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Drake's Update: Aug 12 2012

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Drake’s Vital Weekend Update

Drake’s Vital Weekend Update** (First Hour)
·         Played Twilight Zone Song
·         Drake reveals Black-ops (ABOVE TOP SECRET) he talks about 25-30 years of stuff that has been hidden by the Cabal.
·         Black-ops are totally secret, in a way that it can be denied if ever discovered.
·         He discusses the technique of “Mind Control” which began in the early 1970’s mainly because Russia had a head start, and the US felt the need to “Catch up”.
·         Google “Mind Control” for example “Operation Paperclip” where a combination of specialists where transferred here to the U.S
·         Studies like “MK-ULTRA” which is a study of the working of the mind, under specific stress or alteration. The Cabal used advanced technology in accordance to such studies.
·         “Project Looking Glass” was one such program that involved advanced technology.
·         Studies say that around 70-80% of mental brain usage can be used to focus on a particular part of our senses, like “seeing into the future”.
·         Much of this “looking into the future” was taken advantage of the TPTB. Secrets are held in “darkness”.
·         The Bible mentions references to the “light”, if you want to be Free from everything, free from fear, panic, or fear they are coming to get you.
·         Drake says today is “Freedom Day”….
·         He says to watch and study the Matrix movie, we currently live in a matrix just as the movie displays.
·         Look for “Signs, miracles & wonders that will follow you all throughout the day” At one point or another everyone on the planet will “wake up”. It all depends on what triggers you to wake up.
·         8/12/2012 if you look at the numerology it has a similar correlation to mind control. He references the dog experiment with the bell. He asks the questions, what is your reality? What do you believe on the day to day? Did you decide or someone decide for you?
·         Myths are not real; legends are real to a certain degree.
·         He then plays the song, “In the Year 2525” By Zager and Evans. I suggest looking up the lyrics.
·         The song has a “subliminal clip” where they include things that urge people to do things by the process of using your subconscious mind. In time you understand the complete message, the Cabal has the ability to keep up with timing, and effectively control bits of information/pixels.
·         He discusses “Pop form” where ads are displayed and try to relay an entire message (Come to McDonalds, think of McDonalds commercials)
·         He questions, “what if your whole life was a subliminal clip” really think about it.
·         Look at the Media, the TV through ads what kind of assault on our minds are you currently witnessing?
·         He asks the question, “Are you a slave?” He states the Cabal gives us our subliminal clip by giving us the “pill” of our reality where as a result we are pushed and forced to live a life that is controlled.
·         He asks the question, “What would you give to be free?” Would you want to be free of taxes? Free to go and do as you please?
·         The Police, Military, Gestapo, etc. are mechanisms that are in place to deprive humanity of our freedom. They are mechanisms of control.
·         What is Freedom? Is it real? How can we get it? Remember this, you have decided to be exactly where are you are in this life. The Cabal has taken advantage of our own individual paths as a means to take credit/influence outcomes and paths that only they can control.
·         Everyone on this planet has abilities, that when we decide to use them, they become “powers”.
·         He then plays the song “Refugee by Tom Petty”.
“It don't really matter to me baby,
You believe what you want to believe,
You don't have to live like a refugee.”---
àThis stuck out to me in the lyrics.
·         He talks about Natural Disasters, the use of H.A.A.R.P (Weather machine capable of geographic destruction) Examples are Hurricane Katrina, East Coast Storms, and most recent Earthquakes in Iran 6.2 tend to be the signature (you tube this).
·         The Cabal will create natural disasters as a means to get the general populace “use to feeling and living like a refugee.”
·         He then mentions a Blue Pill and a Red pill. Think of the rabbit hole, the blue pill represents the same old b.s and the Red pill represents the whole picture, everything, without filters.
·         Think about the bigger picture; think about where you actually see yourself in this world. Think about what you want to do for yourself, if you have a family think about future plans you would like to do. Use “Envisionment” where the Cabal does not want the general populace to use. This becomes a power that an individual can use.
·         We have the power to believe which can effectively create something that becomes REAL that in turn can produce a different result. 
·         We ALL have a Creational power is something that is available to every person on the planet, no matter the race, creed, ethnicity, or stature. We have the ability to create.
