Tuesday 26 May 2015

US using ISIL to break up Mideast states- Who controls the Arms, controls the War.

Given all the information we've discussed here on RTS and on Transpicuous News lately, we know that this interview isn't naming the undercurrent reason for the US military's inaction in Iraq (and Syria) against ISIS,  This gentleman doesn't tell the watchers that that ISIS is a US created "terrorist group" designed to further drive a sectarian wedge between various regional governments AND to destroy the foundations of these governments to create a vacuum in which the US(and their allies)  can completely take over.

Even main stream media has run stories that outline that Iraq BOUGHT American Fighter jets back in 2011- that the US REFUSES to deliver to them.  Why?  Because if Iraq had it's own air force, then they wouldn't need the US to do air strikes (that kill civilians) on ISIS bases.

Over the past 3 years the US has trashed over $30 billion worth of military equipment in Afghanistan and Iraq.  In some cases literally blowing up equipment, or throwing it into the sea.  The US refused to let Iraqi or Afghani Military even BUY it, let alone give it to them.  WHY?  Well of course there is always the propaganda that "ISIS" or "Al Qaeda" will steal it and use it against coalition forces.  But the bigger reason is to CONTROL what military equipment these governments HAVE.

....and of course, to force them to buy it NEW from the American Arms dealers.

As I said in an article last week, "America Sells War to the World... for Whom?",  the US just made $4 billion dollars in arms sales.  And of course, that's just in the arms sales that they are admitting to.  Those numbers don't count a lot of "private" arms deals that are done through "private" corporations.

They who control the arms, control the war, Right?

.... and that doesn't even touch on the subject of the Religious war that the US (and it's gang of hooligans)  has created.

Oh and as a reminder from Sunday Nights Transpicuous News:  Syria's Central bank is STILL a free standing bank- and NOT controlled by the Fed and Rothschilds. It is the LAST central bank in the Middle East that is NOT under Federal Reserve/Rothschilds control..... isn't it funny how suddenly ISIS is really driving into Syria at the moment and Drawing out the western public to demand that "someone" stop the destruction of the ancient City of Palmyra.... that "someone" Stop the brutal murders of women and children that ISIS has (apparently ) committed in Palmyra?   And isn't it interesting that the US is now talking about special forces being sent to Iraq.... and perhaps Syria?   You know.... like that  American "Special Forces" group that  infiltrated Syria last week and purported killed the ISIS leader (that Saudi guy), without asking permission of the Syrian Government, or even informing them that they were sending a group of hostile forces into their country?

U.S. claims it killed top ISIS commander in Syria raid

And yesterday, Obama actually said that the US is not engaged in a major war..... even though there are 10,000 US troops in Afghanistan... and goodness knows how many in Iraq and Syria now.

Yea, this interview doesn't really give the "whole story", but at least it outlines the basic story line, if nothing else.


Original article and Video of the interview:

Press TV has conducted an interview with Sabah Jawad, with the Iraqi Democrats against Occupation from London, to ask for his insight on the recent remarks by US Defense Secretary, who said the Iraqi forces do not have the necessary will to fight the ISIL terrorists.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: How could the US defense secretary say that the Iraqi soldiers don’t have the will to fight these terrorists? It appears based on what Iran has said at least that the US could get rid of these terrorists; there is a military base not too far away from Ramadi in Anbar province.
Jawad: Well, I read American newspapers that expose the American stand on this. They said the American bombardment of Ramadi did not happen because of sand storm. I mean this is an excuse they are giving for not participating in the battle for Ramadi. Of course the Iraqi army is weak. The Iraqi army has been trained and nourished by the Americans since 2003 as well. And now they are saying that the Iraqi army is not adequate. That’s not inadequate; that’s because actually of what the Americans [are] doing to the Iraqi army. They are depriving the Iraqi army of necessary weapons. Iraq purchased a lot of arms from the United States, but actually they received nothing....I mean it’s a bit far…actually for the American to claim that the Iraqi army is not doing a good job. And in fact, the Americans are trying to undermine the only force in Iraq capable of defeating ISIL terrorists and they have a proven history of this; and this is the popular mobilization force.
The Americans made it their job actually to undermine these popular forces when they [did] extremely well in parts of Iraq, in Diyala, in Saladin, in Jurf al-Sakhar and Amerli. They’ve done tremendous job and they defeated the ISIL. When these popular forces finished the job in Salahuddin and Tikrit, actually all this propaganda against them started [and was] the United States to undermine them. They even threatened the Iraqi government of allowing the popular mobilization forces to go to al-Anbar, they would help arms shipments and they will do this and that and so on. So, it was the whole saga of the American policy in Iraq undermine the fight against terrorism. They want terrorism to flourish in Iraq, but at the same time contain them to a certain level. So, they could get their way in Iraq. This is not only the story regarding Iraq; this is the story in Syria, the story in Yemen, the story in Lebanon as well.
The United States has found the way actually of implementing their policy, using terrorism and using Takfiri terrorism without them intervening directly militarily and without spending a penny and this is very important. The countries who are spending money to destroy states in the Middle East like Iraq, Syria and Yemen are the Saudis and the Qataris with the help of the Jordanian and Turkish governments as well. These are stooges of the United States’ policy in the area. If you look at the military map in Iraq, you see actually in the battle for al-Anbar for Ramadi the ISIL moved huge chunk of their forces from Mosul to attack Ramadi. And in fact the United States did not even lift the finger regarding that. And they know well actually that these forces are going to the Anbar province. And they do nothing about the easy movement of this terrorist group between Iraq and Syria. And in fact, even in cities and town that are under the control of the ISIL, they are doing military parades without American bombardment. These all are indications of the United States’ policy in the Middle East to destroy these countries, to fragment the people, to create sectarian tension among the people so they could stay. And it is for the benefits of their multinational companies and for the benefits of their stooges and Israel.

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