Saturday 18 August 2012

Teri Hinkle: Warning of Dinar scams

 I just received this message and felt that on top of my earlier warnings, this needs to be addressed. Directly head on.

In my article "Cashing in" your IQD and VND   I gave some very straight forward information about exchanging your currency and the process of "cashing in". 

As the release of the codes and the live rates is now, for the first time, so so close, it would seem that more and more scammers are  appearing in the dinar community.  Please people: be smart!  I KNOW that many of you are in desperate straights and many have nothing left to hold onto, but do NOT let anyone touch your Dinar!!

Please listen to Teri:

RuSA warning
Thank you Marilyn for sending. I had heard a few days ago that Turner was once again attempting to promote another grab for dinar with a phoney RV deal. WAKE UP PEOPLE THIS IS ABOUT LINING HIS POCKETS NOT YOURS.....ALL INDICATIONS from my sources and others are that the ultimate rate for the common citizen is going to be MUCH HIGHER and soon. His claims of deals with Iraq are so utterly ridiculous that a kindergartner should be able to see through them. Please do not fall prey to this con man!! or his con-cronies!!
If you have a blog or a website please post the warning. Enough people have been harmed already!
Hash: SHA1
Hi Dinar Recaps:
We just received word from one of our members that Jim Fitzgerald'sgroup, the Republic for the Unites States of America (RuSA), has been contacting folks to solicit dinar for a "one time cash-in opportunity." This is not associated with the RV, but rather a purchase
3:1. We placed the following warning in our chat room:
[4:56:16 PM] dillon: Family, It has come to our attention that
there are wolves seeking your Dinar. These wolves are preying upon you via conference calls. Saying that they need X # of Dinar from you by Monday morning. THIS IS A SCAM! As it was conveyed to us, the person is one Jim Fitzgerald and the Republic Congress folks. We have first hand knowledge of this individual and the organization. We will bring you more as we can. DO NOT SEND YOUR DINAR TO ANYONE! It is imperative that you heed this warning lest you lose your money! How many times must we come to you with warnings of wolves? If you are contacted by anyone requesting your Dinar, let us know immediately!!! God Bless you all!!!
Reportedly, Fitzgerald's people re contacting people and providing the reply email addresses
R.Barnet*** and
Felt we should pass this on to you, that widest dissemination of
the information was prudent.
Warm regards,


  1. Just posted!

    Hey D,

    What is your plan for cashing in? I have heard of bank packages released by some of these Dinar groups. Which group will be getting the best rate or do we need to wait to see best rates?

    FYI: Drake mentioned in his latest radio show that the Dinar may revalue to more than $20. Sounds ridiculous but now a days anything is possible.

    1. Hey enerchi, I highly recommend that everyone in the US register with the General64/Studley group. This group is 100% legit and will get the highest rate for the general public.

      ... and yes the rate will be high in the US. I'm still not able to verify the international release rate- but it will be substantially lower than the US rate.

      PS: Stick with Wells Fargo to exchange your dinar and dong!

    2. awesome, thank you for the info.

  2. Replies
    1. ...Very very soon. The information I've received this morning further confirms how close we are to having live rates. If everything runs according to the agreement that happened last monday, we should have a very good week.

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