Thursday 16 April 2015

UNITY of Non-Consent

I recently had a conversation in a skype room with regards to allegations about "New Earth Nation" and several other groups, and after writing out my thoughts, I realized that I needed to expand on my original comments and share this with everyone here on RTS.

When we did the Roundtable Discussion Tuesday night with Bradley Loves, one of the most important things that we discussed was UNITY.   The problem right now - one that I have seen for a LONG time, (and I have been seriously guilty of this myself) is a lack of UNITY, and a HUGE amount of infighting and division.  I am just as guilty of this as anyone.  BUT..... In this past two weeks, suddenly the division - the "Divide & Conquer"- has been rolling through the awakened communities in a HUGE way.

I've spent two weeks watching groups get caught up in gossip and arguments and finger pointing and blaming, at a level I have never seen before.  I've watched people go on rampages against someone/some group, and then watched the fallout of groups splintering off in different directions, groups falling apart, groups that could be working together, falling into this deep chasm that seems to disallow them to even contemplate the thought of working side by side with others, instead of saying:  "I am right, and you are wrong" and demanding that everyone "do it" their way.

.....and through all of this back stabbing and infighting..... "THEY" are gaining ground.

There comes a time - and I truly believe that this time is NOW- that we have to UNITE.  That doesn't mean that we have to "follow" someone or allow someone to "take over".  But it also doesn't it mean that we have to constantly argue about "THE PLAN".  We need to start by joining together with a simple statement:


This doesn't mean that you have to agree with everyone on everything,  but if we can at least agree to AGREE that we NEED to CHANGE this mess, THAT is a very big first step.

When I wrote the "Template" Articles I made a lot of people mad.  My reason for writing the articles was to point out the underlying methods that have been used for eons to control humanity, because at that moment I felt it was important information for people to come to terms with. To SEE what had been done, and how it was continuously being done to keep us under control.  These articles were written way back when I was just beginning to really see through the matrix of just how deep the "new age" movement was rooted, and my initial backlash response to that was like a pendulum: to swing all the way from one side, to the extreme opposite side.  And that isn't the answer.

While the basic information in the "Template" articles still stands true (in my opinion), it's the conclusion that has radically changed for me.

It's not about pointing fingers at others and yelling what they are doing wrong.  It's about pointing fingers at others and saying "They are taking a stand."  And regardless of whether I believe in what their methods, or agree if I with their plans and agendas, I can respect them for the very fact that they ARE taking a stand, and DOING something about whatever injustice/evil/atrocity they are working against.

Here is what I will say about Sacha *mentioned in particular as this was the topic of conversation in the skype room that led to this article*, and many many others out there:  I don't agree with everything they are doing.  I don't think that they "have all the answers" or that they "KNOW" (as an absolute) what to do to unfuck up this world......

BUT.... they are doing something.  They are TAKING A STAND.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of groups and movements, and millions of people who are all TAKING A STAND to change the shit they see in front of them.  They all have different ideas, plans, beliefs, agendas, etc... and there is zero possibility that we are ALL going to agree about every single aspect of every single plan, idea, belief or agenda...... But that doesn't mean that we have to continuously argue and fight over every single plan, idea, belief or agenda either.

I think that the message that is getting lost in all the arguing and infighting is that we are ALL in this together and we ALL want to change it.

I think that we need to make a concrete stand together and say "I agree with you, this is a fucked up mess and I will not play any more."

THEN...... perhaps we can all learn to work together.

Right now "THEY" are making serious moves to fuck us over and we are bickering and fighting and dividing and isolating ourselves into splinter groups that are so caught up in the inner workings of  "a plan", that we are not forming the cohesive phalanx that is needed to repel these assaults.

*Remember: the UK announced that they have formed a "psy-ops" troop of over 2500 "soldiers" to spread disinfo, lies, and propaganda EVERYWHERE!!!!!  And the US just announced that they are doing the same thing!  Do you really think that "they" aren't infiltrating YOUR group to spread distrust and sow the seeds of discord and division?  *

I work  and converse with all sorts of people.   I am in tons of rooms, with everyone from "New Agers" to hard core Christians, to atheists, to "republicans", to "democrats" , to Communists, to Marxists, to anarchists, to "Dinarians", to those who will not give up their guns, to those who want to destroy all guns,  to people who are working to battle the "Legal system", to people who refuse to work within the "Legal system", to those who are working to tear down the financial system, to those who have walked away from the financial system, to those who are waiting for ascended masters to tell them what to do, to those who are fighting against these "astral entities", to those who are creating their own "sovereign nation", to those who want to "bring back the republic", to those who want to have no government, to those who want to "bring back Common - Law", to those who want NO laws, to those who want to put every single "Cabal" member up in front of a firing squad, to those who want the Cabal sent off planet, to those who want to forgive the Cabal and hug them into the light, to those who want to create "New paradigm" communities, to those who want to create "new paradigm" businesses, to those who want to bring paradise to earth, to those who just wanna get the fuck off of earth, to those who want to "ascend", to those who don't want to "ascend", to those who want to prove the earth is flat, to those who want to prove the earth is a sphere, to those who want to prove the earth is floating on the back of a giant space swimming turtle, to those who want to seek enlightenment in their belly buttons, to whose who want to take on the world with a dwarven battle axe and just start swingin'......

