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Being Prepared is not Fear- do YOU have the power?

As I said in last nights Transpicuous News Report, I am not a negative person, nor a pessimist- far from it in fact.  But I am a Realist, and right now, the Realist in me says "Be Prepared".

At this moment, the world of "Finance" "Economy" and Government idiocy is collapsing all around the globe.  I do not say this lightly.  After posting TN last night, I opened my skype to 5 more news articles that point a very huge finger at just how close the collapse of the current financial system is.

I have written for years about the coming changes to the currently slavery financial system and ultimately it's collapse.  I have also been talking about the fact that the "New" financial system that "they" are putting in to replace it, is just slavery 2.0 edition.  The battle is on at the moment to see which faction will get their agenda and system in place first.  Not that it matters, as each one is just a variation of the slavery/fraud theme, which just puts a different face on who everyone thinks is in charge.  It doesn't matter, one way or the other though, because in my opinion, even their "New" financial system will very quickly been seen for what it is and crash.  The re-phoenixing of the systems is NOT going to work.   Now, as I said in Transpicuous News last night, I do believe that there are those waiting in the wings for the final curtain call, people who are ready and able to pick up the broken pieces and actually FIX the problems that we are currently facing, but before that happens, I think we will have to seen the complete collapse of this fraudulent slave system in it's entirety.

Which brings me to my point: BE PREPARED

I'm not a pessimist and I'm certainly not a fear mongerer. Those who've been reading RTS know that I don't fall for the "fear porn".  But I'm also not willing to gamble my family on the hope that this coming collapse is going to be all unicorns farting rainbows.

Let's play a game of "What if".

What if the big banks- or even just your bank in your local town- goes bankrupt and suddenly shuts it's doors?
-Do you have access to money?  Do you have access to your credit/debit card? Do you have food and supplies on hand to look after your family (and perhaps unprepared friends) for 3 days?  A week? Do you have gas in your car?

What if the big banks close and there is a bank run (which is already been seen in several countries yet covered up by the main stream media)?

What if there is a panic run when people can't get their money, or just freak out about the whole situation?

What if a "state of emergency" is enforced and you are stuck away from home? or stuck at home?

None of these situations are impossible.  As a matter of fact, judging from what is being seen, I would say most of these situations are probable.At this very moment the "Big 5" in the US are completely bankrupt- hence the fact that they passed that lovely "bail out" clause in the US 2015 budget- "they" KNOW what is coming.  European banks are not any better off either.  As matter of fact, the European Union is on the verge of collapse all on it's own, regardless of the global economic situation.

Are you Prepared?  Do you know where everything is that you might need? Do you have a meet up point prearranged with your family and friends just in case you need to leave your home?  These are important questions.

Many of my newer readers may not know it, but I use to be a hard core prepper.  Nick and I recognized back in 2001, then further in 2009, that the current "system" was failing and that it was our responsibility to look after our family.  We had spent years watching various government agencies dropping the ball during major emergencies and realized that we needed to be completely self sufficient.  This meant gathering knowledge because knowledge is the KEY to getting through any situation.  Over the course of several years I gathered an entire hard drive full of information, books, recordings, PDFs, manuals, and lists of resources.  Then the realization hit that to print out all of this information would comprise 10s of thousands of pages.... not exactly something you can carry with you in an emergency situation.  Which left the question of: POWER.  If you have an energy supply, then you always have the ability to charge batteries, to charge laptops, to have light and even heat and refridgeration.  But it comes down to having a power supply that is self sufficient, renewable/self recharging, and is transportable.  This is when Nick began his journey into studying and creating an alternative energy supply.  Nick has been working on several energy designs (we won't use that bad word "free energy", lol) for many years, and has worked on several designs that would allow off the grid power anywhere.

Two days ago we recorded the video (below), and gave the information about crystal batteries and how we are moving forward to the world.  This is vitally important information for those people who are looking for an easily transportable, self recharging power source. We are working on getting the fully documented video instructions out to the public in the next few weeks, but in the mean time, Nick's notes, and this recording are an excellent start to building your own crystal battery.

Crystal batteries have been around in the alternative media circuit for a few years.  Laserhacker proved that his small self recharging test battery is still lighting an led bulb 2 years later, without showing any signs of degradation.  What Nick has done is to morph the salts used, changing how they are mixed and applied it to a car battery- 12 volts of easily moveable/transportable power.  This energy supply can be used to take a room of your house "off grid", or wired in series to create a larger output. It can be used in an RV, camper, boat, cottage, workshop etc... to supply "electricity" for small appliances, power tools, lights, or any other application that falls within the output of the crystal battery itself.  Most importantly, these batteries are  self recharging, cheap to make and easy to build and set up!  Besides the battery itself, all you need is an inverter, and away you go.

