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Transpicuous News: Video Archive for April 26th and 29th

Sorry for the delay in publishing April 26th, 2015 archive Video of Transpicuous News Weekend Report.... I do try.  Really I do!

So here is The Archive videos of both Transpicuous News Reports for this past week:  April 26th and 29th, 2015.

Unfortunately due to several complete computer melt downs- which if you were watching Wednesday nights Midweek report live,  you got to witness one first hand, lol- I do not have the links to go with the TN Sunday Weekend Report, and I have NONE of the links for Wednesday night's Midweek Report. Sorry my friends.... I'm trying to bring an old external hard drive back to life to hopefully use as a back up for things like this..... it's a work in progress.  Sorta.

Anyway, before I post the videos I would like to take a few minutes here to clarify one of my rants on Wednesday nights TN report.  I thought I had been very clear about my stance on "Corporal Punishment" during my soapbox moment.... but comments that have come in the next day left me a bit surprised that people assumed that I was somehow "Pro Death Sentence"- Which is WAY off the mark.   This is what I responded to a friend on skype who was very upset at my comments.  I hope this helps to make my point and my feelings on "Execution" very clear.

Comment:  When you post an article like this, it is obvious that you are a soulless, inhuman person. This is disgusting. NOONE ever said that these two did not deserve punishment, BUT NOT DEATH. That is totally inhuman.

My friend, you have misinterpreted my stance.  I am completely AGAINST ALL forms of capital punishment- whether it's the chair or lethal injection in the US, or beheading in Saudi, or firing squad in Indonesia.  I am and have always been a HUGELY outspoken political activist against the death sentence- for ANY crime.  It is a heinous crime in an of itself.

My point is that IF governments HAVE these laws on the books, and you CHOOSE to ignore those law and commit the crime anyway..... then you CHOOSE to take that chance.  Many countries have very very public stances against heroin trafficking and have very loudly said that if you come to our country and smuggle or traffic heroin, then you will be sentenced to death.  It's not that I agree with the sentence, or that I feel that these people should be put to death for this crime- far from it.  But  *I*  do not have a say in their sentence, nor does any other government.

This case of the "Bali 9" has been hugely publicised by western media as a tool BY the political parties to push their own agenda.  The Media pushed this "public outcry" against the Indonesian Government as a means to put pressure on Indonesia to fall in line with the Cabal/US controllers, and to step away from the BRICs or BRIICs.   This is vastly apparently when you look at the silence of the US media on the fact that Saudi Arabia has already executed, by public beheading no less, over 100 people this year.  Or the fact that the US itself also has the Death Sentence on the books and they have their own horrific history of putting to death someone completely innocent.

...between 2007-2013 USA executed 220 people, Indonesia executed 11....  yet the US Media is screaming about the "Bali 9" executions  and turning it into a media circus.  

THAT is disgusting.

This issue is very personal to me because I used to live as a foreigner in SE Asia and in the Congo.  I continually had to deal with people who would show up in these lands and say things like "Well I'm an American, they can't do anything to me"  or "I'm American/French/Belgian/Australian/Canadian, so they can't touch me- my embassy won't let them, so therefore I'll just do whatever I want".   The brother of a friend on mine (American) flew into Bangkok carrying cocaine, 3 times.   Each time he made a big deal about how he was sooooo above the law and sooooo "untouchable" because his daddy was "old Hollywood" (and the family was- they were from the Coppala Family)  - and we continually warned him that this was NOT something you wanted to play at in a country like Thailand......

The fourth time he tried it, he got nabbed at the airport with 2 "8Balls" of Coke.  

.... he didn't get "his one phone call",  he didn't get a lawyer, he didn't even get a call to the US embassy.  The way the US Embassy found out that he'd been arrested was that his brother called his family in the US and THEY contacted the Feds.   .... and the Feds couldn't do ANYTHING because Thai Law said that they could sentence him to 30 years for drug trafficking.   It didnt' matter who his family was,.... he was tossed into a Thai prison to rot.

This is one of the main reasons that I have been very outspoken to people who are travelling in these countries because once you enter their (perceived) borders, the moment that you offer your passport to these governments to stamp upon entry to the country, you have SIGNED a CONTRACT with THAT GOVERNMENT.   From that moment on, they OWN you by your own submission to THEIR CORPORATION.

I have nothing but sympathy for the families of these people who were executed, my heart was overjoyed to heard that the one woman had her execution stayed at the last moment and that her two little boys would perhaps, one day, get their mother back.

BUT I have a burning anger at the media for this circus they have perpetuated.  I have a burning anger at the governments who have allowed this Crime of Execution to continue.   I also have an anger at people who deliberately commit crimes in countries that HAVE the Death Sentence on the books- a sentence that is a well known fact- thinking that these laws don't apply to them just because they are American or Canadian or Australian. The arrogance of that thought process is one that I have witnessed all over the world in my travels - and I have worked very hard to educate people on the fact that their "Embassies" are powerless once their personal contract is entered into another country (by way of their passport).  I cannot tell you how many Americans were arrested in Bangkok for stupid crimes while I was there- for committing crimes, but more so, because they would go through this act of "I'm an *American* so you can't touch me!!".... and they'd get their asses thrown in prison.  As I said last night on TN, one of my best friends in Bangkok- her father was the Chief of Police for all of Bangkok- and he use to rant about the stupidity of tourists who use to insist that they didnt' have to abide by Thai National Laws because they were American/Canadian/French etc....  

So NO.  I do NOT approve of or Consent to Death Sentences.

love d

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