..... but the one thing that ALL of these people have in common is that they DO NOT CONSENT to all this shit that is going on all over the planet (and beyond).   Yet they cannot get past their own personal beliefs to stand next to someone else with a different ideology, a different belief structure, a different plan, and to just link arms and say:

                        "I DO NOT CONSENT!!!!"  

And I'm honestly beginning to believe that until we can start looking past our differences of opinion and start putting up a unified front of NON-Consent, then we are going to KEEP getting hammered.


Brad put together a "Declaration of Non-Consent".  I think it is a great place to start.  I'm not saying everyone has to sign it as their absolute belief, or even agree with it.  But the basic idea of creating- EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US- our OWN Declaration of Non-Consent is a great way to share with each other and the world (and it's controllers), the fact that we DO NOT CONSENT,  and to realize that even just the act of standing together and saying "I DO NOT CONSENT"  is a unifying force that can bring us together.

Brad's example of what HIS version of a "Declaration of Non-Consent" is, can be read HERE.

Below, I have written and spoken out loud, my own Declaration of Non-Consent.  I will post it here, but also on it's own stand alone page on RTS so that it may stand in perpetuity as my Declaration, freely made.

Please feel free to copy, or to use any part of my Declaration for your own personal  Declaration of Non-Consent.

Because I CARE

love d



This is my Declaration of Non-Consent

Published as a Public Notice on
April 16th, 2015


I DO NOT CONSENT to having any human being, living being, machine, entity, person, corporation, secret group, or their representatives, their bosses, their off world allies, anyone working for or with any of the above: to spy, to look into, to watch, or in any way invade my PRIVACY for any reason.
Privacy is defined as: my own unique personal life experience.

Each experience, had by my being, is for my personal growth and development. They are NOT for corporations to seek profit from.  They are not to be controlled by any one/person/entity/corporation/government/religion/machine/being, except MYSELF.

These experiences, which are part of my unique life experience, CAN NOT be used by any other being/human/entity/corporation/group - and any other example of someone or something that is not ME- in any way that creates money for profit, while demeaning, degrading, or negatively affecting my living being.

The Monetization and Collateralization of my Personal Energy, and Personal Being, MYSELF, for the purpose of buying and selling, or owning is forbidden under any and every term/terminology/language/contract that is being and has been used to control and manipulate my personal Energy and Being.

The Monetization and Collateralization of my Personal Human Body  which houses my unique DNA that is MY PRIVATE DOMAIN, for the purpose of buying, selling, owning, or controlling is Forbidden and Banned.

The buying, selling, owning, and trading of MY Soul Energy, or MY unique human body on or by any Stock Exchange/financial institution/corporation/government/religious organization in this world or any other world, is expressly Forbidden and Banned.

The buying, selling, and owning of MY UNIQUE and Personal DNA/Energy/physical body/Consciousness anywhere in any Universe, Dimension, astral level or world is Forbidden and Banned.

The “harvesting” of my energy  by any group/organization/corporation/government/religious sect/astral entity/"galactic" being, or ANYONE who is not ME, is Forbidden and Banned. Whatever the form it takes, my energy is my own creation, and I DO NOT CONSENT to having it harvested for others to use, or to profit from.

This buying, selling, and controlling, amounts to SLAVERY, and is forbidden by me under my own FREEWILL.

I DO NOT CONSENT to the use of nanite technology, parasites, or any other type of infectious diseases or infectious technology, whatsoever, whensoever, or wheresoever, now, in the past, or in the future, to be used upon my human physical body, or mind, consciousness or soul, while I am living here on Earth!

I DO NOT CONSENT TO ANY TYPE OF MIND CONTROL, OR THE USE OF INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY IMPLANTS (physical, etherical, or astral), living or non living, to be used on my living being, my physical body, my ethereal body, my electro-magnetic body, my astral body, my consciousness or my Soul Body, which could possibly have any affect upon my physical body, mind, consciousness or soul in ANY way, without a current (up to date), fully disclosed and transparently negotiated contract (nothing hidden), and signed by me with a wet ink signature.

I do not consent to the external creation of dreams when I am asleep. I do not consent to any other human being/corporation/government/religion/entity/machine/dimensional being/entity entering my consciousness on any level, at any time.  EVER.

