Sunday 10 May 2015

The One People Roundtable Discussion- with Gary David & Mel Ve- archive video

Hi everyone!

Here is the Archive Video from the One People Roundtable Discussion on May 5th 2015, with Gary David and Mel Ve.

We went down several rabbit holes on last weeks show- discussion of Legal  language and the control OF "Language" in the courtroom and in our reality in general, the matrix of "AI" and it's controlling aspects,  and several different side avenues on top of it all!!!   While the beginning of the show might be a bit confusing as we work through the differences of the "words" we attach to various ideas and theories, as we really get into the meat and potatoes of the discussion things become much clearer.   The show was almost 3 hours long- THATs how interesting it got!!

We will definitely have Gary back on the Roundtable again, as we have so much more to discuss.

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