Thursday 20 June 2013

The One People – “Let’s Pull Together” Tour

.... I almost wish I was back in North America to do this tour with Angel and the gang!!!!


The One People – “Let’s Pull Together” Tour

 with Angel Lucci – 18 States Central and Eastern U.S. – UPDATE 19 June 2013

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6/19/2013 UPDATE:

I wanted to provide an update this morning to let every One know the status of The One People – “Let’s Pull Together” Tour.  I have set the dates tentatively waiting verification from the hosts:
  • June 28/29 -  Memphis, TN with Bill Moore & Jason Hall
  • June 30 – Cullowhee, NC with Ascending Energy & Kelly Killian Sutton
  • July 2 – Baltimore, MD with Dan Witt
  • July 7 – New York City, NY with Grant Williams and Prince Arthur Taylor Internationally known as “The Flo”
  • July 8/9 – Mahopac Falls, NY with Bobby Peck
  • July 10 – Wilkes-Barre, PA with Bob Wright – R&R Stop
    – (May have small informal gathering?)
  • July 11 – Johnstown, PA with Larry and Dot Konchan
    – (Contact me if you’d like to host an informal meeting)
  • July 12 – Pittsburgh, PA with Caroline Tibbetts
  • July 13 – Cleveland, OH
    – (Contact me if you’d like to host an informal meeting)
  • July 14 – Valparaiso, IN  (South Bend and Gary) with Craig Pace
  • July 16/17 -  Minneapolis, MN with Seraph G El (extended original route)
  • July 18 – Garner, KS with Jeff & Sharon N.  -  R&R Stop
Angels Route
Need to set at least one meeting in following States

  • Arkansas
  • Delaware or New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania (Central PA along I-80 Corridor) (I would love to get together with Bob Wright in Wilkes-Barre?)
  • Illinois (Around Chicago) or Wisconsin (Around Milwaukee)
  • Iowa (Around Des Moines)
  • Missouri (Kansas City) or Kansas (Kansas City)
  • Oklahoma (Oklahoma City)
If you have any interest from these above cities, please contact me directly through my email address please.
I’ve updated my route to include a few more states and changes in some others. I am looking to travel about 5-6 hours per day which is 300-400 miles a day.
One the front end, I’m looking at 8-10 hours between cities to Maryland.
Please take a look at my route and if you are anywhere near the route, I would love to hear from you!
Even if you want a house meeting with a few friend or neighbors, email me a note with your information:
  • Name
  • City
  • State
  • Phone Number
Thank You Rob Crabtree for Your Support
on this “Let’s Pull Together” Tour

I will be riding my 2008 Yamaha Warrior (with 46,500 miles) along the 18-states route. I’ll be leaving Fort Worth, Texas and traveling through the following states and cities:
  • North Texas (I-30 corridor) Fort Worth to Texarkana
  • Arkansas  (I-30 corridor) to Little Rock (I-40 corridor) to Memphis, TN
  • Tennessee (I-40 corridor) Memphis to Nashville to Knoxville then (I-81 corridor) to Bristol
  • Virginia (I-81 corridor) Bristol, TN to Marion to Roanoke to Lexington to Staunion  to Harrisonburg to Front Royal then (I-66 corridor) to Washington DC
  • Maryland (I-95 corridor) Wheaton to Columbia to Baltimore to Harve de Grace to Elkton
  • Deleware (I-95 corridor) Newark to Wilmington to Claymont
  • Pennsylvania  (I-95 corridor) Chester to Philadelphia to Morrisville
  • New Jersey  (I-95 corridor) Trenton to New Brunswick
  • New York (I-95 corridor) NYC to White Plains to (Tacoma State Parkway) Mahopac Falls to (Hwy 6 to Hwy 17) to Middletown (I-84 Corridor) to Port Jervis
  • Pennsylvania (I-84 Corridor) Scranton (I-81 S Corridor) to Wilkes-Barre to (I-80 W Corridor) to Milton to Clearfield to DuBois to Clarion to Grove City
  • Ohio (I-80 W Corridor) Hubbard to Youngstown to Cleveland to Toledo to Columbia
  • Indiana (I-80 W Corridor) Angola to South Bend to Gary
  • Illinois (I-80 W Corridor) Chicago to (I-94 Corridor) Milwaukee, WI
  • Wisconsin (I-94 Corridor) Milwaukee, WI to Minnesota
  • Minnesota (I-94 Corridor) Minneapolis, MN to (I-35 S) to Owatonna to Albert Lea
  • Iowa ( I-35 S) Clear Lake to Des Moines to Missouri
  • Missouri (I-35 SW Corridor) Kansas City, Mo
  • Kansas (I-35 SW Corridor) Kansas City, Kansas to Emporia to Wichita
  • Oklahoma (I-35 S Corridor) Oklahoma City to Ardmore
  • Texas (I-35 S Corridor) to Fort Worth, TX
These are the states, cities and roadways I plan on following during this speaking engagement.  If you are within 50 miles from the roadway I will be traveling, I can come to your town. My itinerary will be based on those who would desire me to conduct a presentation along with a Q&A session in their city or town.  Contact me as soon as possible if you want to schedule a meeting. I will be conducting one meeting in the early evening and if possible, I’ll be talking to local law enforcement during the day.  I will need your help on this The One People – “Let’s Pull Together” Tour.
I will be scheduling about 20 evening meetings only.  First Come – First Scheduled.  Let’s make this event one that will change your community!  Your assistance is vital.
After much meditation, I am preparing to take OPPT/I-UV/Eternal Essence Embodied on the road through Streets of Love – unconventional.  I am feeling lead to do this and believe I’ll receive confirmation by the support I receive from the people that know me through Streets of Love – unconventional and the OPPT/I-UV “The One People” Groups on Facebook no matter where you’re located on Earth.
TO SCHEDULE A MEETING (No Group is Too Small)

