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Another piece in the Iran Puzzle- attempt to attack Iran in 07.

The following article is another important piece of the puzzle for people to read to understand the lies and deceit that are being fed to them about Iran.  The Cabal NEED an excuse to start a war against Iran and they will do ANYTHING to further their ambitions and add yet another floor to their tower of power and greed.  Iran has something that the Cabal wants.

...and it's not to stop Iran from building nuclear weapons.  Remember Iraq? And the search for weapons of mass destruction that they insisted were hidden there?  Remember that they finally were forced to admit that there never were any weapons of mass destruction?  The cabal isn't very original fortunately, so I am hoping that the people will be able to see this overly used ploy for what it is: An Excuse.

As I said in my article earlier this month "Iran: What you need to know before jumping on the war band wagon" there are some very important points that people need to understand:

  • Iran hasn't attacked another country in over 300 years. Read a history book
  • Iran is the world's fourth largest oil producer and is OPEC's second-largest producer after Saudi
  • Iran produces nuclear energy and is the only country besides Canada to be able to produce vital medical isotopes
  • The only reports about Iran 'threatening" Israel and/or the USA are being generated by main stream media that is completely controlled by the Cabal
  • and finally, and you really really need to think about this one as I think it is the most important issue to understanding the unbelievable push by the PTB to start a war with Iran:   Iran is one of only three countries left in the world whose central bank is not under Rothschild control. Before 9-11 there were reportedly seven: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Iran. By 2003, however, Afghanistan and Iraq were swallowed up by the Cabal and by 2011 Sudan and Libya were also gone. That leaves Iran, Cuba, and North Korea as the last standing free banks in the world.  ....what else do they all have in common?  Oh that's right!  They've all been targeted by mass propaganda campaigns by the US. 

Then to that knowledge add in this tidbit of seismic knowledge:

According to the USGS there have been 33 earthquakes in Iran in the past 30 days ranging between 4.1- 6.4 magnitude-  16 earthquakes on the 11th of August, and the vast majority all at exactly 10km deep.

According to the EMSC there have been 76 earthquakes in Iran in the past 30 days, and 30 earthquakes on Aug 11th- only 5 more than 10km deep.

And now, the article I would like you to read- the article that points out that American (as controlled by the Cabal) has already attempted, at least once, to start a war with Iran under the guise of a false flag attack.


The Truth About the 2007 Invasion of Iran and the Woman Who Stopped It

A Brave Loyal American Prevents a USS Liberty Type False Flag Attack   Saving Hundreds of Marines and Sailors

“These four women survive, all have worked with Veterans Today and make up a group of patriotic and honest Americans who put duty and honor before career and cash.” ...Gordon

by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Five years ago, an American woman serving in Bahrain single handedly stopped the United States government from a criminal attack on Iran and a series of “false flag” terror attacks on American troops and ships in the region.

American Neocons and Israeli lobby decided this was their last chance to start a war, one that would saddle the next president with a disaster of unprecedented proportions, fighting 3 wars during America’s Bush driven economic collapse.

The plans were in motion, plans that would have eventually collapsed the United States, plans also aimed at the destruction of Iran and the enslavement of her people.  One person, known to few, played a key role in stopping this disaster.

This is Gwyneth Todd, former member of President Clinton’s National Security Council and top Middle East advisor.  Stopping the Bush invasion would end her career and nearly cost her life.
Todd, though a ranking Navy official in 2007, was forced to flee Bahrain for her life, settling in Australia.  Those who aided her were murdered, jailed, hunted.
Today she is raising a family, taking care of wildlife and serves as an editor for Veterans Today.  This is part of a story few know, a desperate time and the heroic acts of one person, one who made a difference.


In 2007, an American armada
, troop ships, aircraft carriers, guided missile cruisers and destroyers sailed into the Persian Gulf.  Their plan was to land Marines on Iranian soil, a plan hatched by Vice President Dick Cheney and White House officials including Karl Rove, Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Clarke.

Military command of this invasion, to be done without consultation of congress or the United Nations was left to Vice Admiral Kevin J. Cosgriff and Admiral Will J. Fallon, both career opportunists with extremist political views, willing to do anything for promotion and the curry favor from the powerful criminal figures in US government.