I DO NOT CONSENT to any type of frequency waves currently being used, or historically used, to target my private and clearly designated unique* human physical, etheric, or astral bodies, my DNA, my cells, or my mind, my consciousness or my soul in any way that is negative or dark. This includes any type of exotic, secret, or covert, Earth based, and off world based technology, (which includes locations on the moon, asteroids, or other undisclosed places being used) that projects pulses, beams, or waves, of any known frequency which has been seen to be detrimental to the human body, mind, consciousness, or soul.

* My physical body is unique due to my private ownership of my own DNA.

I DO NOT CONSENT to using fluoride in the drinking water, nor to genetically modifying the food grown and sold for human use. I DO NOT CONSENT to aerosol sprays being placed into the air I breath, nor to programming being inserted into music that I listen to. I DO NOT CONSENT to programming placed into the television and video images I watch without a separate signed contract for each item listed above. I DO NOT CONSENT to the negative manipulation of the weather, nor to the poisoning of the Earth, because I know that these acts are harmful and unhealthy to ME.

I DO NOT CONSENT to the use of psychics, black occult magicians, archons, demons and dark spirits, or any entities, using mental energies or any other forms of frequency attack against my living being or bodies.

I DO NOT CONSENT to exotic, machine like, robotic technology either physically or ethereally, or astrally implanted, used in any way to track, alter, torment, attack, abuse, infect, or harm my body, my mind, my astral body, my consciousness or my soul at any time, at any place, for any reason.

I DO NOT CONSENT to any deception being used on my living being at any time, any where, which creates ANY negative outcomes concerning the health and welfare of my own personal body, mind and soul (also known as my own personal living being), or to my Free Will, my prosperity, my wealth, or my happiness, (also described as my life).

I AM using my free will, to DECLARE AND ORDER THAT NO ONE has the right to deceive me personally in a way that affects me negatively. NO TREATY made with any human being/corporation/government/religion/entity/machine, whether on or off this planet, IS VALID, if that Contract or Treaty in any way affects my life, or my body, mind, consciousness or soul in a measurably negative and dark way

NO TREATY made by anyone, anywhere is valid, if it collaterally affects my living and breathing being, my life, my happiness, or my prosperity in a dark, or negative way without my full and comprehensive and transparent consent to said or stated Treaty, even if I personally am not party to such a treaty.   This includes all corporate treaties and contracts as well as any treaties or contracts considered to be OFF WORLD and/or Interdimensional.

I remove all CONSENT to deception, harm, enslavement, or control of my living being, my physical body, my ethereal body, my electro-magnetic body, my astral body, my consciousness or my Soul Body, period. 

Any previous Contracts or perceived Consents- through any form of tacit or assumed Consent- is completely void and null, Forbidden and Banned.

Any Pre-birth incarnation, by any description, contracts are all, here and NOW, made permanently NULL and VOID as a result of gross deception, gross violation, trickery, mind-control, and black magic occult practices being used without my consent.

NO CONTRACT, I have signed  or agreed to, either in writing or as an assumed or tacit agreement, as concerns incarnations, in any way, shape or form, upon the Earth is Valid, regardless of any perceived amount of time or space, physical, dimensional or other wise, has transpired since that original contract or agreement was begun.

NO previous consent or contract given, if done under duress, and as a result of deception, and without fully being informed of the possible outcomes, is considered valid.

Any person/being/corporation/government/religion/entity/machine/consciousness that wishes to have a contract with ME, my living being, my physical body, my ethereal body, my electro-magnetic body, my astral body, my consciousness or my Soul Body, MUST Do so in complete transparency, with every single piece of that contract/consent explained in full detail, with absolutely no missing information or obligations left unstated or unexplained, and MUST be written out in full, with my fully conscious approval and wet ink signature.


If any such things as listed above are being done, or ever were done, then those acts occurred without my consent, and will be considered deception, and are VOID and NULL.  All “tacit” or presumed consent by me, for any act of doing, done by another person, entity, being, etc…, that affects ME in any way that I perceive as negative, harming or controlling my FREE WILL, what so ever is hereby now permanently removed, and challenged, and denied. It is denied to any and all beings or entities UNLESS a CURRENT CONTRACT or TREATY has been negotiated with me personally.

Notice to agent is notice to principal. Notice to principal is notice to agent.

No further NOTICE is necessary, and this is NOW both WRITTEN and RECORDED on This Planet Earth/Gaia and in all off world/dimensional/Universal records.

If any Human/Being/Entity/Government/Religion/Corporation/Group, from this planet Earth/Gaia, any dimension, any universe, any perceived "other" level of existence, wishes to form any contracts or agreements or treaties with ME, they must Do so face to face, in this physicality that my human body resides in on this planet, in full acknowledgement and agreement of my FREE WILL to Choose to do so, only under the agreements written in this declaration.

I have the Right of FREE WILL to change, update or modify this Declaration  at any time.

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