Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Teach the World

Well darlin's..... we've tackled the political and economic bull shit- check. It's all done folks, we're just waiting for the moment that it materializes in front of the public with a crash of thunder.  While we wait for the storm of transparency to hit, it's time to focus on other, just as vitally important issues.

This morning my topic on the brain is EDUCATION.

As I've mentioned in the past on RTS, we are a home schooling family.  At least now we are, but it wasn't always that way.  Through our travels and moves, we've seen first hand the disastrous mess that the "Education System" has become.  I've witnessed children being pushed through a cookie cutter that in no way resembles the shape that they are and seen the results of what happens when a square peg is crushed through a round hole.  I've also looked at the curriculums of various school systems and wondered what the hell they are teaching our kids.

I think that most parents who are even marginally awake can see that the main stream education system is so FUBARed that it's beyond redemption.  I'm not even talking about their ulterior motive of brainwashing kids into being good little automatons that will listen to Big Brother and go through their lives unquestioning "authority" and believing the party line.  Let's just focus for a moment on WHAT is being LEFT OUT of our childrens education.

...Edison didn't invent anything- he was a patent office clerk that stole every invention that history names him as creating.  WWI & WWII had nothing to do with one country taking over another country- it was all about banking and making money.  "Thanksgiving Day" has nothing to do with the "Indians" sharing their bounty with the colonists- the colonists slaughtered every "Indian" they came across. "Christmas" has nothing to do with Christ (and why is that religious dogma in our schools anyway?), St Patrick didn't kill all the snakes in Ireland, he slaughtered all the pagan religious leaders, Columbus DIDN'T discover America, Newton WASN'T hit on the head by an apple, Franklin NEVER flew a kite in a lightening storm, and 911 had NOTHING to do with "foreign terrorists"..... So why do we allow schools to teach lies to our children?

After generations of 1+1=2 and I before E except after C, we've lost the ability to SEE, HEAR, and FEEL. All the "lessons" that would encourage the use of those attributes- like Music, Art, Drama, and Physical Education- are being completely deleted from our childrens education.  There is no place for IMAGINATION or FREE THOUGHT!!!  ....

... this is not an accident, nor a side effect of cuts in education spending by governments.

Our children are loosing their ability to THINK and DREAM and IMAGINE. ...which of course is the goal of the controllers- children who've lost their ability to be CREATIVE and to actively  PLAY are easy to control.  So the PTW create an atmospheric bubble around our children that takes away their ability to be FREE- surround them with controlled play, controlled education, controlled parenting.... then they do not know what it's like to NOT be CONTROLLED.

Sure, there are private schools out there that encourage all the positive aspects of play and imagination.... but how many of us are fortunate enough to live close to one of those schools, let alone have the ability to pay for that education?

Hence the reason that we homeschool.

It's not easy.  I can fully admit that it would be way easier for me to send my kids off to school each day- I'd be able to get my dishes done before midnight and have clean laundry!!!  And think of how much time I could spend on writing articles and doing interviews!!  But the dishes can wait and to be completely frank, my kids come before all of you out there in RTSland- harsh, but true.

But what if there was an easier way?  What if WE found a NEW way?  What if we recreate the realm of EDUCATION ourselves? What if there was a new platform about to be launched and what if that platform allowed complete freedom of information exchange without spies, data-gatherers, NSA/CIA/DHS/FBI/ABCDEFG harvesting our information and data? What if that internet based platform gave each person the freedom to teach what they know?  Share what they DO?  Show what they can achieve?

... you see where I'm going with this right?

It doesn't have to be Project XIII that Caleb is about to launch (I will be interviewing Caleb later this morning, and hopefully I can get it out on RTS very quickly), but it might make a great quantum jumping pad to launch an organically living and growing system of teaching our children...... and anyone else who wants to learn!

Here's the thing:  Reading, Writing and Arithmetic are all well and good, but you know what?  It doesn't' take 12 years for kids to learn those things.  It's been proven that you can teach a 12 year old every single piece of mathematics that they've had pounded into their heads from grade 1 through to 6, in less than 3 months. So why are we wasting 6-12 years of our childrens most vitally important stages of developmental  filling our kids heads with 1+1=2 and I before E except after C? Think about that for a few minutes.....

You know what I want my children to learn?  I want my children to learn about how to SEE what we've forgotten how to see.  To HEAR what we've forgotten how to hear.  To FEEL what we've forgotten how to feel.  Can they SEE the rainbow in the clouds?  See the light bounding through the sky?  See through the fabric of the myths of "Time" & "Space"?  Can they HEAR the sounds of Nature?  Hear the humm in the air?  Hear the songs that sing through the sky?  Can they FEEL the air move?  Feel the beating of Earth's heart?  Feel the energy of all the BEings around them?  Can they DANCE and SING with the light of the SUN? Can they IMAGINE the future?  Can they CREATE the world they wish to live in?

THAT is what I want my children to learn.  That is what I want to learn too!

DO you?

Well then..... let's begin!

We have, and will have, tools to make this a reality.  Let's GO!

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