Saturday 25 August 2012

Predatory Government

Lets begin at the end of the article, because for me, this is EXACTLY what I have been talking about.  But not just Americans.  Canadians, Australians, British, Germans, Israelis... every person living on this planet needs to stand up and take back their lives and their country.

What have we got to lose that we won’t lose anyway if we continue silent? The only way to change anything in America, is to once again be who we were born to be – Americans!

Predatory Government

Soldierhugs has recently invited new article writers into the fold here. The below article is from a very knowledgeable patriot and Veteran of our Military who comes from a long line of Military service Veterans in his family. I am proud the introduce one our new authors Ian MacLeod, and his first article post on Soldierhugs.

 Hugs, Aaron

When the Founding Fathers were wrestling with their ideals, their conscience´s and their own fears, cudgeling their imaginations and drawing on a wide, well-educated experience, they could not have imagined the world we live in now. They could, however, imagine fanatics and others who would want, and try, to take power for themselves, and therefore away from the people. They were none of them naïve idealists who did not understand the world, business, war, diplomacy, philosophy and politics, as well as other cultures. They brought all of this to the Continental Congress with them in the document they finally created, and it shows. They were clearly men of courage: having signed their names to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, they signed their own death warrants if they lost, and they were taking on one of the most powerful empires on Earth. Nonetheless, while they could easily have made the Constitution ten times as long as it is and attempted to regulate a great deal more of business as well as personal behavior, they did not.

It was their belief that people should and could regulate themselves in their personal behavior as they chose so long as they did no harm by it to others. The group included Christians, but it had a preponderance of what was called “free thinkers.” They interpreted the Bible for themselves if they chose to live by it, and regardless, they lived their lives as they chose, including with reasonable consideration for those around them. They wrote the Constitution so that, first, others could do the same, and second, so that it remained a living document, notwithstanding the ossified opinions of Antonin Scalia and his ilk: it can evolve. They knew that times would change, and while good and evil do not change, how they are dealt with does, as do a great many things. Looking at what they did not do is as instructive as what they did do.

To them, the government was nothing sacred – it was a creation of human beings for the benefit of human beings, to be changed as necessary when it no longer adequately served the needs of the people. What was, and is, sacred are the concepts of equality, freedom, liberty – of human rights – that are enshrined within the Constitution. They were not so foolish as to believe that everyone had the same potential and abilities, and that is not what the words say, though some would have it so. They merely believed that everyone had the right to attempt to fulfill whatever potential they had without being stepped on by those who had achieved wealth or had gotten together in a cabal that held all the power, and had done it first. They were also creatures of their times, and did not include women, people of color or some others – however, they also did not specifically exclude them. Times have changed, as they knew would happen, and we – most of us, that is – now recognize that, within the limits set by body size, a woman can do anything a man can do save sire a child, just as a man can do anything a woman can save bear and nurse one. Down all the long ages we have been discounting a huge portion of our own potential with misogynistic ideas of male superiority, and finally, most of us have grown up enough to grow past such prejudices, which are now held by a group of intellectually anachronistic knuckle-draggers who want to drag us all back to a comfortable past where white skin and a penis – and all the wealth they can steal – confer mastery over everyone else, and again relegate most of the human race to servitude. The rest of us much prefer equal partners, or even our betters.

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