Monday 13 April 2015

One People Roundtable Discussion NEW TIME: Special Guest Bradley Loves

Good Evening Everyone!  

The One People's Roundtable Discussion is MOVING to a new time schedule.  Starting this week, the Show will being broadcast LIVE stream on Tuesday evenings at 11pm London/Morocco time.  So please reset your internal time schedule, lol, to Tuesday nights.

This week on The One People's Roundtable Discussion, Lisa, Brian and I will be joined by Bradley Loves.

Brad wrote the excellent series of articles "The Great Con of Man" which we all republished last year.

This is an excellent set of articles that I highly recommend reading.  Bradley outlines some of the very deepest depths of the CON and the spell of delusion, deception, and deceit  that has been programmed into us and placed upon us.  To understand what has been done, to move forward to shake free of the dream-world matrix in which we have been held, then first we need to unlearn that which we were taught. 

You can read this set of articles HERE

Recently Brad has been writing many articles that dig deeper into the Mind Control aspects of the matrix and sheds light down the bigger rabbit hole of ritual sacrifices and the use of black magic to warp and control humanity and reality.  I highly recommend reading his article "Personal Stuff" where he talks about "Astral Implants" and the great ruse of the "New Age" religion and channeled messages.

This will definitely be one of the topics that we will get into Tuesday evening on the Roundtable Discussion as the issue of Astral Tag/Tethers/Implants is definitely something that we all need to truly comprehend in order to shift our awareness and move forward- breaking those astral connections of control.

Please join us at our new show time Tuesday Evening at 11pm London/Morocco time, 6pm EDT (I think, lol), on CCN LIVE Stream:

As a side note, for those viewers with slower internet, dialup or limited bandwidth, you may find it easier to watch the show through the CCN viewers here on RTS or on Lisa Harrison's website.

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