Friday 15 May 2015

One People's Roundtable Discussion: Bradley Loves and Duncan O'Finioan- Archive video

Here is the archive Video from Tuesday nights One People Roundtable Discussion.  On Tuesday night Lisa and I were joined by Bradley Loves, Duncan O'Finioan and even Nick made a few quick appearances.

The show was almost 3 hours long, and as has seemingly become the usual ridiculousness when this crew gets together.... after days of perfection, the LIVE Stream crashed 5 times during the show, and biggi had to deal with thousands of error messages, which kept him hopping for the entire show to try and keep CCN broadcasting!!!   To the assholes out there causing the issues:

The rabbit holes were deep and I think the fact that the Stream and the network was under constant attack for the entire discussion speaks volumes about what "they" don't want us talking about!!

love d

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