Friday 24 April 2015

Face to Face w' Sacha Stone, D and Thomas Brown: The CERN Question

Here is the Video Archive of Wednesday nights show "Face to Face with Sacha Stone".   On Wednesday night Sacha asked me to join him and Scientist Thomas Brown to dig deep into the CERN questions:  What IS CERN?  What are they really using it for?  and Are the Scientists within CERN actually aware of the ramifications of the "experiments" that are going on?

I spent a good portion of the show sitting in the dark as we had a power black out here on a large portion of the north coast of Morocco, lol. 

This was a really interesting show to be a part of.   While we opened the door to many questions and theories, it was very apparent that this discussion was just the first of many to come, as the subject matter is VAST and 2 hours is barely enough to scratch the surface of the question of CERN.


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