Please share this information about the crystal batteries with your networks, groups, friends and families.  The original article with all of Nick's notes is available here:

Even the US treasury Dept knows that shit is about to get real.

Treasury Department Seeking Survival Kits For Bank Employees

This is an article that I first posted in 2012.  It contains a massive amount of information and knowledge and covers a vast amount of topics.  Most of the information is in PDF format so they are easily downloadable, and stored on a hard/external drive.

For me... I'm not going to wait around for anyone else to look after myself and my family.  I'm pretty independent that way- regardless of who the "savior" is that is suppose to be rescuing us all, lol.  

I am my own damn savior.

'nuff said.

Updated and Reposted from April 4th, 2012:

Being Prepared

In the last year, we have had more natural disasters than any other year in the past couple hundred years (or at least, since records have been kept). Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earth quakes, wild fires, droughts. If you don't want to think about the economic crisis that is raging around the world, or believe the reports of the massive arrests and changes that are about to happen.... fine. Don't. Instead, think about the natural disasters that could strike. Instead, prepare your family in case of a natural disaster. Do you have enough food and water for your family to survive for 3 days or more? Do you have a way to cook your food without electricity? Do you have a way to keep your family warm without natural gas? If a disaster strikes and you are forced to flee from your home (think: house fire, earth quake, flooding,....) can you get everything you need and get out- in 2 minutes or less? Where are your important papers? Do you have warm clothing ready? Do you have food you can take with you? What about your pets? What about your memories- photos etc? Do you have an emergency meet up place planned just in case your family is at different locations when you need to "bug out" - if you or your partner is at work, how will you find each other?

Review this doc from the USNA about natural disasters;

Review info about creating an emergency plan and an emergency kit:

Remember Katrina- hundreds of people DIED because they were not prepared and just thought that the government would take care of them.... we all know what a mess the US gov. made of that emergency. Do NOT assume that someone else will "take care of it" or that your local government will look after you. YOU need to be responsible for YOUR family. Keeping your head in the sand and ignoring the potential dangers is risking the lives of your family. Being Prepared doesn't have to take lots of money. Being Prepared doesn't have to take a huge amount of time.  But being prepared can save your life. 

Here's some food for thought:

Here's one of my favorite articles of all time about disaster preparations.... who said the CDC doesn't have a sense of humor?!

This site is an excellent place to get great "how to" instructions- for everything from building a shelter, filtering water, lighting a fire, making a survival kit, making solar ovens and dehydrators..... you name it- it's in here:

Here is a huge list of E-Books that have excellent info that can be saved on an external drive or printed off for emergency reference:


Emergency Childbirth

Rixa’s Birth Manual


Canadian Firearms Safety Course

Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course


Acorn as Food

Backpack Gourmet

Canning Basics, Wild Game

Canning, Complete Guide

Capturing Heat

Complete Book of Home Preserving

Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms

Edible Wild Plants

Homemade Jerky Drier Instructions

Native Game Recipes

Physical Principles of Food Preservation

Preparing Safer Jerky

Raw Foods for Busy People

Root Cellars Vegetable Storage

Sausage Making

Survival Foods


especially "Where there is no doctor" and "A book for midwives"

Handbook of Medicinal Herbs

Handbook of Medicinal Spices

NOLS Wilderness Medicine


topographical maps of canada

Huge selection of maps of canada on all ranges of topics

MTO road maps of ontario

links to download google maps, mapquest, yahoo maps etc...

Be Expert with Map and Compass 



The Craft of the Knot: From Fishing Knots to Bowlines and Bends, a PracticalGuide

Fishing For Dummies

The Complete Book of Fire: Building Campfires for Warmth, Light, Cooking
The Trapper's Bible: Traps, Snares & Pathguards PDF ebook

Auto Repair For Dummies


Army Survival Field Manual

US Army Survival Manual FM 21-76May 2002

Ranger Handbook  SH 21-76

US Army Survival Manual - 1999 - pdf download 

The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency

When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need to Survive When Disaster Strikes

Essentials of Sea Survival

Firefighter Safety and Survival, 1st ed.

A list of online resources for down loading books and information:

this is a search engine to find free downloadable books

June 1992-
U.S. Army Survival Manual FM 21-76

This is an excellent page with numerous links to downloadable info on foraging, herbals, survival, canning and preserving, making fuel, .... the list goes on and on!

An excellent resource for solar anything- with links to many "how To" sites- definitely one to bookmark

List of Websites:

I find it interesting that NASA has their own "Preparedness" site, eh?

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