Their “cover story” was to sale a frigate up the Shatt al Arab, a disputed waterway between Iran and Iran, hoping to stimulate a “response” from Iran.

Their real plan was to create the response themselves, as was done by the Navy during the Tonkin Gulf Incident in 1964 when America “invented” an attack by North Vietnam as a prelude to a 10 year war America eventually lost.

Their plans were to create phony radio traffic simulating an Iranian attack in order to push America into authorizing hostilities that they, themselves, had perpetrated in as part of a conspiracy.

The official version of story is in a 5 page article in Washington Post last Sunday titled:

    “Why was a Navy advisor stripped of her career?

What is important here is not just the quality of the story that is told, but the more important story that could never be told. There was a second part of the plan.  Admiral Cosgriff informed Todd, on December 13, 2007, while Todd was his chief advisor, that Iran planned on attacking Bahrain and had total control of Shiites in the region.

This is how the Washington Post reports her response to the Admiral:
“The report, which she guessed originated with the local CIA station, said the attacks were to be led by Bahrain’s top Shiite religious figure, Isa Qassim.

 Todd thought the report was fishy. Although Bahrain’s Shiites did oppose the U.S.-backed Sunni monarchy, they’re Arabs, eternal enemies of the Persian Iranians. And Qassim himself, it happened, had warned Todd just the previous day that anti-monarchy demonstrators might attack places frequented by U.S. personnel.

The report “looked like a fabrication by someone trying to kill two birds with one stone, by making the Bahraini Shia appear to be anti-U.S. terrorists who also happened to be taking orders from Iran,” Todd said. “I knew, really knew, that the Bahraini Shia were trying to ensure U.S. personnel were nowhere near the possible violence.” She suspected the intelligence report was cooked up by Bush administration hawks.”
Todd was sent to meet with intelligence sources who said the report was bogus.  Private sources told a different story.

They indicated that Bahrainian secret police, aided by special operations units answerable to the Joint Special Operations Command under Vice President Cheney, planned to stage an attack on US facilities.

The would be timed to attacks on US naval personnel, terror bombings, staged by Americans but blamed on Isa Qassim, a popular religious figure who was known to oppose the local monarchy.

Through him, false claims of naval attacks would flood in to Washington and Marines would land in Iran.

Hundreds of Americans would be murdered by fellow Americans to serve “political necessity and the greater good,” as the slogan so often used by the “neocons” goes, especially when criminal acts are involved.

The night Admiral Cosgriff sent Todd out to meet a CIA informant in Dirza, Todd’s clearances were stripped, she was cut off from all contact and abandoned, abandoned and hunted by death squads of Bahrainian secret police who had been tailing her.

    She was going to be murdered in Bahrain to silence her, as so many have been since.

In the interim, however, Todd contacted ranking supporters within the Navy and US government, reporting this attempt at terrorism and an unauthorized invasion and, with the help of her soon to be husband, an Australian naval official, managed to escape unharmed and hunted.

The “Cosgriff/Fallon War Deception” was derailed and war averted.

The most hunted person on earth has never been Julian Assange; it has been Gwyneth Todd, who has held some of the highest positions in government and as a military advisor during two presidencies.

Only a year ago, “GW” as she is called at Veterans Today was subject to what we believe to be an attempted kidnap/rendition while living in Australia.  The story was featured front page on theSydney Morning Herald.

“GW” married to an official of the Australian Ministry of Defense, is in Australia ducking endless US ploys to silence her on her direct access to information that could put a virtual army of Bush era top official in prison for life or worse.

This week, the Washington Post did a 5 page spread on GW, editing out the “juicy parts” that we will be filling in over the weeks prior to the election.  No American paper would ever allow the unedited truth to be read by the public, now an “uninformed electorate.”

The Post touched on a few startling revelations but due to issues of policy more than national security, left out “GW’s” extensive knowledge at White House level.
Todd had evidence of foreign spying, was able to name names, criminal activity in the advance planning, years in advance of the Iraq War and her knowledge of the working group in the Pentagon and White House that prepared for the 9/11 attacks months in advance.

