Tuesday 14 August 2012

August 14th 10am est Earthquakes

What's going on?  It would seem that the USGS is are again editing earthquakes as they happen.

This is the USGS live feed screen shot from 30 minutes ago:
this is the EMSC live feed screen shot from 35 minutes ago

The EMSC live feed is showing several earthquakes from 12:05- 13:06 that don't show in the USGS feed.

WOW!!!  Update!  in the time it's taken me to post up these screen shots here, there has been an earthquake in Iran again!

EMSC live feed from 10:41 est

USGS live feed screen shot 10:42 est

The USGS "life" feed is not showing the Iran earthquake, nor some of the earthquakes in Europe - most notably the one in Greece is completely missing from the USGS feed.

Dutchsinse has been telling us for a long time the the USGS has been editing earthquakes right out of existence.

The Question is: WHY?

EDITED Aug 15 2012

I am seriously scratching my head.  I just checked the USGS and the EMSC and AGAIN the USGS is not showing the earthquakes in Greece.

According to the EMSC Greece had another 10 earthquakes today, between 2.2- 3.3, so not very strong, BUT.... all in a depth of 2-5km deep.

Again the question is: WHY?  What is going on in Greece?

Anyone have any theories?

USGS August 15 2012

EMSC August 15th 2012


  1. intellicast showed two 5.1 quakes yesterday and i have screen captures of them, if anyone wants me to email them for them to see...

  2. thanks for letting me know about this and great work your doing exposing! Amazing to see this actually taking place in front of our eyes.

  3. Im also confused as to why they are deleting earthquake data. I have no theories yet. I wonder what dutchsinse thinks about this.


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