Friday 10 August 2012

Journalists demand the Truth: Show us the evidence

There IS hope!  More and more we're seeing the Main Stream Media break free of their controllers and start to think for themselves.

Yes, demand that the evidence is made public. If the authorities are going insist on sticking to their story that James Holmes acted alone and was the lone gunman that committed these horrific shootings in the theatre in Colorado, then PROVE IT:  Release the security videos from inside and outside the theatre. Release all the cell phones the police confiscated from the witnesses.  Show us the eye witness reports.  Disclose the toxicology reports and the medical examiners findings with regards to James Holmes physical and mental state when he was arrested.

If they are going to charge James Holmes as a lone shooter, then the onus should be on the authorities to Prove that they are not withholding vital evidence to the contrary.

Innocent until proven guilty, remember?

News organizations go to court over Colorado shooting files

DENVER | Thu Aug 9, 2012 12:29pm IST
Aug 9 (Reuters) - Attorneys for 20 news organizations will be in a Colorado courtroom on Thursday to argue that documents detailing the murder case against accused movie theater gunman James Holmes should be unsealed by a judge and open to the public.
A Colorado judge ordered most court documents sealed at the request of prosecutors shortly after the arrest of Holmes, who is accused of opening fire at a midnight screening of the new "Batman" movie in the Denver suburb of Aurora in July....
...In the motion, lawyers for the media outlets, including The New York Times Co., The Associated Press, The Denver Post, and CBS News, argued that the U.S. Constitution and state case law requires a presumption of openness. Thomson Reuters is not a party to the motion.
"Absent disclosure of the factual basis for the issuance of a warrant, the public cannot properly assess the propriety of the government's conduct," the motion said.
In anticipation that prosecutors might argue that opening the file might compromise the criminal probe, the motion states that authorities have already said publicly that Holmes acted alone, so there is no ongoing investigation of other suspects.
Citing a separate "gag" order prohibiting involved parties from making public statements about the case, a spokeswoman for District Attorney Carol Chambers declined to comment....
 The entire article can be read HERE

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