Tuesday 14 August 2012

Message to Drake, and update for Aug 13th

A message from my good friend at Soldiers Hugs:

 *Message to Drake and Earth´s People*

On June 6th, 2012 you announced a Vote to your listening audience aimed at gathering the collective voice of "We the People" with regards to a supposed possibility of a "Peaceful Surrender" of the Cabalists, and a request of "We the Peoples" contributions as to the preferred "Conditions."  Many were very disappointed and felt let down a few days later when you announced the results of the initial poll, and also indicated that the whole "Poll Thing," was just an exercise of your own creation and ultimately was a bit of "Fun & Games,"etc...
I created this poll on my own with no sanction or instruction from you as I felt it necessary to further expand upon your initial ideas as to what "We the People" should be considering in this regard. This was very well received indeed and it seemed obvious that others out there also had ideas that went far beyond the initial scope of what you offered as a "food for thought."
I have kept this poll vote open and active, continuously, since the initial June 6th announcement with the intent to provide people with an avenue of expression as to their contributory voice.  I can say wholeheartedly that the idealism behind the voting process as a means for the "People" to represent themselves and express their civilian voice is not taken lightly by any means, particularly when many of us still know and remember what this process was intended to serve as.
It seems clear now after 2 months, the "fever pitch" in the air and in all the discussions is that in fact, the Cabalists have no intention of any kind of surrender and hence will need to be removed, replaced and their influence neutralized by the rest of "We the People."  So be it.
There are countless thousands of us whom are awake and aware to these events. Although I have disagreed with some of your previous broadcasts and information relayed, I applaud your courage and perseverance in getting this message of Freedom out to the Public sector. I have always sought to unify the various threads of Freedom movements via the Soldierhugs website and blog and after reading the recaps of your last broadcast you seem to be discussing aspects that I do agree with especially with regards to releasing FEAR and discerning from within to achieve these objectives. 
It is my desire that people begin to understand the mechanics, dynamics, and power embedded within all of us as "Creators" and "Architects" of our own destiny. As such, here is a new release of the previous Voting Poll now re-named more appropriately as "COLLECTIVE CHOICE POLL."  This Poll contains all of the previous conditions listed, but also has new modifications added, and also 2 new polls added for these.
No more Fun and Games as to the Who, What, How, Why, and Where our Freedom will be achieved. Its happening now and that's all there is to it. Lets make it known the World over what we as the Human race have decided for the next phase of our human experience and prosperity. What say you?
Vote YOUR CONSCIOUS! VOTE your FREE WILL! There are NO Right or Wrong answers in the Polls below, only what you desire to live and experience. Many of you have already voted on some of the polls below. There are 2 new Polls included that everyone can now express and contribute their choice.



Monday, August 13, 2012

Special Monday Night Drake Show: Are You on the Catastrophic or Positive Timeline?

Special Monday Night Drake Show: Are You on the Catastrophic or Positive Timeline?

