Friday 17 April 2015

Roundtable Discussion- With Bradley Love- Video Archive

Good morning everyone!

For everyone who's been waiting (some not so patiently, lol) Here is the Video archive of the One People Roundtable Discussion from Tuesday April 14th, 2015, with our special guest, Bradley Loves.

On the show we began a huge trek down several rabbit holes- some of which we've traversed before, but some were new ones, where we worked together to connect some rather interesting dots.

I can guarantee that we will be talking to Brad again very soon on the Roundtable as even more information has come to light SINCE this discussion- some of which I brought out on Transpicuous News the very next night (the video for TN should be out later today).

This is definitely the time for shining a bright light in the dark corners of the secret societies, the underground governments and the astral controllers and what they have been doing, and are continuing to do, here on planet Earth.

....This ride has definitely not been boring, that's for sure!


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