Friday 3 April 2015

Transpicuous News Report: April 1, 2015- Happy April Fools!

Here is the Archive video of the Transpicuous News  Midweek Report from April 1, 2015

I really wasn't in the mood to talk about Yemen, and Saudi, or AIIB and the Greece fiasco....  So this week, I did things a little bit differently ....  and it was fun as all hell!!  After the "News"  we had a little musical interlude, before I sat back to talk about what was on my mind.   THAT video Is being posted separately, and I'll link back here below!



Part II of this weeks Transpicuous News:

Changing the Paradigm: Being an UnFucker

Links for this weeks news:

MP calls International Security Council to stop violations of Saudi on international laws

Breaking News Saudi terrorist named" Abu Fatima Najdi" killed in Anbar

Germanwings Pilot, Andreas Lubitz exposed as a Jewish Mossad Kamikaze agent

Vehicle rams gate at NSA headquarters, shots fired

2 hurt at NSA HQ gates at Fort Meade

One dead, two injured when shots fired as driver uses SUV to ram gates at National Security Agency headquarters outside D.C.: report

'Not terrorism': Fatal car attack on NSA a 'local criminal matter'

Creative Lie-cense: Reuters Accused of Faking MH17 Testimony

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Special forces set to swarm Southwest and operate undetected among civilians in massive military exercise

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Australian immigration dept leaks G20 leaders’ passport info – report

CERN scientists discover elusive "Obama particle" which destroys economies on contact (satire)

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Bloody end to Turkey prosecutor hostage crisis

Turkish Special Forces Enter Istanbul Courthouse in Hostage Situation

Power outage hits much of Turkey; officials won't rule out terrorism

Pentagon Personnel Now Talking on 'NSA-Proof' Smartphones

Nigeria election: Muhammadu Buhari wins presidency

Greek FinMin: "Greece Will Adopt the Bitcoin If Eurogroup Doesn't Give Us A Deal"

Iraq declares victory over Islamic State group in Tikrit

NASA testing ‘flying saucer’ Mars lander

Gold In Fed Vault Drops Under 6,000 Tons For The First Time, After 10th Consecutive Month Of Redemptions

​High fail: Afghan opium production rises as ex-Blackwater profits

Fire blazes on oil platform in Gulf of Mexico, 1 dead, multiple injures reported

The Empire Strikes Back: Poison Is “Natural”

 Nature fights back as pesticide resistant bugs devour GM Monsanto corn with a vengeance

Russia Proposes Superhighway Linking New York And London

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    Weird News

Totally quackers! Duck stampede causes traffic chaos as thousands of birds take over main road

    08:52, 1 April 2015
    By Kara O'Neill

Cars were forced to pull to a halt after thousands of ducks took over a main road in Thailand
The stampede was captured on mobile phone footage after drivers were forced to pull over while the birds rushed past.

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