Monday 27 August 2012

Dutchsinse: Earthquake Swarm in California


Be prepared people!!!!  This is not about fear porn, this is about being prepared!!!!

There are MAJOR things happening this weekend- happening right now!!  World changing events are under way- Right now!   

Look at this list of earthquakes on the USGS - I have NEVER seen anything like this before!!

This massive swarm of earthquakes is mostly shallow- depths of 10-12km, but some as shallow as less than 1km deep.

..... an unbelievable swarm of earthquakes in Southern California, after two weeks of hearing that the military on the West coast has been evacuating.  After witnessing transports of tanks and personnel carriers by the train load in California.  After weeks of hearing about false flag attacks on the West Coast....

.......On THIS day.  With all that is happening today to change the world we live in... TODAY there is a massive swarm of earthquakes on American soil?!? 

It stinks to high heaven.  It reeks of lies and deceit.

"look over there!!!  oh quick look over there!!!!"

90 miles ENE of Tijuana Mexico -- near the border of California and Mexico -- a series of mid-range earthquakes (5.0M and 4.0M) struck.. followed by multiple DOZENS of subsequent earthquakes in the same location ... a swarm ... not really aftershocks.. since the largest of the tremors was a 5.4M.
Which, to me, means we need to watch for a LARGE earthquake at the end of this chain reaction.. the 5.4M wouldn't be large enough to cause such movement that we're actually having.
If you live in the southern California area -- or along the west coast extending near the fresh lava fields off the coast of Oregon... also along the edge of the north American Craton... New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri.. and the east coast states extending northeast to New Brunswick Canada.
Be prepared for followup movement in adjacent areas to the south California swarm zone.
Use the links here to monitor earthquakes nationally and internationally:

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