Tuesday 5 May 2015

Dani and Duncan on "Shoot from the Hip": Video Archive

Last Friday night, May 1, 2015,  I joined Duncan O'Finioan on his show "Shoot from the Hip". ....

.... and OHhhhhhhh, what rabbit holes we dove into!!

Duncan and I definitely went deep into several "woo woo" topics- way deeper than I usually go on shows, lol.   The conversation was amazing and I can guarantee that it's just the first of many- Duncan and I have a LOT to talk about!!

Friday night Duncan and I discussed several different aspects of CERN and the opening of portals into "astral/demonic/higher/lower" realms or dimensions- depending on your personal terminology.  We dug into the astral/dimensions that are being controlled and are controlling humans through multiple methods- including astral travel, transcendental meditation and direct mind control. I said, we seriously got into the deep energetic stuff.  But also discussed Jade Helm and the control mechanisms of the Cabal.

You can follow Duncan's show "Shoot from the Hip" on CCN every Friday night at 11pm BDT/ 6pm EDT.

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