Tuesday 2 December 2014

Transpicuous New ep 4: Kissing bugs, Belly dancing, and the Chinese Circus comes to town

Good Day everyone and Welcome to Transpicuous News, episode 4.  This week we are going to talk about the "New Aids", Christine Lagard's belly dancing offer, where to stuff your money,  what happens when someone decides to mint their own solid gold coins, and watching the Chinese circus come to town- coming soon to a country near you!!


A Disease Doctors Call A 'Silent Killer' Is Spread By Bugs That Bite Your Face In The Night — And It's Emerging In The US

Almost half the population may be infected with a mysterious virus that makes people stupid

47 already dead in Madagascar plague outbreak

Tanzania’s Masai face homeland eviction…so Dubai royals can hunt

No sun in California? Lack of light hinders revolutionary solar plant

US, Canada & Ukraine vote against Russia’s anti-Nazism resolution at UN

UN official vote report

OPEC may decide to give Iraq, Iran, and Libya immunity from oil supply cut

It’s Most Wonderful Time of Year for Retail Job Seekers

Exclusive: Export-Import Bank admits errors in small biz data

Bank of Canada mulling ‘potential merits’ of issuing e-money

New York Fed Didn't Want Goldman Sachs to Embarrass Itself

BRICS say failure to enact IMF reforms damages institution’s legitimacy

IMF chief Christine Lagarde promises 'belly-dance' if US endorses Fund's reforms

Australia’s China Trade Deal Set to Boost Exports Beyond Mining

China, Mexico eye $7.4 billion in investment funds

Russia’s biggest bank launches financing in Chinese yuan

Russia-China trading settlements in yuan increases 800%

Cash Under Mattress May Be Better Than G-20 Bank: Opening Line

Bank deposits will soon no longer be considered money but paper investments

US Deposits In Perspective: $25 Billion In Insurance, $9,283 Billion In Deposits; $297,514 Billion In Derivatives

How Cyprus Exposed The Fundamental Flaw Of Fractional Reserve Banking

ISIS Unveils Its New Gold-Backed Currency To Remove Itself From "The Oppressors' Money System"

Islamic State Mints Coins as Jihadis Develop Trappings of Power

List of mints

Why the new ISIS currency is doomed

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