Sunday 23 June 2013

Dream a little dream....

This is an email I received from a friend in the RTS skype room.  His dream resonated so strongly with me that I asked to publish it.  Thank you Kevin!

Our dreams are not the images of our imagination in a sleeping mind.  Dreams are the reality that our mind works in when our physical form is sleeping.  Dreams are a different level of reality where our eternal essence- our soul or spirit, if you will- works, and just like the physical work we do here, the work we do there, in our dream state, is just as "real" and important.

Our true selves bring us messages in dreams. Our true selves work in other places in dreams. 

Right now, people are having some of the most fantastic dreams imaginable.  Just as so so many people were dreaming of the desert leading up to, and while we were there (and still are, as we are still working there and our In-Body-ments will be returning there soon), so many people are dreaming a vast landscape of experiences- experiences that are tying together the work done in 3D with the work done in other realms in dream time and during meditation.

... pay attention to those "Deja vu's" too!  

This is the time of dreams and visions.  Listen and pay attention to them.  This is the time to day dream too- for the stories that play out in our daydreams are just as important as those that play in the theater of our minds at night.  Follow your day dreams and see where they lead.  Smile and enjoy the show my friends. 

a dream I had last night

in a large space there were 3 large groups of people, one on the left, one the right and one centred.  The left and the right were clothed in bright flowing colours, hair flowing, singing, dancing, in a state of love and happiness.  The people in the centre were clothed in uniforms, like nazis.  They were all stomping, marching on the spot, in unison....stomping so hard that the floor under them was breaking.  Their hands were clenched in fists, faces blank and pale.

The left and right approached the centre and began wooing them...singing to them, reached for those on the outer most edges of the centre...enticing them to come and sing and play and break free of the centre.  Those of the centre resisted at first, but then began to fall away and were absorbed by the right and left....they felt the love that was there, they  felt freedom and real joy for the first time in their lives.  The centre shrank gradually.  

No anger, no fury, no hatred, no negative thing was used on the centre.  Just love and compassion.  

This is how the world will change into the one that I and many others predict is on it's way now for all of us.

There is so much competition in the world, so much fear and anger, destruction, war, poverty.  These are all distractions from the truth that we are eternal beings and that we have been manipulated and controlled for thousands of years and pulled away from who we truly are.  But we have learned much via all of the negativity and we must see that clearly there was a purpose to it all.  

That time is slowly coming to an end.  It is time for all of us to rid our planet of all negativity, in all its forms.  This will be done through kindness, peace, love and compassion.  Even compassion for those who do harm to us and the planet.  We are all one.

I have been a very negative person.  I have been caught up in my outward reality and have let it rule me inwardly.  This is something that I am very aware of and want to change.  I am trying.

As a teacher, I see that the education systems in the west is part of the problem.  I agree that education is wonderful and everyone should have it.  But the stress that is involved and the curriculum are distractions from who we really are.  And, many of the things that students learn are not truths, in my opinion.  I forsee a time when students will learn about the things like math, engineering, etc, from a place or perspective filled with love and not stress....I don't know how it will work but I do know how it will feel.  I know how the students will feel.  They will feel happy, excited, loved, aware, honest and at peace.  

much love to you,


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