of a clear idea of what to talk about today. My apologies, but I don't have total clarity on that. But I would say, I can say some things that I understand. Heather's trying to teach me things that she sees working with that. I would say that it's very good news for all of us. Things are really changing and we're looking at now having the ability to work with representation using our own value, not representation of our value, but our actual own value and we become the creditors. So the gist of everything is that we're now making a new international means of exchange that's using our own value to back as us, our soul, our own eternal essence, as the backing. Not gold or silver metals, but our own eternal essence. Then we'll be making everything one to one, so a total revalue of all currencies globally of one to one.

So, Heather was explaining to me, everybody already does have $5 billion dollars of value plus another $5 billion if they've been damaged by the small number of people who've given damage over the past years with the monetary system. So really everybody comes out with what you could say is $10 billion dollars, but actually it's unlimited. The reality is that we just need tools that we understand to use. One of them which may not seem a big thing at first is actually very significant, that we'll have contracts. There's already been one done with Project XIII and between Caleb and Heather's husband. That'll be a contract that Project XIII has started. And it's not UCC filings, it's based on public notice and it's using our I ixchange in the I system of registry.

Chris, next week we'll be talking about more of the actual tools. I'm working on that this week with Heather to get the actual tools out and some tools started and examples of how you can work with the new contract system. I'm sorry that I don't have more right now. I feel like it would be good if there was more.

Chris: We can go into some details next week, Mark; that'll be good.  

Lisa:  Do you want to share anything about your experience over the last few days… from your perspective?

Mark: Well I would say for me, from my perspective it would be it was all about this whole trip for me personally was just the experience of awakening.  I came here for everyone is how I came here. I came here because I wanted to see some movement for everyone. I worked with Heather to make that possible. It was an exchange and a working of “Okay, let's bring everybody together and bring the new magnetism of this particular group into a physical proximity so that we could work on a new thing”.

It was very productive. From my point of view, it was extremely productive in that I felt an awakening of the heart forces of the whole planet. It's something to feel. I really actually felt like there was a shift in myself relating to the work at hand and my understanding of what's possible. From talking with Heather extensively over the time that I've been here, I'm very confident with her connections and working with her connections to empower people, so that people can have tools to access value and do stuff.

For me, it's not enough to talk about stuff that happened for me personally right now. It was very significant for me personally. What I felt was a movement for all of us. I can see the mechanics of how this can work, unfolding for everyone. I wish that it was all happening last month. I really would feel better if it was, but the amount of things that have shifted are incredible. I feel that we're seeing an unraveling of incredible control systems. That has been a long time in the establishing of those systems and now unraveling it is very, very exciting for me to watch and be a part of.

Let me see if there's is anything else that will be good to talk about. I'm actually really focused now on working on tools and that's what I'm working with Heather on. I really hope for more of a release on that. The contracts are exceptionally good and instead of working with the UCC filings, which are now archived and ended, it will be working with lawful contracts using notice. We'll probably end up having some sort of registry for that but the internet itself is a place to notice things.

The basic process of accessing value is something like you have value, we each have value, because we are eternal essence embodied. We have value that we can access; the trick is in knowing how to do that and in a way that works, so that we can do the things that we want to do. That's what is being worked on now.  I have a room where people are asking a lot of questions in Skype and that's understandable.  I've been primarily focused on the process and just literally got back today from the work that we were doing, I wasn't on the grid. Now it's going to be about the mechanics and getting it workable. If you take your own value and you back a certain amount of value in whatever currency you want to work in or whether you're using the IUV ixchange, it becomes a way of working with each other through energy exchange and lawful energy exchange. Now it's really just about making that workable. Project XIII will have that written into it now that we know more what we want Caleb to write; he'll add that in there. Until that happens, even just having ... Heather was talking about it even just having a spreadsheet on a website is a public registry of your value. It's a public place where you can put your value and then exchange ... (connection lost completely).

Further updates

BZ Riger has found a place and someone to help her move, with a big thanks to everyone!


Highly recommended book “Quantum-Touch 2.0 – The New Human: Discovering and Becoming” by Richard Gordon -

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In deepest appreciation to all of you, GingerSnap! -

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