Sunday 12 August 2012

Get O off the voters Ballot?

I was just sent this, and I have not yet received verification that it is legit..... 

U.S. Marine Corps (USMC)


... I figure a phone call is better than sitting on your ass picking your nose and watching the circus in London, Right?


  1. I would like to know how a legitimate source of the Armed Services can commit treason by advertising to potential voters that the sitting President of the United States, via The Supreme Court, and the exhausted Appeals process, needs to defend his legitimacy any more than has already been done. Sounds like you have been picking your nose, sitting on your a$$, watching the circus in London a little too much already. The same goes for whomever is running the scam of the phone calls to remove Obama from any voter ballot. If the Repubs had a bona fide agenda for the office, instead of the "fake" that is to be nominated in a few days, running propaganda scams on your website to instill fear and stupidity would be less attractive to your dark agenda.

  2. Hi Anonymous- you know, it never fails to make me wonder why it is that people feel the need to leave comments full of vitriol and hostile sarcasm instead of calmly explaining their opinion. I am not even sure what your focal point is in this comment? I would welcome your critique if you would care to discuss this issue rationally.

  3. ... I would also add that as you've used terms like "Instilling fear" and "dark agenda", that you must be at least somewhat educated on these topics, and I would ask you: how does your comment further the agenda of the light? Surely you must see that your own comment is so loaded with loathing and disdain that itself gives power to the dark agenda- working through division, instead of unification.

  4. My comments further the agenda for the Light by helping to expose the Dark disinfo that slyly manipulates the unaware. Why do YOU use language that is peppered with R-Rated descriptive nouns like a$$, or phrases that appeal to the grade school humor group like "picking your nose while watching the (circus) in London. How do your lowly comments speak to an agenda supposedly filled with Light? As far as the issue of verification of legitimacy to BE in office , and being eligible to run again in November, the point has been laid to rest OFFICIALLY !!! So who is really courting the dark agenda with false information. If you are unaware of it's validity, then, why do you allow it on your blog without aligning with it's negative content, which speaks treason. If anyone is behind the cabal, it's the party that signs on to this pointless nonsense that further confuses those that are ignorant and easily manipulated.

    1. HI again Anonymous, on the topic of Obama's legitimacy to be in office, the question is very much still open and being openly contested in several courts of law. I have watched 2 of the court cases live and reviewed the information carefully. I have spent the last few years watching and holding all that I've seen, read, and heard, from all sources both pro-Obama and anti-Obama, and filed it away for future reference. Up until about 3 months ago I still remained neutral and refused to take any sides in the Obama debate. but in the last few months I have received intel from the deepest sources that has swung my opinion to to realization that Obama is not the child of light that many are insisting that he is. I do not expect you to believe me, and you can label me a "dark disinfo agent" if you wish, but the truth of the situation will soon be apparent. I will say that I think it's quite extreme to make all encompassing statements that anyone who takes a view that is different from your own, is ignorant and easily manipulate.

      As for my choice of colourful expletives, that is just the way I write. It is my site after all, and I do believe that I have freedom of speech to express myself as I wish, trucker language and all.

      ... oh and the "grade school humour" is exactly that- thank you for noticing.

      If you wish to discuss your opinion of O and would be willing to back up your opinion with background and facts, I would be more than willing to have that conversation

  5. I have given my "facts". The Supreme Court decision that upholds his legitimacy, which was broadcast on MSM, and is common knowledge to anyone who cares to investigate. Your deep intel is baloney until you produce contrary supporting evidence that he is illegally in Office. You are right about this being your site, but also right about aligning with a dark agenda using the front of universal harmony. I always did believe that the best place for an evildoer to hide is in the pulpit of a church, well hidden and hard for the foolish to spot, a true wolf in sheep's clothing. Thanks for admitting to all, that you are not what you seem to be on the surface, using the brotherly Love agenda and universal awareness as a smoke screen for ulterior motives. . I wonder how close the "colorful expletives, and grade school humor" align to responsible wayseers and starseeds on the pathway to the Light? You talk a big game, but it's all superficial rhetoric that has little merit, except for the "grade school" mentality that you seem to emulate. It should be simple to post your erroneous USMC source for the propaganda that you are sponsoring, and then everyone can bypass your drivel and go right to problem, if the source even exists. I didn't start the thread, YOU have not backed up where the source is for these numbers that are displayed. But what can one expect from someone who sees life from a pre-teen mentality.

    PS Please supply the court cases that you are monitoring that support a sitting President to be "profiled" before he can be acknowledged by the voters. The highest court in the land has vouchsafed for his authenticity as a US citizen. Why should he have to prove it over and over again to silly "doubting Thomases" all over the country?
    Why do the extreme right politicos keep beating a dead horse?

  6. Well Anonymous, it would seem that no matter what I say you will twist it to your own personal agenda. If you wish to base your opinion on what the main stream media is promoting as truth, so be it. I wish you well.


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