Monday 20 April 2015

Big Brother Out of Control: Pure Truth Symposium

This was an exceptional program!!!  The 3 hour Symposium is well worth every minute to watch.  I lost my internet right in the middle of Gerald Celente's commentary, but I wanted to get this video of last nights live event out for everyone to watch. 

This is an amazing meeting of minds of some of the most well respected people of their fields.  To be able to listen to all of them on the same "stage" at the same time, was very very...... interesting.
Remember what I always say:  everyone has their own.... slant.  Their own personal bias that is generated by their backgrounds and where they are coming from.   Yes... a VERY interesting mosaic of personalities and perspectives.



Big Brother Out Of Control

Meta Data & Dragnet Surveillance Exposed!

Sacha Stone and Paul Seils are the host of this symposium

Joined by Special Guests:

Paul Craig Roberts – Former US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury

Noam Chomsky – Political Commentator and Activist

Gerald Celente- trend forecaster,  and financial reporter of the lies and bullshit

Foster Gamble – The Thrive Movement

Max Igan – Author, Researcher, Film Maker

Pippa King – Privacy Advocate, Specialist In Biometrics Use Within The Educational Arena


This three hour event covers the following themes:

  • What is Metadata and Dragnet Surveillance?

  • How are so-called Authorities thereby committing treason and fraud?

  • What personal liberties are being eroded and sacrificed in their wake?

  • What are the financial implications to people of the world?

  • What does the future look like should these institutional crimes continue?

  • How do we prosecute so-called authorities and governments gone rogue?

  • How do we hold publicly elected ‘officials’ personally liable for their wet-ink-signature crimes?


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