·         The Cabal which consists of our governments, institutions of power, and our religious institutions are well aware of this power.
·         He then plays the song, “Dream On” Feel free to look up the lyrics.
Half my life
Is books written pages
Live and learn from fools and
From sages
You know it's true, oh
All these things you do come back to you ----This stood out to me as part of the lyrics.
·         He says Think about your future, if you have or don’t have kids, think about the future, do you want a future of bondage? Do you want a constant oppressive force, dictating your way of life?
·         Think about your life, what is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, your family, and your world?
·         We all have to become Teachers, we need to learn the material, and ask the right questions, that way we can create a better world together!
·         Currently the Cabal is planning sinister things as a means to hold and maintain control, there are also people behind the scenes, Drake and countless others are at the forefront. There are things that are beyond our control, beyond the public/present knowledge.
·         Families should develop certain connections with one another; develop bonds with others as a means to disable yourself from our reality matrix. Protect yourself, and you will begin to see that the Matrix is in fact real, and we have the choice to disconnect and discover a world for ourselves.

Drake Weekend Update*** (2nd ½ of the show)
·         A great way to connect to the planet/Universe is to go outside, step on the soil barefoot and you will connect with Mother Earth.
·         Drake begins to take Q/A
·         Most questions pertaining to ET and Cosmic Related things will be answered tomorrow.
·         Do ETs believe in a creator? What of the Galactic Super-wave? He answers yes they do believe in in a creator, the Cabal does not want in any way for us to learn about any of this.
·         He discusses the Frequency Shift, its analog and not a digital shift. Analog are tight waves that occur naturally.
·         He quotes David Wilcock and his “Source Field Investigations”, he states that if we are the Crown of creation should we be the one’s communicating with beings not from our planet?
·         In order to communicate and connect with outer beings and places, we first need to learn how to connect with our current planet.
·         As a species we have been incredibly destructive to our planet, through our resource extraction in certain places that create instability.
·         Think about all the things the planet has provided for you, “Cars, clothes, food, shelter, etc”.
·         Drake reveals that all that has been discussed wasn’t previously agreed or discussed, it just happened.
·         Serious problems with the communications and broadcast with today’s show are a direct example, of the Cabal directly interfering with it.
·         Minuteman comes in and begins to talk about “Freedom”
·         Everything that is culminating on our planet at the moment all leads to freedom, we are currently fighting to break the Matrix, the illusion, where fear and stress reign, what we are experiencing is a powerful uplifting change.
·         We all need to break through this fear, he questions who is “giving you this fear” he says look in the mirror that is where your fear comes from. None of the stuff on the internet and our media produces fear, it only manifests when as an individual you allow it to.
·         Light the candle in the middle of the room, where it can illuminate the entire room, it makes the darkness, the fear to disappear. All the bad things, the worry, the stress is something that we allow. The Cabal cannot have your freedom; it is something that belongs to every individual.
·         Fear sometimes causes people to pick a certain ideology that molds your lifestyle to live a certain way. A limited way, a way that is not free.
·         Grammy J says, “Debt equals slavery, and that is right where they want to.” You can remove yourself from the matrix by now allowing yourself to be enslaved by these evil corrupt global corporate powers! If you can’t afford something don’t buy it, don’t charge it on your credit card, if you do you are enslaving yourself! And that’s what they want! Trust the CREATOR! And have NO FEAR, REMOVE YOURSELF FROM THE MATRIX…DO NOT BE AFRAID.
·         Fear is the main component of bondage that enslaves this entire planet, by allowing this fear to reign our lives, we place the chains upon ourselves!
·         Do not allow anyone to place ideas of fear in your mind, because they can’t, why because we are all FREE BEINGS.
·         You can be locked up in Jail and still be FREE, why because you can envision yourself free, you can create through the creationist powers we have, BEING FREE.
·         If you allow other people to make fear your top priority, you are allowing yourself to be a refugee. We need to take what we learn and turn it into something powerful. Something that we can unite everyone. We need to become teachers that can be beacons across this whole planet.
