Thursday 9 August 2012

DRAKE: Aug 8th 2012

I rarely get a chance to listen to Drake's calls any more, there isn't enough hours in my day at this point, but I do try to keep up with what's going on from his circle. 

Drake's call last night hit on several things that I'm currently investigating myself, and resonates with many deep underground rumblings that I'm hearing. 

Change rumbles loudly.  The question is how far reaching are these changes and how fast will they spread?

At this point I cannot verify or deny the validity of Drake's report in it's entirety, but I am digging out information and making calls to see what I can find.  But with what I am hearing, being prepared for change is very important right now- regardless of whether the ball starts really rolling today, tomorrow or next month.  It is vital that people prepare themselves, friends and family.  Everything might roll out smoothly... or it might not.  We might only have a day or two of inconvenience, or we might have to deal with hunkering down for a week or so.  Anyway you slice it, you might want to have at least 3-7 days worth of food and water at home, and extra gasoline and cash on hand.

As I get more information, I will update this post.

*note: I believe that when Drake stated to stay away from the Prosperity Packages, that he is meaning the new ones that have suddenly surfaced.  The original PPs are done and ready for distribution to those entitled to them- which is Not the general public.

Drake Radio Show - Wednesday,  August 8, 2012 @ Blog Talk Radio

To perform arrests:   Study the Insurrection Act (1807).
   Study Article I, Section VIII, and the Citizens Arrest doc from Drake's website. 
   Charges of treason must come before Congress.
   For a treason charge you must find a Judge Advocate (military who is brave. 
There is a huge team of military flag officers and retired inactive officers 
our movement. The inactive ones have been recalled to duty;
   This is the first time in history that this has happened.

   Troop and equipment movements are for our protection.  We are now in
   the End Game. Troops have been issued live ammunition. 

   The California tank movement is to seal our southern border.
* The Tampa GOP Caucus Aug 27 - 30th this month will be different than
News media will be open and truthful.
   Someone important will make an announcement there that will change the

Militias will be contacted by the military.  Get your stuff together now. 
    We will probably not be using our arms but will support in arrests.
The Cabal has lost
* We are close to the financial relief we are all looking for.  TPTB have been afraid 
   we were coming to shoot them.

All of the information above is an OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT.

Minuteman says: If you are not in a militia then prepare to assist your local militia, 
   law enforcement authorities and neighborhood.
* Drake says: This is the first time this announcement has been made.
* Make sure you do not violate any laws with your weapon.
* This is the Tactical Green Light.
* The Russian troops here for training will be leaving in two weeks.
* Russia and China are our allies.
* First the government will be cleaned up, then the financial industry will be cleaned.
* Do not fear flooding on either coast - its fear porn.
* Neal Keenan still has not submitted his lawsuit. 
* Drake will continue to broadcast until the news media is revamped and free.
* Medical miracles will occur due to new technologies; replacement of lost limbs, etc.
* The technology exists to fully suppress earthquakes so don't fear them. 
   TPTB were supposed to have blown up the Olympics but that has been prevented. 
   There are counter measures to HAARP.
* Our planet is shifting on its axis, but it is a good thing.
To locate a militia near you, go to WRAM, , 
   Well Regulated America Militias.
*  ETs did show up at the Olympics on the 4th.  They will show themselves more as 
    we get comfortable with them.  They are here to help us in our transition.
* The first couple of weeks of September will be a fun period with extraordinary
   things happening.
* NESARA will be implemented by the end of the year.
* Stay away from Prosperity Programs at this time.
* There will be a need for anyone familiar with Common Law.

 I also will note a few things that Drake said on Sunday August 5th

Drake Radio Show - Sunday,  August 5, 2012 @ Blog Talk Radio

 * There are about $125 Trillion hidden away in the CAFR accounts of state and
     local government's budget surplus savings.
* Russia and China are no longer our enemies.  This past week they vetoed and stopped
    NATO from waging war against Syria and Iran.
* Eric Holder is supposed to be charged in a few days.
* The military does have the right to defend us against an oppressive government.
The reset is going as planned, other than the predicted dates.
* HAARP has been used by the military to create earthquakes and bad weather conditions.
    It will be salvaged and used for good and no longer as a weapon.

 Enerchi from Ascension Mother Earth  has been keeping a very up-to-date list of all the Drake notes and links to listen to all the calls HERE

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