If you want to schedule a meeting along my route, I will need your personal information; plus a commitment to get together a:
  • Small group (house, few friends, neighbors)
  • Medium group (any public meeting room, restaurant group room, apartment meeting room, etc) or
  • Large group (church, professional group, etc.)
Also could you please provide a place for me to lay my head for at least one night. (I refuse to support the big corporations especially hotel chains).
I am also available to talk to the Sheriffs or Police Department in your area during business hours, in order to educate them as to the changes made by the One People’s Public Trust UCC Filings and their liability under the new lawful landscape.
Send an email with the following information to
  • Name
  • Street Address
  • City, ST Zip
  • Phone Number
I will call you as soon as I receive your information to answer any questions you may have and to just visit to get to know one another.
Once I have a list of names and places committed to conducting a meeting during this tour, I will contact every one and set an itinerary for the exact day I’ll be conducting the meeting at your location.  I will also be taking up a collection or good will offering during the meetings for traveling and living expenses while on the road.
I am hoping to get names together in the next 7 to 10 days so please do not procrastinate in contacting me. If I have at least 10 events scheduled by June 18th, I will commit to the The One People – “Let’s Pull Together” Tour.
I am in the process of creating a 8″ x 10″ poster that you can print out and write in the place, date and time for the event.  Print a few out and give to friends or hang them up around places you visit.  Request an RSVP if seating is limited at your meeting place.  I use to have meetings in my home and we could fit 20-25 people in the living/dining room area.
I will be presenting the OPPT1776 Presentation during the meetings.  The audience should range from  those people that have no knowledge to minimal knowledge as well as those who have been following for some time and they want to know more.
I’m expecting a 2-3 hour session which includes a Questions-and-Answers period where more in-depth discussion can take place.
I am asking for contributions now from any One who desires to help with this The One People – “Let’s Pull Together” Tour.  I will use any donations received for the tour which includes preparing the bike for the trip (oil change) and I’ll probably need a maintenance or a tire somewhere along the route since I’ll be traveling 4,000 miles.  I will definitely pay it forward, as led, if I receive more money than needed for the trip.
I have received a $400 donation this morning from a lovely couple. I am overwhelmed at her generosity! Thank You.  
Any amount is gratefully received and will be used for the Tour.  I’m estimating I’ll need $$50-60 per day to do this The One People – “Let’s Pull Together” Tour.  I’ve not had a “real job” in 2 years.  I’m doing this only through the donations from the One People.  Thank You All for any energy you apply to this tour. I want to see every One and know this tour will be a world-changer for All of Us!
I am accepting contributions through PayPal using my email address ( at this time.  I will also be using the I-UV exchange once it is activated and accessible.  Any amount contributed is lovingly and gratefully received and I thank you for helping me spread the news of the One People’s Public Trust.
I am hoping and praying that you’ll desire to be a part of this The One People – “Let’s Pull Together” Tour!
Let’s be the change we desire to see in the world!
Thank You for your help…

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