·         Grammy J says “They want us to focus on our human differences that will take our mind off the matrix they have created.” Stop allowing yourself to be brain washed by the countless Ads, by doing this you are enslaving yourself, giving power to groups like the illuminati. Do not worry about the neighbors new car, house, etc. that is what they want us to focus on. When you do not focus on these things, you become free!
·         Freedom can be suppressed only if you allow it, it’s something you can’t hold, smell, or taste. It’s just an essence that you can feel it! It’s all over the planet!
·         Drake says, Fear means false evidence that appears to be real. Proactivity in thought and actions is where you do not take offence to someone who does something to you, it’s where you reflect and move on.
·         He says everyday life is extraordinary in every way; you just have to take a moment to look.
·         Much of what has been discussed today is critical to what we are experiencing today, because these are the key components that can push us to usher in a new change.
·         These things serve as a catalytic event or feeling, that is a step out of the normal everyday life, all the control factors that are placed upon us by this fake reality Matrix are things that stand out and allow us to make a decision to actively make a change for ourselves.
·         We all at a certain point or another have to find our calling, our certain place in this world.
·         Now to some Q/ A…..
·         When Will Prosperity Programs be news, the Iraqi dinar, homeland security programs?—People are working tirelessly to make such programs a reality. There are people dealing with the revaluation of the monetary system. There are certain things currently in place that seem to be working well, that might remain in place.
·         Is it true will receive money from the St. Germaine trust?—certain things are in place for this to actually come about; there are some complexities at the moment. Questions of fraudulent mortgages can come about; if found fraudulent people might get some money back. 
·         Can you tell us who Former White Hat is?—He works with CIA Operatives, that belong to a bigger group. He is a paid Dis-info agent that tries to derail movements like these. There are bigger players like the illuminati at play. Do the research, look it up real closely he’s connected to some really nasty people.

·         The Cabal and other sinister forces are trying to derail the progress of freedom; arguing and bickering on the social media pages only hurt the individual who reads it. Remember that fear is the central component that holds you back from freedom.
·         We need to be respectful of others ideology, we have to focus on our own, we need to focus on our own paths. When we argue and bicker, disagreements, etc. we are playing into the hands of our puppet masters. They thrive on this, they thrive on these divisions.
·         When we disable ourselves from the reality matrix, the fear, we begin to witness a brand new world; we begin to see a new perspective, a perspective based solely on the principle of Freedom.
·         Alex Jones, Former White Hat are not the perpetrators of fear, the individuals who buy into the fear porn, are the ones who are pulling this in, who are taking fear and rejecting the possibility of freedom.
·         Groups like the KKK, Black Panther Party are ideologies; they are groups that wish to change the perception of the reality we see. Disconnect and unplug from comments, people, etc.
·         All these Wars, battles are based on ideology, it occurs when powers are influenced by ambition, greed, and power. As humans our Creator has given us the tools to move forward, to co-create, to establish a world that works, not a world that divides (like our current world).
·         Our Creator has given us the tools to rid ourselves of what plagues the world; we need to open our eyes, hearts, and ears to the matters at hand. Tyranny is real, its present, it can only change when we disconnect ourselves from all the fear porn. When we do people have the ability to think for themselves, and that’s when the opportunities begin to manifest.
·         Think Freedom, what does it mean to you? Will you follow the Golden Rule? Will you allow others to do unto others as they would do unto you?
·         Will the Cabals network of narcotic trade be shut down?—simple answer yes.
·         Will the first couple of weeks in September be exciting?—This country is a key stone country because it is based on Freedom. This movement of freedom is mainly alive because we have the power to reclaim it. Every individual in this Universe has the power to do this. Earth currently represents a critical point in the Universe; we are key players in a universe of many beings. By using Creational powers we have the power to envision things that can actually manifest in our world. 
·         What will happen to people who make a living on the job of tax returns, how can we help convince people these pending changes are actually real? – With these changes, Accountants are going to be needed to analyze the mess made by our Federal Reserve, IRS they will possibly be working overtime. Pending Banking changes will require an all hands on deck approach. Possibility there might not be ANY TAXES.
