Thursday 11 December 2014

The People's Free Energy Show: Nick McKenny & Crystal Batteries

Since this video was posted yesterday, Nick has received lots of emails, full of encouragement and looking for more information.  The Skype rooms have been buzzing about the video and asking great questions.

Within the next couple of days, Nick and I will be recording a follow up video with much more information and will be answering many of the questions that are being asked.  As soon as it's ready, I will post it here.

Nick can be reached at 

or on skype: nickmckenny358



The Peoples Free Energy Show Ep 4 – Nick McKenny Crystal Battery

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Nick McKenny Crystal Battery Technology.

In this weeks show we speak with Nick McKenny, a free energy enthusiast, who was involved with the Morocco QEG build. Nick joins us today to talk about his Crystal Battery Technology and his vision of creating a solutions hub with other engineers here in Morocco.

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