·         The guest on the show is Alfred Webre III who is a futurist and is into the field of Exo-politics.
·         Drake shortly summarizes his Sunday 08/12/12 show where he discussed what actions a person could take in order to disconnect from our “matrix” installed by the powers that be. He offers certain techniques like “envisionment” and “creational powers” where an individual can use these techniques and apply it to our current world.
·         Drake discusses his encounter with a person who has ties with the movie called “The Matrix” he goes on to discuss the mechanics, where as it was a movie that focused on an established “matrix” or artificial reality where an individual embarks on a learning journey to discover life changing answers where everything is not as it seems.
·         Alfred mentions we currently live within an artificial construction within another artificial construction where we would call this a “Matrix”. Which is also described as something that is a “controlling frame work”.
·         Drake states there are ways to discover our “Matrix” where certain objects will stand out, some will also affect a person to a certain degree. Our current reality is almost like a computer hologram.
·         Alfred asks “how can we deconstruct this matrix? Drake answers that the way to deconstruct this matrix comes from an individual’s ability of control. There are several factors that tie into this scenario. Sometimes people experience the same thing over and over again, where as we expect a different outcome. By using “envisionment” you can re-create or change your future according to what the individual requires.
·         Alfred quotes Professor. Calhan from University of Washington, where this man has written about the Mayan Calendar. He believes that the Mayan calendar is something that follows the guideline of consciousness. He states that the universe is now broadcasting large waves of consciousness that is giving every individual on the planet to use such powers of envisioning, through intention create a reality we want.
·         Drake state’s by using envisionment we are exercising our divine powers given to us by our creator in order to change our future as well as the futures of others.
·         If you look at solid objects, every day experiences, when you look at the molecular level or modern physics, we are “full of holes”. It’s something we can’t necessarily see but we acknowledge it is present.
·         Alfred asks the question, “How can one go and create a vision?” or how would you know your full potential once you know you live within a Matrix?
·         Alfred talks about how President Obama was groomed in 1971 to be president, by a CIA time-travel related program in which they “saw him as president”.
·         Drake says sometimes there are things that happen that aren’t or shouldn’t happen a certain way. We have to levels of our mind a conscious and subconscious level. When we use “envisionment” it becomes a part of our subconscious, which imprints this on our conscious as puts it as a priority.
·         By using envisionment we have the ability to change many everyday factors as a means to alter and change our current paths. When using the powers given to us by our Creator. Some have decided to accept a system where we accept a greater power and its rules and guidelines. Some may call this a leap of faith. However once you master this envisionment process, you become creator beings where you can do things that you probably once thought were impossible.
·         Alfred asks, “can we co-create a vision of a positive timeline at this very moment until it manifests?” He asks the listeners to stop for the moment to envision our planet, free from genocide, wars, plagues, food shortages, etc. and to be given everything an individual needs to live a long sustainable life.
·         Drake talks about the apocalyptic predictions that are currently running rampant on the MSM. He asks the question, think about your children and what future you would like them to have? Try to envision a happy future, filled with “normalcy”, where we have leaders that operate within the law and not abuse it.
·         One must consider all of the possible apocalyptic scenarios, do you want destruction? Do you want a solar flare to strike? Do you want a nuclear war to break out? When we take a moment to see that these scenarios are not beneficial to humanity, we can envision it NOT happening. Through this you are in a position where you tap creational powers in which can adjust and completely change our future.
·         Every individual has a talent or experience and when we work together and not divided we can co-create a positive lifestyle for everyone. A Utopian society is possible; it just takes time, and the collective “envisionment” of humanity. We must pick a solid clear picture of the future, and do it until it manifests.
·         There are a degree of limitations; they are derived from the individual. When one sees strides and accomplishments, there are constant obstacles placed in our way as a means to keep us back. By using our creational powers we can surpass these boundaries.
·         Alfred states, “Aren’t we a holographic component of the source?” Drake answers it could be, but it falls into levels of society in which depending on the individual there are those who do believe in a higher entity, a creator, or source.
·         By using the power of envisionment, we have the ability to stay the same or alter our everyday life as a means to change and influence our future. What we experience as our current reality is not the only option. By placing a goal, envisioning it until it happens we break away from the mold of the Matrix.
·         Drake mentions the hoax called “Nibiru, Planet X, etc.” where is something that is a fabrication from TPTB. But if one takes a moment to look at what’s being circulated, when we look at its supposed trajectory, the numbers and path just don’t make sense. There have been numerous references of this being a rogue planet or a brown dwarf.
·         Alfred begins to talk about an article that will be published in November of this year. In it he talks about the catastrophic timeline being put out. He states that it’s a synthetic hologram environment that has been constructed by an advanced race of ET’s called the “Greys”. He quotes the Psychic Edgar Cayce reading where he talks about a large catastrophe. He talks about the remote viewers who’ve seen buildings like the (Sydney Opera House, US Govt which was underground somehow). He states that 2 Whistle Blowers, the Greys have created “SQE (Synthetic Quantum Environments) which would be mini-environments that would mimic a pass by of a brown dwarf and what the environment would like after such an event.
·         The Grey’s constructed this artificial hologram which resulted into about 3 trillion dollars from black budget money, into 174 or more Deep under Ground Military Bases (D.U.M.B.S) that would house the U.S government and the techno-crate elite.
·         The SQE is a psychological program which was placed upon humanity by this advanced race of ETs which most of the global governments have fallen for. It was a large global scale psy-ops.
·         The Greys are a race of ET’s that are not nice; they are sinister beings who have done this in other parts of the galaxy.
·         The Function of the SQE’s depending on the ability to override existing time-lines. It’s a holographic, open program in which the individual makes a decision to see certain events in their reality. There is about 13% of humanity who buy into this holographic program. About 39% or so do not buy into this, and fall in a positive timeline. 5-7% is in reality currently into this negative timeline. Much of the planet runs on a harmonic convergence frequency which runs at 5-9% frequency. When it’s combined they are placed together in a way that determines the outcome.
·         There are several controlling mechanisms or “veils” for example in Operation Looking Glass they saw a possible date as December 2012 where a flash of white light began, and they could not look any further. As a result of this project large quantities of power were used to operate the program which led to subsequent quake activity, project was later stopped.
·         There are also some ancient devices that have has similar functions, in our current world such devices have become smaller due to technical tweaks that have been applied.
·         Our current technology combined with the tech from the ET Greys can produce deadly catastrophic results.
·         Our Ancient’s knew about the capability to connect with the cosmos. They wanted an individual to understand the Mayan Calendar’s true meaning. The Calendar goes on until 2045, but officially it is stated it ends in 2012. The Mayans state a large shift is coming, which will begin in December 2012.
·         The Cabal along with the ET Greys has hijacked our past history of about (26,000 years) and have instilled moments of violence, tragedy, bloodshed, as a means to produce a negative time-line.
·         Drake states there is catastrophic or Non-Catastrophic timeline that we currently have. One that can be filled with love for the self, others, and the world. This will create a positive time-line. Some will choose a negative time-line filled with wars, famine, bloodshed, etc.
·         There are distinct differences between positive vs. negative time-lines. Because of the differences between every single individual, the outcome can be fundamentally different. As a species we have the ability to adapt or change our bad/negative habits. Our difference is that we have the ability to view and accept people or events in the positive only when we decide to live on a positive time-line. Here things begin to manifest, our envisioning when done right can produce things we desire.
·         We all have a choice whether to live in a positive or negative time-line. We have the ability to unplug from the distress, the ideological differences, the anger, the frustration. When we ignore our inner conscious, we have by choice placed ourselves on a negative time-line.
·         When you actively participate on a daily basis, using the power of “envisionment” you have the ability to change or alter your current path.

******* ½ through the show (6-7 Min Break)***************
To read the rest of the article click HERE

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