·         In regards to the Olympics, what did not happen that the Cabal had planned to do?—3 nuclear devices were found and located; some that were found seemed to be nonoperational. The Cabal missed their opportunity, possibly “someone” messed them up.
·         What are the objects near Jupiter? And orange orb like things near the sun?—Due to the pending universal changes there are things that will begin to appear that much of the planet has been unaware of. Agencies like NASA are well aware of these things, and are part of the current cover-up.
·         How will the plan be effective in Mexico?—The country is a wholly owned subsidiary of the major narcotic groups. When the Borders are sealed shut, the seas are clear of pirate ships loaded with people, the drug cartels will be singled out and targeted.
·         Some see the coming change as a Doomsday, (Economy Crash, Food Shortage, etc.) will the rest of the economy pickup quickly? What of the industrialized part of the economy?—Due to the Collateral accounts, including the St. Germaine trust will help all people across the globe to provide the right resources needed to live a good sustainable life. With the right funds certain projects can be created that can produce many jobs. Look up Eastern Alliance and the changes they have implemented.
·         Where did Lady Dragon go?—There were some concerns and problems from a great number of people, and Drake requested she take a sabbatical leave. She might have future involvement on the show. The Freedom elements in each country are really important. She is currently on the Freedom Efforts in Canada.
·         How can the Insurrection Act be applied to arresting figures in the government?—Identify who has been acting as an insurrectionist? Who has been going outside the parameters of the constitution? Whoever has can be charged with Treason. Look at Voting Records, law’s passed that violate the constitution? (Homeland Security Act) look at who was responsible for it?
·         If the President decides the “Liberty Movement” is violating the Insurrection Act what can be done?—It must be proved in the court of law that you or a group is an insurrectionist. By laws and wording that benefits the government are currently in place that gives them loop holes. Article 1 Section 8 lists the limitations of what the govt is and isn’t allowed to do.
·         Will you consider Lt. Cornerl Tom Beardan as a guest on the show to discuss (Free Energy, HAARP, etc)—Yes I will entertain the idea.
·         Do you see the Republican National Convention being Canceled as a result of the “Announcement”—We must first get to the day to actually see if it happens or not. We cannot see into the future.
·         According to Drake’s sources all natural disaster related events are being dealt with by our ET Forces. Most recent the Louisiana Sink whole (article posted online by Dutchenise)
·         According to the Neil Keenan Lawsuit, how does the FED continue to deal in finances if they are being limited?—Due to the lawsuit they do not have the collateral basis of “printing money” here they are making money up. The Accounts are tied to the charters of the banks, in which they are limited to what they can do. A lot of countries outside the G-5 etc. will not accept this paper currency as valid. Due to arrogance, superiority this is why the problem continues but it will only create more problems for the Cabal.
·         How does ethanol affect our gasoline?—Ethanol has the ability to lower our gas mileage consumption, it’s also a food supply. We have been stripping the planet of essential resources. Currently human waste resources, (waste water, human fertilizer) corn flakes currently contain these type of things.
·         If the Liens are going to take out the FED, why the Audit of the FED bill from Ron Paul?—Congress needs a legal way to look into the books of the FED.
·         Do you have any news of the oil tanker colliding with a Navy ship in the Strait of Hormuz? – It was something that happened; the US Navy is not stupid. We have to see who told them to run right into the ship. The whole Iran vs. Israel conflict is bogus; they are actually trading partners on the oil platform. The conflict is perpetrated to raise gas prices for everyone.
·         Since you keep your identity hidden for security purposes, what happens if the Cabal are using your expertise and knowledge to calm the masses with the pending agenda?—I have direct contacts, I probably could have been tricked a few times, look at the dates that come and gone. What’s going on is something that is extremely difficult; at this current time I can check and verify people and information. I keep my identity difficult because of security reasons. Some of the things of my personal life are classified.
·         Is there anywhere we can go to verify that the military has been recalled?—Check the tea times, many of these people play golf, go see if they are there.
·         Will the Georgia Guide Stones be taken down?—I was thinking lets plant explosives on the thing.
·         Are you aware of an ET related event for October that will increase consciousness?—Yes I’ve heard some predictions, in regards to their validity I do not know, we will have to wait and see.

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