Friday 10 August 2012

No new permits for nuclear reactors in the US!

Dutchsinse brings huge news to the table.  The US will stop issuing permits for NEW nuclear reactors and cancelling permits for nuclear power plants when they come up for review.

Considering the fact that a good portion of the existing nuclear power plants are falling to pieces and being quietly shut down for safety reasons, this is just one more victory that might just aid in safeguarding the public.

If you want to know what's going on around you, I highly recommend following Dutchsinse.

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This is a great development !! The USA is revoking NEW nuclear reactors, and cancelling permits for plants when the come up for review --- until the "nuclear waste problem is solved" !!!!

Japan and Germany did the same thing this past year.... shut down the nuclear plants when they come up for review.

I started a petition to have the plants shut down when they come up for review... started that petition at the whitehouse a few months ago.... got a few thousand signatures ....

Move forward to today.. August 9, 2012 --- they announce ALL nuclear plants (new ones not being built.. current plants being shut )

AMAZING !! Awesome victory !

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