Wednesday 8 August 2012

Cobra: "New Financial System" - My Response

Very early this morning on the Nesara website, they published COBRA's version of what will happen in the new financial system.

This article by Cobra was originally published on his site on April 28 2012-

I originally posted this as a comment on the original article on the Nesara site, but I feel that with the new attention the Cobra article is receiving that it needs to be addressed directly.

Unfortunately this information is incorrect on several levels- from the amount of money in the World Global Settlements and where it will go, to the currency revaluations, and the actual timing of each of these steps happening.

Normally I am one to promote the ability of each person to discern for themselves what is truth, and to ask that people withhold judgement when they read information that they find difficult to believe based on their social/religious/political ideologies. But in this case I must openly state that this information is incorrect. I feel that this information perpetuates fear of the failure of the economic system- raising panic instead of preparedness, and promotes a timeline that is not only incorrect, but impossible.

Having worked within the community of people that are involved in these changes, I can see the inconsistencies in this theory.  The information about the currency revaluations is absolutely incorrect- the sheer illogic of this statement speaks for itself:

"Revaluation will take place. It means that the exchange rates between various currencies will change, but not drastically They will reflect more truly the real productivity of nations." 

Followed by:

"Iraqi Dinar will not gain much value, contrary to speculations of many people."

If the global currencies are revaluing to truly reflect their actual value based on the country's assets, which is absolutely correct, then stating that the IQD will not gain much value is a misnomer. 

The Iraqi Dinar's value prior to the Gulf War- way before the recent uncovering of several new oil deposits and the large amount of  gold that has been discovered- was $3.22 US.  Even if the IQD revalues to be  1/1 equal to the US dollar (and the actual value will be higher than that), then the gain in value is huge. 

I have to question the reasoning behind the writing of this article and the validity of any sources used to generate this information.

Further reading about where we are right now with regards to the global currency revaluations, IQD RV, World Global Settlements, and Prosperity Packages:

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