Sunday 10 May 2015

Transpicuous News- May 6th 2015: Video

Here is the Archive Video from The Transpicuous News Midweek Report on May 6th, 2015

Links for  May 6 2015

Costa Rica issues alert after ship carrying ammonium nitrate sinks off Pacific coast will guess your age, test your self-esteem

Gunmen shot dead outside Dallas conference on Prophet cartoons

2 gunmen killed outside Mohammed ‘art event’ in Texas

5 Things To Know About The Organizers Of Muhammad Cartoon Contes

‘Capacity crunch’: Internet could collapse by 2023, researchers warn

Series of earthquakes shake California

Russia blasts fresh US allegations on anti-aircraft systems in Ukraine as 'viral stupidity'

About 100 bodies found in Nepal trekking village

Italy says 10 migrants die, 5,800 rescued in ongoing mission

Canada set to scale back big plan for navy ships, go over budget

SurveyMonkey CEO, husband of Facebook's Sandberg, dies

Large ocean swell hits Pacific coast of Central and South America

Unwanted for 50 years: Swiss banks track thousands of unclaimed accounts

The Death of Cash

Australia First to Introduce a Compulsory Tax on Money Itself

Budget 2015: Federal Government set to introduce tax on bank deposits, Labor accuses Tony Abbott of backflipping on election promise

‘Saudis condemned cluster bombs in Syria but used banned munitions in Yemen?’

Discount drugs: Record 400 kg of cocaine delivered to German stores… in bananas

Greece introduces cashpoint tax in desperate bid to raise revenue and stop run on banks as country teeters on brink of bankruptcy

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Revamped Large Hadron Collider smashes first photons after 2-yr break

U.S. Treasury scraps plans to pay down debt, wants cash

France may scuttle Mistral ships rather than fulfill Russian contract

Alberta election 2015: Live news and commentary on Tuesday’s vote

5-star resort opens for ISIS supporters in Iraq

​Smoking guns? UK tobacco giant blames ISIS for cigarette sales slump

Philippines Media Covers UFO Sighting Recorded By Many Witnesses

US Air Force refuelling jet lands safely at British base after in-flight emergency over English Channel

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Bill Clinton's plane makes unscheduled landing in Tanzania

Not quite ‘Armageddon’, but close: NASA to launch asteroid capture mission

NASA plan could lead to ‘Armageddon’-style mission to save planet

Dave Goldberg, Silicon Valley Executive, Died of Head Trauma, Mexican Official Says

When Will We Learn Of China's Massive Gold Hoard?


Harn said investigators spent the night searching the suspects' vehicle for bombs or explosives. None were found, but they detonated the vehicle for safety's sake. Harn says luggage was found inside the vehicle, but it isn't clear when the suspects arrived in North Texas.
Both suspects' bodies remained at the scene as of Monday morning, with dozens of shell casings surrounding them.
UPDATE, 1:02 AM: A loud boom could be heard: A source says police used an EMP to detonate any possible bombs.
 SWAT members were already at the scene for the art event. Rowlett/Sachse Scanner reported on Facebook that a suspect was inside a nearby Walmart, off Garland Avenue and Naaman Forest Boulevard, with a hand grenade. A 1,000-foot radius around the Walmart was shut down and the Academy Store was evacuated, according to that page.

"Under the fire that he was put under, he did a very good job and probably saved lives," said police spokesman Joe Harn. “We had a SWAT react team in the back that very quickly responded within seconds and helped secure the scene.”
Police Planned For Mohammed Cartoon Event
Authorities developed a security plan months ahead of a contest where cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed were to be displayed.
A SWAT team that had been positioned on the other side of the centre was able to respond to the sounds of gunfire within seconds and help secure the scene.

Johnny Roby of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, was attending the conference. He said he was outside the building when he heard around 20 shots that appeared to be coming from the direction of a passing car.

Roby said he then heard two single shots before officers yelled that they had the car before he was sent inside the building.


Controlled Attendance, Ideal for Staging

In addition to this, the only witnesses to the shooting were police, with both “attackers” allegedly shot dead outside the event, while attendees were under armed guard inside.

Note also that Garland authorities have told the media, FOX and CNN on Sunday evening, that all the attendees were from “out of state”, indicating that they had all traveled from outside of Garland, Texas
"Right when we were beginning to drive away, we heard gunshots," Cynthia Belisle, who attended the event with a friend, told NBC News. "We thought they were fireworks, but they were not."
Belisle said that dozens of cops sprang into action and that she was told to stay put.
She said she heard a second round of shooting and saw police rushing toward the far end of the parking lot with arms drawn.

Ms Geller, 56, is banned from entering the United Kingdom, following a ruling by Theresa May in 2013 preventing her from speaking at a rally for the far-Right English Defence League rally in London.
The Home Office said Geller had been told not to travel to Britain because she had set up organisations “described as anti-Muslim hate groups".

Geller said during the event that her group had spent thousands of dollars on private security guards, several of whom could be seen standing on stage.

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