Friday 24 April 2015

Transpicuous News Midweek report- April 22: Video archive

Good morning everyone.

Here is the Video archive from this weeks Transpicuous News Midweek Report from April22, 2015.  As usual, all the Links to go with the show are below.


This weeks News Links:

Permission Denied: Journalist barred from "Friendly Fire" Investigation- Canadians take note!

Chomsky: 'International law cannot be enforced against great powers’ FULL INTERVIEW

6 men arrested in Minnesota worked for almost year to join ISIS - US attorney

‘We're not interested in a fair fight’ – US army commander urges NATO to confront Russia

​Merkel says free trade zone with Russia possible

Dying CIA Agent Claims He Assassinated Marilyn Monroe

​Co-op unable to commit to Fairtrade goods, blames economy

​Japan plans moon mission in three years

CEO Slashes $1 Million Salary To Give Lowest-Paid Workers A Raise

Two held over Med migrant deaths

Family speaks about ferry fire terror

Fire breaks out at British embassy in The Hague, police detain man on suspicion of involvement

Greece requires public sector entities to transfer cash balances to central bank

Japan maglev train breaks world speed record again

Yemen conflict: Saudi Arabia ends air campaign

Saudi Air Strikes against Yemen Continue

Afghanistan's Taliban, ISIL Declare Jihad against Each Other

 French police say imminent terror attack in Paris foiled

 Uber driver, licensed to carry gun, shoots gunman in Logan Square

 The Mystery of China’s Gold Stash May Soon Be Solved

Rage Against the Machine: Colorado man empties gun into his computer in alley

Nessie view: Google takes up search for Loch Ness Monster

​First Chinese state-owned company announces bond default

British man held over £500bn Wall Street 'flash crash'

170 reported dead in two weeks of fighting in Marib

'Tiny hearts': What the UK has been told about Australia's asylum seeker policy

FBI can’t cut Internet and pose as cable guy to search property, judge says

Bachmann: Obama's Policies on Gays and Iran to Bring on Rapture

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