Todd had, you see, been assigned by former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State, Condi Rice, to work with the FBI in order to eliminate spy organizations working within the White House.  What she and the FBI learned brought about the arrest of a number of high officials.
The FBI agents who worked with Todd were set aside, their careers ruined and, later, the FBI would hunt Todd, a “new FBI” tasked with silencing those who “knew too much.”


Gwyneth Todd was from a long line of American diplomats, bankers, spies and scholars going back to Revolutionary times.

Her first 17 years had been spent following her father, Kenneth Thompson, a career diplomat, and mother, Eve Tyler, granddaughter of a renowned art collector, through embassies in Malta, Turkey, West Africa, England and Spain.
Summers were spent at the family chateau in France, where the bloodline led back to Napoleon.
But Washington was home. Her maternal grandfather, William Royall Tyler, had been an assistant secretary of state in the Kennedy administration and director of Dumbarton Oaks, the estate and center for Byzantine and pre-Columbian art studies.
The estate’s original owners, Robert and Mildred Bliss, were intimate friends of her family. “When we weren’t overseas, I spent much of my time as a child playing in the gardens,” Todd said during one of several interviews in the past year.
She graduated Phi Beta Kappa in Near and Middle Eastern studies from the University of California at Berkeley, then earned a master’s in Arabic and international affairs in 1990 at Georgetown University.


Todd, at one time with the among the highest security clearances in US government, witnessed much during her career cut short by a criminal cover-up by American political and military officials who likely will never face the criminal charges against them that facts justify.
As with Sibel Edmonds, Valerie Plame and Susan Lindauer, Gwyneth Todd, survivors of a rogue regime, holds information that could bring America’s “cardboard cutout” democracy to its knees.
These four women survive, all have worked with Veterans Today and make up a group of patriotic and honest Americans who put duty and honor before career and cash.
What is unique about them is that they survive while others like former football star and Army Corporal, Pat Tillman, were murdered or simply disappeared, as did so many who got too close to the questionable circumstances surrounding the 9/11 events.
Tillman, a “picture perfect” soldier was shot in the forehead 4 times at close range by unnamed fellow Americans while serving in Afghanistan.  Tillman had begun to question the war.  Today his death is listed as “friendly fire,” a strange term for government sanctioned premeditated murder.
At the time, US Commander in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal lied to the press and the American people claiming Tillman was killed by “enemy fire.”  This expose represented a bitter end to McChrystal’s career.
Todd still lives with her family in Australia, somewhat of a local celebrity after the attempt by US officials to, well, we aren’t sure what their plans were, rendition, murder, we will never know.
Editors Note:  I will pose to you all that we are long past due a needed divorce from all internal investigations, not a one of which is worth spit. They are a mockery of even the word justice, much less the concept. They are a proven national security threat and have totally undermined accountability for high crimes and misdemeanors at the highest level. We need a totally independent investigative and judicial branch to handle any and all such investigations. And that would include the Justice Department and the FBI…no exceptions…Jim W. Dean
Editing:  Jim W. Dean
Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran, a combat infantryman, and Senior Editor at Veterans Today. His career has included extensive experience in international banking along with such diverse areas as consulting on counter insurgency, defense technologies or acting as diplomatic officer of UN humanitarian groups.
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... Here is something else to think about:  If the USA is so concerned with the freedom of people and bringing and supporting democracy around the world, why have they not marched their troops into Tibet, or Burma, or Cambodia?  Figure out what Kuwait, Iraq, Libya, and Iran have that Tibet, Burma and Cambodia do not have.... then maybe the propaganda will make sense.


  1. I would love to make a comment. But then again it's become dangerous to do so.

    I was once angry at my government for all their selfish, power seeking, greed.

    But, it's to be expected.

    The problems we face are our own fault "we the people", for allowing our elected officials and huge, wealthy and powerful corporations to make policy for our country.

    Until "we the people" take an active role in the direction were headed, things will be worse tomorrow than they are today.

    How? Vote, demonstrate, band together not as Rep. nor Dem. but as Americans with a voice so loud it will rock the very foundation our leaders take their afternoon naps on.

    Help! Make our country great once again.


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