Thursday 9 April 2015

Transpicuous News Midweek, April 8, 2015:When the Whitehouse turns Black and Helicopters Fall

Transpicuous News Midweek Report on April 8th, 2015, from the LIVE stream on CCN.

In this report, the Whitehouse goes Black, Helicopters crash, fires rage.....and NASA is still trying to convince us that they are "relevant".  Oh and Formaldehyde in your flooring is child abuse.

Turkey blocks social media over photos of slain prosecutor

China Eyes Historic Shift in Vietnam Relations

How Saddam Hussein's former military officers and spies are controlling Isis

Vietnam and Eurasian Economic Union free trade zone deal in ‘home straight’ – Russian PM

Greece Nazi occupation: Athens asks Germany for €279bn

Iraq in talks with IMF, no decision yet

Russian hackers reached sensitive White House systems: CNN

North Dakota Begin Large-Scale Hemp Production, Ignoring Feds
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Nuclear waste dumps bypass public approval under new UK law

China's financial gambit puts Wall Street, Washington on edge

 Malaysian PM's chief of staff and former ambassador killled in helicopter crash

Major emergency in LA as over 100 firefighters battle huge blaze

Ecstasy & steak-outs: NYPD expenses show eclectic shopping list, says report

​Interstellar reality? Spider-like droids to build giant space structures

Fears of leak from inside Reserve Bank

Widespread power outages sweep Washington, D.C.
NYC warehouse fire destroyed files from 1 million court cases

 ​How Much History Was Lost in the Williamsburg Storage Facility Fire?

You're not going to believe this one:

(star) Have YOU woken up after hearing a bang in the night? 20% of us have 'exploding head syndrome' where we hear loud, imaginary noises

NASA promises 'definitive evidence' of alien life by 2025

Russian PM offers Thailand free trade zone with Eurasian Economic Union

 Four relief workers killed in Chile helicopter crash

Air crash kills Sao Paulo state Gov. son, 4 others

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US F-18s Make Emergency Landing in Taiwan

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